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Bisexuality, Bisexual Identity and Bisexual History

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Bisexuality, Bisexual Identity and Bisexual History

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Bisexual Resource Guide

Bisexuality: A broad label encompassing the spectrum of romantic, sexual and/or emotional attraction to multiple genders, gender identities and sexes.

In the scientific language of sexual orientation, bisexuality encompasses both heterosexual (different-sex) and homosexual (same-sex) attraction. In everyday language, depending on a person’s culture, background, and politics, this translates into a variety of common definitions including:

* attraction to more than one gender

* attraction to both same/similar genders and different genders

* attraction to two or more genders

* attraction to all genders and/or sexes

* attraction regardless of gender or sex

* attraction to men and women

* love beyond gender

Some important points to note:

* A bi person may or may not be attracted to different sexes or genders in different ways or to different degrees.

* A bi person may or may not have a preference for different sexes or genders more than others.

* A bi person may or may not be attracted to different sexes or genders at some times and not others.

* Attraction to both the same and different means attraction to all. Bisexuality is inherently inclusive of everyone, regardless of sex or gender.

* saying Bisexuality includes both "both heterosexual (different-sex) and homosexual (same-sex) attraction or behavior" is very different from saying bi means part straight and part gay.

The Bisexual Umbrella: An umbrella term is a word or phrase covering a broad range of related things that are different from each other but all belong to the same category. Bisexuality is an umbrella term encompassing a wide range of identities, labels, terms and attractions that all fit the scientific definition of bisexuality.

Just as there are millions of ways to be straight, gay/lesbian, or asexual, there are as many ways to be bi as there are bi people. No one word can fully capture the nuances of personality, culture, beliefs, or personal preference; no word should try to. The term bisexuality makes no such pretense— it is a general and inclusive term that encompasses everyone; all sexes and all genders. That does not mean that bi people are attracted to everyone, simply that bi people’s attractions aren’t limited by sex or gender.

Some people under the bi umbrella use different labels to describe their sexual orientation, such as polysexual (attraction to multiple genders, but not all), pansexual (attraction to those of any or all genders; attraction regardless of gender) and omnisexual (attraction to those of all genders, with gender playing a role in that attraction).

Some people prefer the term fluid meaning that attractions do not fit into any neat category, and may shift while including people of more than one gender over time. These labels can be used by themselves or as additional descriptors. Some people feel that their sexuality, while not limited by sex or gender, is best left unlabeled because it is not central to their sense of self.

If these terms all seem to mean the same thing, that is because they basically do! Still, these words have value in that they allow people to describe their sexuality in ways that feel more comfortable or precise. They allow people to express their identity; how they see and understand themselves and want to be seen by others.

It’s helpful to note that although anyone who experiences both homosexual (same sex) and heterosexual (different sex) attractions is bisexual according to the scientific definition, that does not mean that they will label themselves or even think of themselves (identify) as bi.

Some people benefit from using these labels instead of bisexuality, but others do not. These labels exist to describe specific experiences that a bi person may experience, but that does not mean that everyone wants to use them or even feels comfortable using them.

Bisexuality is broad and encompasses many different experiences. There is no one clear-cut definition of bisexuality, as it is often personally defined in ways unique to one’s own individuality. Telling a bisexual person they're actually another label because of how they experience their sexuality erases the inherent fluidity of bisexuality and the diversity of the bi community.

While labels like pan, omni, and poly may sometimes be included in bisexuality and may be used synonymously with bisexual, this does not mean pan/omni/poly people have to consider themselves bi or identify as such and vice versa with bisexuals and labels like pan/omni/poly.

It is ultimately up to the individual to decide what they feel most comfortable identifying as or which label they connect to the most, and that can be bisexual, any other label. Some people even identify with multiple labels and use them interchangeably.

Bisexual+ or Multisexual: An encompassing term for people with the capacity to be attracted to multiple genders and sexes. The bi+ community includes anyone who identifies as bisexual, pansexual, omnisexual, polysexual, fluid, queer, other labels or even unlabeled.


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Bisexual+ Youth Info
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