ML is a disease

ML is a disease

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ML is a disease

ML is a disease


1921: Lenin violently put down a worker's revolt. 3,000 workers were killed. Their demands? Freedom of speech, Free elections, the right to form unions, removal of Bolshevik armed guards from workplaces, release of peasant and worker political prisoners, the right for peasants to farm their land and own cattle. The right to work for yourself.

1921: In comparison, the most deadly worker uprising in US history had 50-100 deaths. Or only 1.5-3% of Kronstadt alone. 1 / 10,000th of the deaths of the peasant Kulak massacres.

1931: Stalin had 1.8 million Kulaks (peasant farmers who owned more than 8 acres of land) had their land stolen, and either were executed or enslaved at labor camps. 600,000 were executed for resisting.

1932-33: Food shortages led to the starvation of 7,000,000 - 10,000,000 people.

Stalin executed 680,000 Bolshevik party members for 'crimes' as little as being accused of "anti-socialist activity"

Including public trials and executions of nearly 70% of the Soviet leadership, for "espionage and treason"

Stalin's Executioner: Personally executed "tens of thousands", with a personal quota of 300 per night.

Wives of those assassinated were sent to concentration camps for 5-8 years. Children sent to orphanages.

The NVKD (secret police) had execution quotas, and would assassinate anyone whose name in the phonebook "didn't sound Soviet enough"

One of Stalin's most brutal accomplices, being celebrated by TIME magazine:

Another, signed execution lists consisting of thousands of military officers, even though he "didn't share Stalin's paranoia"

Another, rigged an election for Stalin, 3 years before the murderous purges

Who the election was stolen from, assassinated later that year, in a false flag coordinated by Stalin/secret police

Began arresting Christian intellectuals in 1929, and sought to abolish all religious practices. 100,000 Christian priests were executed in 1938

6 million ethnic minorities and peasants were forcefully deported, with 400,000 dying during this process.

But hey, Gorbachev is the real criminal, for allowing Pizza Hut into the country.

ML is a disease
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