Useful ADHD links

A list of resources about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

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Useful ADHD links

A list of resources about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder

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★★★ Useful ADHD links! ★★★

Note: Since I’ve started sharing this doc with more and more people — if you have any other super relevant links that you think should be on here, please let me know! You can reach me at @annabrandberg. Thank you!

General info:

* Infographics: ADHD explained using comics

* Twitter thread with looots of great educational infographics

* Comics: ADHD Alien (Twitter) & ADHD Alien (Website)

* Wonderful comics explaining many aspects of everyday life

* Twitter thread: Everything ADHD - mega thread

* Collection of explanations, links, comics and articles.

* Video: Russell Barkley: Scientific explanation of how the ADHD brain works

* Russell Barkley is probably the most knowledgeable person in the world for all things ADHD

* Article: Uncomfortable truths about the ADHD nervous system

* Article: A new life: Being diagnosed with ADHD in my 40s has given me something quite magical

* Article: ADHD: A lifelong struggle

* Great explanations, plus useful tips for work, partners, etc

* TED talk: Failing at Normal: An ADHD Success Story

* TED Talk by Jessica McCabe, the creator of ‘How to ADHD’

* Youtube Channel: How to ADHD

* Great videos for pretty much everything ADHD related! Highlights for beginners:

* Video: What is ADHD

* Video: How to help someone who has ADHD (For family, friends, partners)

* Video: How to (Explain) ADHD

* Video: What it’s like to be diagnosed with ADHD as an adult

ADHD in women:

* Video: ADHD in Girls: How to Recognize the Symptoms

* Article: ADHD is different for women

* Article: Women and ADHD: How ADHD typically affects women, and how to cope with it

* Podcast: ADHD for Smart Ass Women

Online tests:

* Info: ADHD Symptoms Checklist

* Info: How do I find out if I have ADHD?

* Quiz: Do I Have ADHD?

* Video: How to ADHD: How to Know if You Have ADHD

* Quiz: 3 Minute Test & Self-Assessment (Just ignore where it says to enter your email.)

* Video: The unofficial ADHD quiz for adults

Final note: Think this might apply to you? Great! Go book an appointment with your Dr for a screening, and get a referral to a psychiatrist who specialises in ADHD. Getting a proper diagnosis is life-changing. Your brain is still the same brain you’ve always had — the big difference is you’ll be given tools and knowledge to understand how your brain works, and how to best work with it... Good luck, you’re one step closer! You got this!

Useful ADHD links
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