Fic Recs for DSMP + HC

My fic rec list for primarily Dream SMP + a hermitcraft fics, will be updating

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Fic Recs for DSMP + HC

My fic rec list for primarily Dream SMP + a hermitcraft fics, will be updating

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Fic Recs

(Comments are on so feel free to leave some)

((Also I update this list every week or so))

Make sure to check the tags!

* means that it’s one of my absolute favourites

*Flowers from 1970

Hey, you probably know this one, but, it’s sad and dnf

Unchained Melody

The sequel to ff1970, might be abandoned but idk

Avian!Tommy and Tubbo

See above

*Is this the End? Maybe



you probs know this one (aka sbi royal au)


Really great sbi foster au also the author is super pog


Amazing guardian angel au for dnf

*All the words I couldn't say

Writer!DNF au, really great

*The Multiplayers

Band Au bench trio but with a twist

Will you lie in the grass with me

DNF irl au, but it has a twist and there's a meetup

Milk and Honey

Wilbur is Tommy, Tubbo and Ranboo's father. sorta irl au but ages are changed to canon iirc.

one hundred miles

Foster!Tommy, got a good mixture of hurt/comfort. One of my personal faves. Mind the tags

*Flirting on the timeline

George is basically y/n. Dnf ensues.

*Somewhere only we know

A lovely bittersweet sbi oneshot


A Foster!Sbi au with two endings. Absolutely amazing and oh my god im still sobbing. Mind the tags

*TommyInnit's unbeatable method of avoiding sudden death

Vigilante!Tommy au, clementine a fish and tubbo enjoys defenestrating people. mind the tags and have fun!


A series of oneshots in the same universe as TUMOASD (see above)

*Heat Waves

obligatory heat waves mention

*you have 1 new voicemail. play?

*distant sobbing* (heavy angst, check the tags and be careful)

and the universe said you are the player, you are our prince

ranboo-centric fic, related to the enderman lore, it's really good (wednesdayevening is such a good author)

I wanna stay here but time slips away from me

heavy angst, tommy has a life threatening injury and he tells no one

*Shells in the Foam

Hermit!tommy au, the hermits try to help tommy after he accidentally arrives in Hermitcraft

Birth of all to end

God!Techno and Phil au, bit of religious context, mind the tags

Things that grow in the snow

Haven't finished this yet but it's super good so far! (check tags before reading)

literally, who are you people

chaotic chatfic and the hermits are trying to adopt tommy (hermitcraft x dsmp)

in case of emergency

foster!sbi au except it's wildly different from the others (once again, mind the tags)

lost but never found

another foster au, if you can't tell, i really love those

mentally stable (thats a lie)

another chaotic chatfic

mr fbi agents if you see this i swear we're not too bad

chaotic chatfic (these are cool)

A train station has no reason to exist if not to transition to the next train

I raise you ghostbur angst

And even though I'm finished (im not quite done with it)

another foster au that i like a lot (might be abandoned) PLEASE CHECK THE TAGS BEFORE READING, IT'S QUITE HEAVY

Come Little Children

A really cool mcc hermitcraft dsmp corssover (also dreams a bitch)

Attempt Number Eight, Don't Get Attached (Too late)

Yet another foster fic but I quite like this one. Once again, please check the tags.

somewhere over the rainbow

Tommy runs away to america

*this time it's a tweet cute

An absolutely hilarious twitter/chat fic with secret identities and dnf thrown in!

and i'm lonely (there i said it)

tommy is a sad boy so please check the tags

won't you open up the sunroof (in my head)

really cute platonic sbi soulmate au

the more you know, the less you see

A Ranboo-centric fic where Phil and Tubbo save Ranboo from his less than ideal family so ranboo doesn't die. (PLEASE CHECK TAGS BEFORE READING)

ace of hearts

dnf cinderalla au

a silence stretched thin

techno sits next to ranboo on a plane but they dont recognize each other

we hung up our lyres

mcc fic, dsmp x hermitcraft

rent free

sbi have a telepathic link, chaos ensues

The Inherent Mystery of Twins

Tubbo and ranboo are actually twins

Tour en l'Air

tubbo is a dancer and no one knows

Lovesick( the beat inside my head)

Dnf college au with a twist!


Ghost!Dream, like ghostbur but dream.

MCYT Ice skating AU

George is heavily based upon Yuzuru Hanyu, Dream does ice hockey

I can't tell what you're thinking (Please tell me what you're thinking)

Dream can read minds


Knight!Dream and Prince!George where people have their own secrets.

The battle of the og siblings (Eryn & Freddie) vs the sibling squad + Corpse & co.

Freddie and Eryn "declare war" against the sibling squad + Corpse & Co for Tommy. Very funny and "chaotic good at it's finest"

I'm nothing but a problem, leave you crying overnight

Tommy gets kicked out but sbi are there for him

Call me an amenity (even if it’s in my dreams)

Dream’s been having some iNtErEsTiNg dreams about George and is very oblivious

Discovering a child

Tommy goes through some self development

The adventures of a chaotic family

Series of connected oneshots about Phil fostering sbi one by one

You want to carry on

Sbi Foster fic, tommy-centric. Again very cute and nice. Bittersweet ending

May I offer you a friendship bracelet in these trying times

Tommy hits 8mil and Wilbur takes hums out to celebrate

Dear dream

Wartime dnf, very cute but a bit sad

Home is a complicated place

Yet another foster!Tommy fic on this list but this one is a bit different from the rest and it’s so good

Ranboo as Sonza

Ranboo has quite a lot of tr//ma and Phil and Mumza help him heal (CHECK TAGS BEFORE READING)

Online love

DNF but it’s over online classes

Hold me closer

Dream and George need to come up with a plan to not get caught trapping lmanburg aka mfs in love

*Noise Complaints

Sapnap is a violinist and Karl is a twitch streamer. It gets a little loud at times (sfw). Also NoiseC!Sapnap canonically watches twoset and owns twoset merch so pog

My boy from a while ago

From the author that brought you Passerine is this oneshot, it’s kinda like the whole “starting a whole new mc world” kinda vibe? Purple prose kinda but also very nice.

Goodnight moon

Dnf post-mcd, have fun :)

The incident

Just read it, plaese, i know it’s short but just read it

More than i thought I did

As my friend describes it “Heat waves on steroids”, it’s dnf and it’s amazing


Ok, this was recced to me by a friend and it’s a really good dnf hogwarts! Au

Breathe your name to life

Georgebur quarantine fic, p good to read


Real world au!Sbi but they remember their mc life as a past life kinda? Just read

Fic Recs for DSMP + HC
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