HGXIV's FF14 Housing Resource Guide

FF14 housing glitch and design guide - inside, you will find an introduction to the Housing Menu, glitch guides and tips, and ways to optimize your experience while designing.

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HGXIV's FF14 Housing Resource Guide

FF14 housing glitch and design guide - inside, you will find an introduction to the Housing Menu, glitch guides and tips, and ways to optimize your experience while designing.

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(HGXIV Housing Glitch Guide)

Hello housing friends! This resource guide is a collective work from several housing designers within the HGXIV Discord and twitterverse. We hope to provide a foundational guide for everyone to use and carry with them throughout their design process. Inside, you will find an introduction to the Housing Menu, glitch guides and tips, and ways to optimize your experience while designing.


Ashen Bride: twitter.com/AshenBride / ourashenbride.tumblr.com

Synt Slap: twitter.com/SlapSynt / synt.carrd.co/

Dividus Yliaster: twitter.com/DividusYliaster

Follow HGXIV: twitter.com/hgxiv / youtube.com/c/HGXIV

We are a FFXIV community dedicated to housing and we have a massive directory by Data Center with hundreds of homes to look at, tour, and be inspired by. Our goal is to teach and educate people on furniture creation and design with our Break It Down guides and video tutorials of advanced housing techniques. Join our Discord (https://discord.gg/hgxiv) if you have any questions about design and glitch work, or if you want to show off your house and help others through this housing journey!

Housing Menu

Access your Housing Menu through Social > Housing. You can also keybind the housing menu to your hotbar if you want to become a true housing main. You will see a list of options, and they each have different uses.

Indoor Furnishing: This is where you will spend most of your time. It will change your HUD and give you access to a unique Layout Mode where you can further move and rotate objects.

Furnishing Color: Some furniture can be dyed. Just like gear, you can tell whether it’s dyeable by the little circular icon in the upper right.

Remodel Interior: There are fixtures like walls, floors and chandeliers that are considered Interior. These items will not be destroyed if you decide to swap them out later!

Preview Indoor Furnishings: This feature allows you to actually place and move furniture around. Try it out before you buy it! It excludes Mogstation/event items and won’t let you try out interior fixtures, however.

Adjust Lighting: You can adjust the overall lighting for your house with this option. Note that it will affect each floor of your house. If you’d like to read more about house and custom lighting, read our lighting guide.

Move to Front Door: If you’re stuck, use this to spawn where you started!

Layout Mode

When you enter into your Indoor Furnishing menu, your HUD will change.

Move Selected Object

While this is highlighted, you will be able to move objects around. This is your primary tool to use in housing.


Select this option to rotate your furniture. Even if you keybind your items, you will need to manually select Rotate to finalize several glitching methods.


Return Furniture to your Inventory bags. Note: Paintings, aquariums, wallpaper on partitions and food that has been eaten cannot be returned to your bags.

Storage Mode

Acts similar to Removing items, but instead it will put furnishing in your Storage. Consumables, paintings, aquariums and wallpaper can be safely stored for later.

Counter Surface Placement On/Off

This option allows you to place tabletop items atop table surfaces. Disabling this option will let you sink tabletop items through objects.

Toggle Grid Snap On/Off

Enabling this will snap your furniture onto fixed axis points. This is useful for rotating objects at correct angles. For precise placement, disable this.



Rotating while holding furniture is very useful and recommended. You can rotate your furniture from Inventory and Storage but this is limited to Furnishing and Tabletop items. You will always have to place a Wall item onto a partition, and then rotate the partition.

- System config > Enable Gamepad > Keybind L2/LT & R2/RT

Toggle Counter Surface Placement & Grid Snap

There are times when you’ll want to disable and enable the surface placement quickly, along with your Grid Snap. You will be switching this on and off to float things like Wall and Tabletop furnishings, or you will need to sink Tabletop furnishings into shelves and tables without having to use a shelf. As for enabling and disabling Grid Snap, that is a situational tool and we recommend it mostly for when you need to align furnishing without seams or if you’re spacing things out.

- System config > Enable Gamepad > Keybind L1 + ▲ / LB + Y

Disable Interactive Furnishing Arrow

If you want to get rid of the floating arrow above your walls and paintings, do the following:

- Character Config > Display Name Settings > NPCs > Housing Furniture

Basic Glitching

This section consists of glitching methods that you’ll use often in the design process. You’ll read things like “tabletop float”, “countertop surface” and “lifting” and we’re going to make it easier to understand the process behind each one.

Tabletop Float

The tabletop float glitch (or shelf float) is the most common glitch to learn. You’ll use this one often when you want to change the way tabletop items look. Like whether you want to use a free floating lamp for a hanging light, or putting a book atop a bed. This works with Tabletop items only, and the furniture name will always have a description of what is considered tabletop. To do this glitch, you will need the following:

-- The Riviera Shelf! Your trusted friend. You will use this shelf for the glitching process. The shelf is treated like a Table although you can attach it to a Partition.

-- A Stage Panel is the recommended wall to use because you can use the whole surface area whereas other partitions have designs that won’t allow you to place your shelf naturally.

* Disable Counter Surface Placement

* Pick up the tabletop item with Left Click

* Cancel movement with Right Click

* Move your wall away.

Wall Floating

The Wall Floating Glitch follows the same steps as the Tabletop Float. This is what you’ll use for floating windows into place, and structural things like beams. Maybe even a wall planter or two to hide some mistakes! To do this glitch you’ll need the following: Any wall item and a Stage Panel. The furniture description will have whether it’s a wall item or not.

* Disable Counter Surface Placement

* Pick up the wall item with Left Click

* Cancel movement with Right Click

* Move your wall away.

HousingTip: You’ll use this floating glitch more often than you think! If you want to float wall items and change the look of it by turning it around, you’ll always need a stage panel or false wall behind it so it can remain that way without “snapping”. White Rectangular Partitions, Wood Slats, and full partitions will always treat the wall item as intended. For an advanced technique on wall floating using a wooden beam, go here.

Item Removal With Inventory

Have you ever dragged a shelf across the room, tried to remove it, but it says something is attached but you don’t know where it is? If you follow the steps below, you can click on the item in the Furnishing list and manually remove it that way. It’s incredibly handy for last minute frustrations!

This is a fairly easy Quality of Life glitch, and it goes hand in hand with the Tabletop and Wall Floating glitches. If you’re having trouble removing the shelf or wall, or you’re unable to grab at items due to a camera angle, you can remove a furnishing item from the house and then remove the shelf/wall. Either place something down from your bags, or grab a stray wall that’s sitting around. Make sure you return to inventory, not to storage!

* Place an item from bags

* Remove item

* Remove shelf

You might find yourself completely replacing tabletop and wall floats with this method, and that’s okay, too! Moving a wall away has its pros and cons because sometimes you will accidentally grab a stray wall object as you move the wall across the room. Using this item removal glitch can actually save you a little headache.

Storage Glitching

By Default, PC will always be NUM * and Console players will use Square.

Go into System > Keybind > System > Display Subcommands to change the keybind if you want something different. Storage Placement is an important glitch. It allows you to place furniture in places where you are unable if you are just placing directly from your Inventory.

Outdoor and Indoor storage have separate storeroom spaces. It’s essentially another “house” for your stuff. Here’s a list of how many additional slots per size.

Indoor Outdoor

FC Chamber/Apartment












The Storeroom can be located near the top of your Indoor Furnishings menu. Storage has several unique features that you’ll use often when glitching. It allows you to place furnishing items in places and boundaries of the house that you’re unable to do with your inventory. We use Storage placement to put windows onto Walls and Wooden Beams so we can Float it. You’ll use Storage placement to put furniture onto the railings, to get that extra height boost. And you’ll use Storage Placement in a stairway when you want to use walls to cover the fixtures.

The #1 rule of Storage Placement is make SURE it’s in your Storage and you have Display Preview enabled. You will be unable to pick up and move the furnishing if Display Preview is disabled by accident. If you’re placing from Inventory, your furnishing will end up in Storage once you use your subcommand to place, and you’ll wonder what’s happening. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!

Storage Placement #1

Storage Placement can allow you to push furniture past the boundaries of a Hous

HGXIV's FF14 Housing Resource Guide
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