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Calculator - 🟧Heystack


crypto, DeFi, finance, calculator

How much impermanent loss are you in a danger of? Here is Uniswap V3 impermanent loss calculator for stable/unstable LPs (ETH/USDC, e.g.). This also allows you to estimate yields based on days outside of range. "Make a copy" to modify the values. By @phtevenstrong

Prison Architect Calculator(V2.0)

calculator, game mechanics, prison architect, games

Prison Architect calculator for kitchen, canteen, workshop, laundry and cleaning. This is the PA calculator for your pesky kitchens and various other problems, This calculator is not perfect, there are many factors from cpu processing, travel distances and canteen and kitchen placement, however this will be very close to making sure you have what you need.

Mortgage Loan Amortization Schedule

finance, mortgage, buying a house, investing, loans, calculator

A spreadsheet for calculating how much interest and principal you are paying back each month for your mortgage or loan. You can also see how much interest you will pay and help you figure out if overpaying or paying back the mortgage early is a good idea. Click “Url” and then make a copy.

Terraria Crafting Recipes

terraria, calculator, game mechanics, games

Terraria recipes provided by Official Terraria wiki. Recipes include: glass kiln, heavy workbench, cooking pot, crafting recipes, flesh cloning vat, tinkerer's workshop recipes, naughty present.

Sleep Calculator

sleep, calculator, health, sleep cycles

Sleep calculator - recommended duration by age, the amount of sleep cycles per night and recommendations for better sleep