Active investor list - June Summer time!

Active list of angels (self-reported), by @Trace_Cohen

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Active investor list - June Summer time!

Active list of angels (self-reported), by @Trace_Cohen

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*Disclaimer* – This is a list of people who self-identified themselves as investors and are not 100% vetted, recommended or endorsed. Reach out and verify everyone yourself.

Hello founders! Research the investors first :) angel -> VC More info on them What they focus on!

What's your full name? Linkedin What's your typical check size? How many investments have you made? Keeping questions limited for now, so feel free to add anything extra here... What sectors do you focus on?

Mark More than $25k Platforms & Marketplaces - looking for extraordinary founders building $1b+ businesses. Please go to and fill out the form

Kofi Ampadu Less than $25k 1-5 Interested in investing in consumer products and retail-related startups.

Andrew Gluck $100k Focused on founder-market fit and large TAM DTC, AdTech / MarTech, NextGen Commerce

Mikael Keremes Less than $25k 1-5 I have kept my investments limited to places like wefunder and seedinvest to learn, but feel I can gain more experience, and provide the type of knowledge I have gained in smaller companies being involved in an angel group.

Jason Hunt $25k 1-5 Focus on seed-stage software businesses

James Ruben $25k 1-5

Sari azout $25k 6-10 I invest out of Level Ventures but have started to build a personal angel portfolio, mostly in consumer tech. I am based in Miami

Eric Scott Lavin $25k 1-5 k-100 edtech, crpyto

Pooja Chokshi $25k 1-5

Kyle Jung $25k 1-5

Hani Azzam More than $25k Venture partner at Plus.VC, Seed and Series A investor in MENA and diaspora

Sean Heilweil More than $25k 1-5

Shashank Pradhan Less than $25k 1-5

Jeff Silverstein $25k 6-10

Paul Sethi More than $25k 10+

Sara Livingston Less than $25k 1-5 Focused on SaaS

Michael Nov Less than $25k 6-10 Fintech & Crypto

Kevin Siskar Less than $25k 10+ More information can be found on and

Gyan Kapur $25k 10+

Ben Tomaszewski Less than $25k 10+

Zachary Friedman Less than $25k 1-5

Chris Moreno Less than $25k 10+ Focused on PropTech, Marketplaces, Fintech, SecureTech, Proptech, Hardware, SAAS invesments. History with Last Mile Delivery and Real Estate. Looking forward to connecting. Proptech, Healthcare, Hardware, SAAS invesments, Last Mile Delivery, Automation, Fintech, SecureTech, and Real Estate.

Emrah yalaz More than $25k 10+

George Goognin Less than $25k 6-10 I have an investment platform for SMB loans with focus on government/municipal conract execution financing. As a VC, I'm focused only on fintech. Fintech

Andrew Levy More than $25k 1-5

Roger DaSilva Less than $25k 6-10 Outsourced / Remote CFO for startups and small businesses Agnostic, all Under-represented Founders

Eli Cole $25k 1-5 Based in LA, three investments so far, sector agnostic, looking to make 5 more investments in 2020

Matt Burton $25k 6-10

Seth Hittman More than $25k 10+

Erik de Stefanis $25k 6-10 Interlace Ventures / Gen Z Ventures / Interlace Ventures Sector agnostic, but affinity for companies building for my (Gen Z) generation, retail/commerce-tech, etc.

Trace Cohen $50k+ 6-10 Angel in 50+ startups - making one new investments a month Opportunistic -NO fintech, bio/health, insurance or edtech

Kristopher Brown $25k I’ve been the first or second check in around 35 companies and am also an active LP in several early stage venture capital funds. Tech-enabled businesses

Zann Ali More than $25k 2048 Ventures is a pre-seed / seed venture fund focused on companies differentiated through technology at the earliest stage. We are sector- and geo-agnostic and are actively investing during this time. Read more about us here: Generalist

Tarik Abbas $25k Agnostic

Jordan Odinsky More than $25k PropTech, Retail, Insurance, FinTech, Enterprise SaaS

Adam Besvinick More than $25k Health, environment, education, SaaS, consumer

Thomas Sparico Thomas-m-Sparico-51a2712/ More than $25k Generalist

Kris Brower Less than $25k N/A not sector specific

Samuel Lee $25k Biotech, Healthcare, Consumer, AI/ML

Sunny Parikh Less than $25k Fintech, Insurtech

Mehrad Yaghmai Less than $25k Operator angel here, tend to be among the first checks in and on the front line with founders putting out fires. Sustainability, EdTech, HealthTech, D2C

Jonathan Wasserstrum More than $25k I invest mainly through my syndicate Also some smaller checks personally. A bunch of proptech, but other stuff too :)

Roope Marttila $25k Operator angel with a hands-on approach Highly regulated industries

Ben Zises $25k Consumer + Proptech

Eric Schoenbach Less than $25k Consumer, B2B2C, Marketplaces

Turner Novak More than $25k Everything except biotech, crypto, and cannabis

Jesse Sung $25k Submit airtable on my website Internet, crypto

Robert Licalzi $25k USMC veteran Software/consumer

Brandon Bryant More than $25k Focused on investing in people of color + women founders B2B, Saas, Consumer Tech

Joseph Sartre More than $25k I invest at Interlace Ventures in technology for a Better Commerce SaaS, B2B, Marketplaces, Sustainability, Health, Beauty, Supply Chain

Shomik Ghosh More than $25k Love investing in founders building software to solve large F500 enterprise pain points whether pre-product or post product Enterprise software

Oliver Blakey More than $25k World changing problems, not copy and paste projects. Fintech, Blockchain, Healthtech

Faraz Fatemi Less than $25k LA-based, former VC turned operator, play hands-on role with all investments! Consumer Internet; B2B Tools

Adrienne L Palm More than $25k My company gener8tor is an equity based accelerator. We're looking to talk to both founders and investors. Industry Agnostic

Brett Martin More than $25k Charge loves to lead pre-seed and angel rounds. Happy to set terms! Data, Dev Tools, AI/ML, & D2C HC. The nerdier the better!

Jed Ng $25k - Built world's largest API Marketplace with Andreessen Horowitz backed company.  - Venture Partner for Off The Grid Ventures. Raised $600k capital in my last 2 deals. - Working on my next venture at the intersection of B2Dev + APIs (in stealth). B2B, SaaS, deep tech, APIs

Hiro Shinn $25k Founder looking to fund other founders. DTC, B2B, SaaS, Marketplaces, Health, Beauty, Supply Chain

Oren Kozlowski More than $25k I invest in preseed/seed companies that are shaping consumer health. Consumer Health

Ben Siegel $25k Targeting pre seed / friends and family round working with founders to expedite go-to market strategy and sales F&B CPG, PropTech

Saim Mert Ozyurek $25k Central Florida Any

Tanay Modi $25k B2C FinTech, PropTech, Mobility

Ben Hassler More than $25k Fintech, B2B SaaS, Biotech, Consumer, Future of work/productivity

Zev Lapin Less than $25k Looking to aggressively step up my investments over the next 18 months. In process of launching a syndicate (with a bit of a twist) with a few other leads targeting $100k-$250k per deal. If any investors are interested in being a co-lead in the syndicate and/or learning more, please reach out. SAAS, Marketplaces, Ecomm, Logistics, Offline-to-online, DTC, Social

Frank Fumarola More than $25k I represent both current and ex Pinterest operators. We try to be helpful in addition to giving money, and always kind! I lead a syndicate with 200+ members so we have a diverse foc

Active investor list - June Summer time!
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