Genshin Impact OC Profile Template V2

OC profile template for Genshin Impact. Includes profile, story, voice lines, combat Info.

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Genshin Impact OC Profile Template V2

OC profile template for Genshin Impact. Includes profile, story, voice lines, combat Info.

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This is the updated version of the template. If you prefer the old look, the previous version of this template can be found here. To be able to edit this sheet for your own use, make a copy of this sheet to your drive. This can be done by clicking on File > Make a copy. Anything with [] brackets are placeholders and meant to be replaced with what's written in the bracket. For example, [charaname] would be replaced with your character's name. You are free to add and delete rows/columns/cells and customize this template to your liking. Once you are finished with your profile, you may hide this sheet before sharing.


Profile Contains the very basics of your character's information.

Story The stories of your character, formatted as it would appear in the actual game. If you're having trouble typing in Sheets, try writing in a Google document then copypasting from there into this.

Voice Lines Written lines of monologue from your character in the likeness of the voice lines of the ingame cast. Includes battle and exploration lines.

Combat Info Descriptions of your character's talents and constellation effects as if they were a playable character.

Misc. Info Anything that didn't fit into the previous four sheets can go here. Can be customized as you see fit. I've also included some fun checkbox prompts you can answer for your character. :)

Reference Sheet A reference of the elemental symbols that you may copypaste into the Vision section of the profile and reference each element's respective text colors. Also contains the star rating images. Hide when not in use.


This template was made by Olschu @olschu on Twitter. Credit is not needed for use but is highly appreciated! If you have any feedback for this template, feel free to @ me on Twitter! Image materials in the Reference Sheet were taken from the Genshin Impact Wiki.

Genshin Impact OC Profile Template V2
Tags Games, Genshin Impact, Template
Type Google Sheet
Published 01/10/2022, 23:41:25


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