Database of Public Officials Breaking COVID Guidance

A database of public officials who violate their own COVID regulations, or at least appear to believe "rules for thee and not"

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Database of Public Officials Breaking COVID Guidance

A database of public officials who violate their own COVID regulations, or at least appear to believe rules for thee and not

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Name 1 Party Governing Jurisdiction State Position Source Turkey Meter (1-10) Story Apology 1 Excuse Steve Adler D Austin -x Mayor CNN 10 Mayor Adler told residents to stay at home while vacationing in Mexico to celebrate a wedding. "I want you to know that I regret that travel. I wouldn't trave row. I didn't over Thanksgiving. and I won't over Christmas. and no one should." Muriel Bowser D Washington D.C. Mayor Fox 5 9 Mayor Bowser traveled from DC to Delaware to congratulate Joe Biden on his victory. Delaware was on the City's list of high-risk states. which prohibits "nonessential" travel and a 14-day quarantine upon return. The Mayor's office said the trip was essential travel because the Mayor met with the campaign in an official capacity as a govemment-to-government action. However, the Mayor's Office also said Mayor Bowser traveled to Delaware on Saturday evening and returned the same night. visiting just to hear the President-Sect and Vice President-Elect's remarks. At least 20 lawmakers from CA SC. TX. and WA D / R CA. SC. TX WA gg 6e State-Level Lawmakers peddle:4 9 At least twenty politicians from California. South Carolina. Texas. and Washington and potentially other states attended a four-day conference in Hawaii. even after CA Gov. Gavin Newsom warned against out-of-state travel and urged quarantining if anyone old so. The annual conference included discussions on how states can safely reopen during the pandemic. It began the same day some California counties reimposed some of the toughest restrictions. Many lawmakers that attended oppose stricter lockdowns and defended the trip as "a test to what is possible." 'This event promotes intelligent pubic policy in our state: California Assembly Member Jordan Cunningham said. in fact. we are here discussing ways we can safely reopen our sodety and save our small businesses, workers. and kids.' Andrew Cuomo D New York Governor -1- e H II 9 Governor Cuomo was planning on having his 89-year old mother and two daughters (some from out-of-state) visit kir Thanksgiving after telling New Yorkers to stay home for the holiday and "don't be a turkey?' The Governor cancelled the plans after public backlash. A spokesperson for tne Governors office told the Times that Cuomo's statement on VVAMC was a well-meaning fib that was caveats by his quote "plans change." the current circumstances with COVID. he will have to wok through Thanksgiving and waif not be seeing them." said Richard Azzopardi. a senior adviser to the Governor. Sam Liccardo D San Jose CA Mayor NBC Bay 9 Mayor Liccardo dined outdoors with a total of seven members from five households. California orders prohibit gatherings of more than three households. He claimed ignorance to the rules. "I need to do a much better job at showing folks how to follow the rules ... I failed." Area Sheila Kuehl D LA. County 6 Supervisor Fox 11 9 Supervisor Kuehl fined outdoors hours after voting to ban outdoor dining. She Spokesperson: "She old dine al fresco at II Fomo on the very last day it was permissible. She loves II Fomo. has been saddened to see it. like so many restaurants. suffer from a decline in revenue. She ate there. taking appropriate precautions. and sadly will not dine there again anti our Public Health Orders permit: technically did not violate order as it went into effect the next day. No report was provided as to whether COVID knew when the ban took effect. Dianne Feinstein D California CA th 9 Sen. Feinstein has made a habit of not folowing COVID guidelines. Here are some instances: - Photographed without a mask at an airport. - Photographed without a mask in the halls of the senate, talking in dose of None found. InII,Cing.eS sider proximity others. - Hugging Lindsey Graham without a mask. She has called on Congress to make mask mandates a condition for receiving federal aid and for the FAA to require masks in airports. Gretchen Whitmer D !/chigan MI CNN 8 A northern Michigan docking company received a request from Gov. Mitmees husband. Marc Mallory. to have his boat be put in the water. "Being Memorial weekend and the ftot that we started working three weeks late (due to a recently lifted motorized boating ban) means there is no chance this is going to happen." the docking company owner wrote. To which Mallory repfied. "I am the husband to the Governor. wit this make a difference?' Around the time of the exchange. Gov. Whitmer advised those who do not five in areas near lakes to 'think long and hard before you take a trip into them." Whitmer and Mallory own a second home in the Elk Rapids area. near Traverse City. "Knowing it wouldn't make a difference. he jokingly asked if being married to me might move him up in the queue." Gov. VVnitrnar said. "Obviously, with the motorized boating prohibition in our early days of Covid-19. he thought it might get a laugh. It didn't. And to be honest. I wasn't laughing either when it was relayed to me. because I knew how it would be perceived... He regrets it. I wish it wouldn't have happened and that's really all we have to say about it." she said. Nancy Pelosi - - 6 U.S. Representative 8 Speaker Pelosi was caught on security cameras inside a hair salon (without a mask) despite the Governor's orders saying hair and nail salons cannot operate indoors and only certain procedures are permitted. Pelosi sad she complied to the rules as the salon described them to her. , This business offered for the speaker to come in on Monday and told her they were allowed by the city to have one customer at a time in the business." a spokesperson said. "The speaker complied with the n., es as presented to her by this establishment." _NN Gretchen Whitmer: V o• Egan MI Governor Ega 7 "We couldn't ahvays observe six feet apart but we were wearing masks the whole time." VVnitrrer said. "We never shook hands. didn't high five or hug the way that we usually greet on and other but I thought that it was an important moment to show my support and show a Governor W participated in a Unity March where it was not possible to social distance despite her executive order that residents maintain 6 feet to prevent the spread of COVID-10. This came days after lifting a stay-at-horne order. unified leadership out of the executive office of the Governor."

Database of Public Officials Breaking COVID Guidance
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Published 12/07/2024, 05:53:44


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