Relic Weapon Guide

Anima weapons guide for Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn

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Relic Weapon Guide

Anima weapons guide for Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn

Final Fantasy, anima weapon guide, games

Anima Weapon steps Tips / Quick Maths Checklist

1: Soul Without life (Fate Farm) 10 Unidentifiable Bone

Area Item (1x) Can farm the Fates with any class as long you have the quest active 10 Unidentifiable Shell

Sea of Clouds Luminous Wind Crystal 10 Unidentifiable Ore

Azys Lla Luminous Fire Crystal 10 Unidentifiable Seeds

Churning Mists Luminous Lightning Crystal 4 Adamantite Francesca

Coerthas Western Highlands Luminous Ice Crystal 4 Titanium Alloy Mirror

Dravanian Forelands Luminous Earth Crystal 4 Dispelling Arrow

Dravanian Hinterlands Luminous Water Crystal 4 Kingcake

2: Toughening Up (10 Dungeons) 5 Aether Oil

1 Snowcloak All these dungeon can be unsynced and you can use a better weapon for the whole dungeon. 60-80 Umbrites

2 Sastasha (Hard) Equip your relic weapon before leaving the dungeons to complete the step. 60-80 Crystal Sands

3 Qarn (Hard) 50 Singing Clusters

4 Keeper of the Lake 15 Pneumites

5 Wanderer's Palace (Hard) Unidentifiable items can also be obtained from beast quests(u/sorator): 1 Archaic Enchanted Ink

6 Amdapor Keep (Hard) If you have any of the ARR combat tribes at rank 3 or 4.

7 Dusk Vigil you can do the three rank 3 quests to buy one of that tribe's unid.

8 Sohm Al Amal'jaa give bones

9 The Aery Sylphs give seeds

10 The vault Sahagin give shells

3: Coming Into Its Own (Buyables) Kobold give ores

Item to be purchased 1st Items needed (10x) 2nd Items needed (4x) you can do 6 quests of a HW combat beast tribe to get one of your choice of unid

Enchanted Rubber Unidentifiable Bone Adamantite Francesca Unidentifiables are buyables for 150 each. Totaling to 6000 Poetics.

Fast-drying Carboncoat Unidentifiable Shell Titanium Alloy Mirror 2nd items are obtainable though Grand Company totaling to 80K Seals.

Divine Water Unidentifiable Ore Dispelling Arrow 2nd Items are also craftable by respectively: BSM, ALC, CRP & CUL. 1* Crafts.

Fast-Acting Allagan Catalyst Unidentifiable Seeds Kingcake Fastest way to obtain 2nd items is through the Market Board.

4: Finding Your Voice (Buyables)

5x Aether Oil

Obtainable through weekly quest: Mor Dhona (x: 21 Y: 8) "The Gift of the Archmagus" from Koh Rabntah

Buyable from Idyllshire for 350 Poetics each, totaling to 1750 Poetics

5: A Dream Fulfilled (Crystal Sands / Buyables)

Items needed Depending on luck you'll need 60-80 Umbrites. Totaling to 4500-6000 Poetics.

60-80 Umbrites 60-80 Crystal Sands Fastest way to get Crystal sands is through Blue Crafter/Gatherer Scrips.

Umbrites are bought for 75 Poetics Crystal sands are obtained through various ways 125 Red Scrips = 5 Blue scrips = 2 Sands. Totaling to 3750-5000 Red Scrips.

6: Future Proof (Buyables) Optional: 225 Poetics for 2 sands though 5x Thavnarian Mist + 5 Enchanted Ink(u/sorator)

50x Singing Clusters Totaling to 1280-2000 Poetics depending if you do the weekly quest or not.

Buyable for 40 Poetics each

Weekly quest "Seeking Inspiration" In Idyllshire gives 18 Singing Clusters

Daily quest "Cut from a Different Cloth" in Idyllshire gives 1 Singing Cluster

7: Born Again Anima, Some Assembly Required and Body and Soul

7.1: Born Again Anima (Dungeons)

1 Sohm Al (Hard) Again, unsync and don't forget to equip your relic weapon before leaving the dungeon.

2 The Great Gubal Library (Hard)

3 The Lost City of Amdapor (Hard)

7.2: Some Assembly Required (Buyables)

You'll need 15 Pneumites which are buyable for 100 each Totaling to 1500 Poetics or 60,000 GC Seals

Can also be bought for 4000 GC Seals each

7.3: Body and Soul (Light Farm)

You'll need to run dungeons, raids or trails to gather light to enhance your anima weapon. Fastest way: A9S Unsynced

You'll need to collect a total of 1000 Light to fill up all 10 runes Alternative way: A1S Unsynced

Light Tiers Light Points Posibility to run these during windows which will give you double the amount of light.

Rune Light Points Light Levels Light Values A window can last for 2 hours.

1 0-100 Vague 4 Brayflox Hard to farm light solo

2 100-200 Meagre 8 Tip: Roll on loot and use books to buy jewelery for hand ins for GC Seals (/u/Zanzargh)

3 200-300 Vigorous 16

4 300-400 Robust 24

5 400-500 Sturdy 48

6 500-600 Hardened 64

7 600-700 Stalwart 96

8 700-800

9 800-900

10 900-1000

8: Words of Wisdom, Best Friends Forever

8.1: Words of Wisdom

Run around talk to some people, get a free minion.

8.2: Best Friends Forever (Primals)

Number Quest Step Trial

1 1 Bowl of Embers (Hard) Easy step, just unsync.

2 1 The Howling Eye (Hard)

3 1 The Navel (Hard)

4 2 Thornmarch (Hard)

5 2 The Whorleater (Hard)

6 2 The Striking Tree (Hard)

7 2 Akh Afah Amphitheatre (Hard)

8 3 Thok ast Thok (Hard)

9 3 The Limitless Blue (Hard)

10 4 Containment Bay S1T7 (Hard)

11 4 Containment Bay P1T6 (Hard)

12 4 Containment Bay Z1T9 (Hard)

And as last you'll need to buy 1 Archaic Enchanted Ink which can be bought for 500 Poetics.

Should you misplace the anima glass, you may obtain a new one by speaking with Ardashir at Azys Lla. * You traverse the realm to fortify the anima through feats of heroism both great and small, from saving cats trapped on cold stone rooves to slaying beasts sent from the void Confident that the anima is ready, you return to Azys Lla to have the anima weapon examined

Complete all hard mode Primals (Ifrit, Garuda, Titan, Moogle, Leviathan, Ramuh, Shiva, Ravana, Bismarck, Sephirot, Sophia, Zurvan) and obtain a single Archaic Enchanted Ink in exchange for either 1000 Lore OR Poetics.

Reagents are a crafting material gathered by botanists and miners and used by alchemists.

Abalathian Mistletoe.png Abalathian Mistletoe Abalathian Spring Water.png Abalathian Spring Water Acidic Secretions.png Acidic Secretions Ahriman Tears.png Ahriman Tears Ahriman Wing.png Ahriman Wing Ala Mhigan Salt Crystal.png Ala Mhigan Salt Crystal Allagan Catalyst.png Allagan Catalyst Allagan Resin.png Allagan Resin Althyk Lavender.png Althyk Lavender Alumen.png Alumen Alyssum Animal Fat Animal Glue.png Animal Glue Archaic Enchanted Ink Astral Oil Atomos Corpulence Azeyma Rose Azim Spring Water Bat Wing.png Bat Wing Bear Fat Beastkin Blood.png Beastkin Blood Bee Basket.png Bee Basket Beehive Chip.png Beehive Chip Beeswax.png Beeswax Beetle Glue Belah'dian Glass Belladonna.png Belladonna Bitter Foxglove Black Alumen Black Cinnabar Black Clay Black Firesand Black Scorpion.png Black Scorpion Black Soil Bladeleaf Blood Pepper Blue Landtrap Leaf.png Blue Landtrap Leaf Bomb Ash.png Bomb Ash Bombard Core Bone Charcoal Borax Brimstone.png Brimstone Broombush Burning Hakutaku Eye Camphor Carnation.png Carnation Carnivorous Seedling Chalk.png Chalk Chamomile.png Chamomile

Relic Weapon Guide
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