Pro Choice Organizations: Take Action Workbook

An activist guide to taking action toward reproductive justice and freedom

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Pro Choice Organizations: Take Action Workbook

An activist guide to taking action toward reproductive justice and freedom

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Pro Choice Organizations:

Take Action Workbook


The Fight for Abortion Rights 5

Action #8: Sign Petitions 6

Pledges & Petitions 6

Action #7: Share Your Abortion Story 8

Read Abortion Stories 10

Submit Your Abortion Story 10

Track Your Story Submissions 11

Action #6: Attend a Protest 14

Protests, Rallies & Live Events 16

Action #5: Talk About Abortion 17

Abortion Conversation Resources 18

Action #4: Contact Your Reps & VOTE 19

Write Your Representative 21

Congressional Record on Choice 21

State Governments 21

Write Your Senators 21

Log Your Interaction With a Legislator 21

Write a Letter to the Editor of Your Newspaper 21

Email Your Governor 21

Check Your Voter Registration 21

The Women's Health Protection Act 22

More Ways to Reach Out 22

Email Template for Senators 23

Email Template for Governors 24

Action #3: Review Fake Clinics 25

Action #2: Action Goes Here 26

Action #1: Action Goes Here 27

#1: Planned Parenthood Action Fund 28

More Ways to Act 29

House Party Toolkit 29

#2: NARAL Pro-Choice America 30

#3: American Civil Liberties Union 31

#4: Center for Reproductive Rights 32

#5: National Network of Abortion Funds 33

#6: Amnesty International 34

#7: 35

#8: SheDecides 36

#9: International Campaign for Women's Right to Safe Abortion 37

#10: Physicians for Reproductive Health 38

#11: Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights 39

#12: United State of Women 40

#13: 41

#14: Women on Web 42

#15: ALL* Above All 43

#16: Abortion Access Front 43

#17: REPRO Action 44

Additional Resources 45

Need an Abortion? 45

Maps & Visualizations 45

Advocacy Guides 46

Abortion Podcasts 46

Films & Other Media 47


The Fight for Abortion Rights


I'm sad to report that Roe v Wade is officially dead.

Trump's conservative Supreme Court justices overturned it only days ago, declaring that women do not have a Constitutional right to abortion after 50 years of lived experience that said the complete opposite.

But there is no time to lament what has been lost right now.

There are much more important and useful things you should be focusing your energies on.

I've deep searched the biggest pro life organizations in the USA to get a sense of what they are suggesting for immediate actions that we can all take.

Not all actions to fight for abortion rights are created equally; some of them are more about personal liberation and empowerment than producing tangible results.

So I've decided to start with those things first, and we will work our way up the list to the most crucial actions you can (and absolutely should) take right away.


Action #8: Sign Petitions

Need to do!


Less than five minutes per form doing them each manually


Install Roboform to fill these forms with a single click!

Most of the sites in this guide have pledges or petitions you can sign online, which may not carry as much weight as other activities, but it only takes a few minutes to enter your details and submit the forms.

It can't hurt, right?

Pledges & Petitions

* This is a full-scale assault on abortion access.

* Take the pledge: Commit to being a defender of abortion rights |

* Pledge to Support Abortion Access

* Tell Congress: Protect Our Fundamental Right to Abortion

* Pledge to Fight for Reproductive Freedom

* The Manifesto | She Decides

* We Have Had Abortions

* Pledge to Support Access to Abortion in 2022

* Protect Your Access to Reproductive Health Care

* Positive Women's Network USA

* National Women's Law Center


* Take the Pledge: Abortion is Healthcare


* Your Body, Your Ballot

* Protect Roe. Don't Deny Families Abortion Access! - Action Network

* Sign the petition: #DefendRoe

* Petition · Defend Roe: Pass Legislation to Protect Abortion Access ·

* Impeach Justice Clarence Thomas | MoveOn

* Sign Up for Feminist Majority Foundation Emails

* Abortion Access - USOW

* Rise Up 4 Abortion Rights


Action #7: Share Your Abortion Story



30 - 60 minutes


Read some stories from the links below to get inspiration

The writer in me wants to place this item higher on this list, but doing so wouldn't exactly be prudent.

We all know the power of a solid narrative.

Effective storytelling is the key to so many areas of life that seem inaccessible to most people.

It can change lives if it reaches the right people.

So take an hour or two out of your day to sit at your desk with a blank page in front of you, and write a short story about your experience with abortion, then submit it to the websites in this guide.

Don't let the task intimidate you.

It doesn't have to be a novel.

The one I wrote was only 229 words (you can read it on the next page if you'd like), so keep it short and sweet!

After you work through all the actions in this guide, come back to your personal story and take some time to research other places that are asking for similar stories.

A lot of shows on National Public Radio (NPR) have been asking for listeners to call in with their personal abortion stories, so do some Googling to see if you can't get some extra exposure out of this.


My Abortion Story


I'm a thirty-four year old sex worker from Portland. I've been in the industry for around seventeen years, during which time I've had a total of seven abortions.

The most recent of which was in December of 2021.

I was ten weeks pregnant, which was further along than the times before.

I am childless by choice, making me part of a group of women not often heard by many or within the context of public debates on abortion.

My theory is that the only cure for the social stigma surrounding the bodily autonomy of women is to be loud, straightforward and completely unapologetic.

I'll admit, most people don't really seem to know how to react to any of that when it comes to abortion.

I've had both nightmarish experiences getting the procedure, and ones that went about as smoothly as one could expect.

I've had to end one pregnancy due to my prescribed birth control failing.

There were times I used the morning after pill as my main form of birth control, unfortunately.

* I wasn't raped.

* No incest took place.

* I didn't (and still do not) have other children to consider.

* None of my abortions were emotionally difficult decisions for me to make.

The public, it seems, has no sympathy for that narrative.

Because honestly, we don't hear those stories.

And it isn't because I'm the only one.

Read Abortion Stories

Need to do!

* Shout Your Abortion

* MAML: My Abortion, My Life

* Voices of Courage – Physicians for Reproductive Health

* Origin Story — WE TESTIFY

* Stories – Reclaim Project

* The Abortion Diary

* 'I Needed Those Years To Grow.' 5 People On How Abortion Changed Their Lives

* * After-Abortion Stories Archives - Exhale

Submit Your Abortion Story

Need to do!

* Submit a Story | My Abortion, My Life

* PRH | Voices of Courage

* Share Your Story - National Abortion Federation

* Share Your Abortion Story | American Civil Liberties Union

* Mabel's Voices Story Collection

* Kveller Wants You to Share Your Abortion Story

* Origin Story — WE TESTIFY

* Abortion Storytelling – Reclaim Project

* Share your story @ Women on Web

* Share Your Abortion Story

* For Reproductive Equity » Share Your Abortion Story

* Share your Story | We Are Planned Parenthood

* Add Your Voice - Exhale

* Abortion Stories 2022

* 'I Had One Too': The online platform for women to share abortion stories - triple j

* My abortion story | MSI Reproductive Choices

* Do You Have An Abortion Story? We Want to Hear From You. | FiveThirtyEight

* Abortion Storyteller Intake Form

* Stories Women Tell

* Write Your Story

Track Your Story Submissions

You can use the table below to track the sites where you have submitted your abortion story.

Please note that in order to make this table fully functional, interactive and editable, you must make a copy of it using Google Docs.

Just click the date in the far left column and then click it a second time in the popup that appears. This will then bring up a calendar where you can change the date for a submission to the appropriate time.

I also added a couple blank rows so you can add other sites I didn't include here, if you find them.

If you require even more rows for additional sites where you have submitted your abortion-related stories, simply hover your mouse to the left of the table and you will see a small popup with a thumb tack icon and a + sign.

Click on the + to add more rows to the submission table below as needed.







Jun 29, 2022

Reclaim Project



Jun 29, 2022

My Abortion, My Life



Jun 29, 2022

Voices of Courage



Jun 29, 2022

We Testify



Jun 29, 2022

The Abortion Diary



Jun 29, 2022




Jun 29, 2022

Shout Your Abortion



Jun 29, 2022

National Abortion Federation



Jun 29, 2022

Women on Web



Jun 29, 2022

Mabel's Voices



Jun 30, 2022

Planned Parenthood






Pro Choice Organizations: Take Action Workbook
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