Socialism in the 21st Century (v1.0)

A selection of resources about socialism

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Socialism in the 21st Century (v1.0)

A selection of resources about socialism

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Socialism in the 21st Century

Group resources

Rules for Socialism in the 21st Century - Important!


Reading lists

Socialism in the 21st Century reading list - Good reading list of Marxist theory, Socialist and general history and politics compiled by the S21C mods and admins, with links to all of the recommended books and works. Start here if you want to learn!


Anti-Communist Myths Debunked - The legendary reading list by one of the S21C admin team - over 130 pages of material on an extremely wide range of topics. Updated regularly.

DPRK reading guide - By the same author


Socialism with Chinese Characteristics reading guide - Very good reading list on China

The Syrian War reading guide - a critical look at the Syrian war.

Gender reading list

Comprehensive course in Marxism

Dialectical Materialism reading list - really good list of works related to Dialectical Materialism

Palestine, Israel & Zionism reading guide

Venezuela reading guide

Leftist / alternative news sources etc

BrasilWire - independent news source for Brazil and the region.

Greyzone Project - progressive investigative reporting from Max Blumenthal, Ben Norton and others. Done some excellent work on Nicaragua and Syria propaganda.

Counterpunch - progressive news, can be a little liberal at times but generally good

Workers World - website of the Workers World Party (WWP - USA)

Liberation News - newspaper of the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL - USA). Lots of very good analysis on US domestic and international news.

Party for Socialism and Liberation - PSL’s official website

FightBack! News newspaper of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO - USA) - website of the Freedom Road Socialist Organization (FRSO - USA)

In These Times - progressive news primarily from the USA, but also international events

The Red Phoenix - newspaper of the American Party of Labor (APL - USA Hoxhaist org)

Green Left Weekly Australian liberal media source. Sometimes interesting articles

The Diplomat - mainstream media source, but often useful for analysis and news from Asia

China People's Daily - state news service of China

The Greanville Post alternative news source. Quality varies by author

Marxism-Leninism Today - world news from an ML outlook, Communist theory

New Eastern Outlook - alternative international news. Quality varies

Truth Out - radical liberal news (mostly from the US). Richard Wolff a big fan

Zoom in Korea - alternative news from the Korean peninsula

Syria Solidarity Movement - good source of information about the Syria conflict

F.A.I.R - media analysis

Eurasian Future - Primarily focused on Asia news. Mixed quality

Syriana Analysis - alternative media source for Syrian news

Venezuela Analysis - great progressive source of news on Venezuela - good source of crisis news - reporting on Syria, Yemen, Ukraine etc, as well as global geopolitics. Sometimes republishes questionable analysis from other sites but generally good.

teleSUR English Media conglomerate funded by several Latin American governments. Generally progressive and good news on the region and globally

Sputnik News - good alternative media source

MintPress News - alternative news source, quality can vary but generally good

Leftist / alternative blogs etc

Armed With a Pen - Excellent Marxist-Leninist blog.

Moon of Alabama - Really good blog focusing on current events and politics.

Ajit Singh - Twitter. Ajit is a fantastic writer and mostly focuses on China, ML, Anti-colonialism/imperialism

Ian Goodrum - Twitter. Ian is an ML and has some great content on his feed, especially about liberal propaganda about China/Venezuela (one excellent thread on Social Credit)

Michael Roberts - Marxist economist blogger. Excellent resource

what's left - Stephen Gowans - great blog run by Stephen Gowans with writing on a wide range of topics. Highly recommended

Stalin's Moustache - Excellent blog run by Roland Boer, Australian academic and communist. Lots of great information on the relationship between Communism and religion, as well as China, the DPRK and other topics.

M-L-M Mayhem! Blog run by an MLM academic, but they’re clever af and there’s a lot of value there

Craig Murray - blog run by the former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan. Good analysis of current events

In Defense of Communism - Marxist-Leninist blog from Greece

Jnana Yuddha - radical politics, technology, imperialism etc.

Return 2 Source - old blog no longer updated, some good articles - no longer updated but some study guides and good articles here - old blog no longer updated, but lots of interesting posts

Socialist Musings - Old, infrequent posts and not updated since January 2018 but there are some very good posts here


Jewish Voice for Peace - Excellent anti-Zionist org

Imperialism and Dependency Studies - great page posting a variety of anti-capitalist/imperialist content

Hands Off Syria Facebook group - Australian activist organization in support of the Syrian state. Good news, analysis etc.

Jay Tharappel - Australian based political commentator. Has some great posts

Carla Ortiz - independent journalist - has reported from Syria, DPRK etc.

Tim Anderson - Academic, political analyst, lecturer. Posts alot about Syria

Corporate Media Lies - Alternative media news group. Quality can vary

Vanessa Beeley independent journalist. Has done lots of reporting from Syria

Eva Bartlett independent journalist. Travelled to Syria plenty of times

Comrade J’s Leftist Archive - Run by S21C mods. ML and progressive media content

Marxist Girls Rock - Marxist Feminist memes, graphics, content etc. Excellent page

Kollontai's Bolshevik Tearoom - Discussion group for feminism and Marxism. Sister of S21C

Xi Jinping - China’s Exceptional President - Great source of news about China

Podcasts/Youtube channels


The Empire Files (by Abby Martin)

Tovarishch Endymion

Comrade Hakim


Liberation News

Law of Value playlist

Contrapoints (somewhat liberal, some good things on social issues)

Democracy at Work

Marxist Econ playlist by Radian2pi



The Jimmy Dore Show US based, discussion of news (a little liberal, but still v good)

Workers World


Black Agenda Report

Loud and Clear with Brian Becker - Very good podcast presented by Brian Becker (of the PSL) and John Kiriaku. Progressive analysis of current events etc, with both a national (USA) and international perspective.

By Any Means Necessary with Eugene Puryear - Another great radio show presented by Eugene Puryear and Sean Blackmon (both PSL members). Analysis of national and international current events, slightly more of a focus on cultural and social issues than Loud and Clear.

Moderate Rebels podcast - Excellent podcast run by Ben Norton and Max Blumenthal.

China-Africa Project - Mainstream academic project focused on China-Africa relations (definitely not from a left perspective, but alot of interesting content)

Unauthorized Disclosure - Great podcast by Rania Khalek and Kevin Gosztola

Media Roots - very good podcast by Robbie Martin and Abby Martin (of Empire Files fame)

Zero Books podcast

Pivot to Asia - Eurasian related news and analysis.

Intercepted - analysis of current events

Proles of the Round Table - Great Marxist-Leninist podcast discussing radical history

Discourse Collective - discussion of Leftist theory, culture, current events etc.

China History Podcast

Dead Pundits Society (DSA/Jacobin-esque shitty politics but some good guest episodes)

This is Hell - can’t exactly work out ideology of host but some brilliant interviews

Revolutionary Left Radio - mixed bag depending on guests, but some good episodes on ML, China as Socialist state, etc.

Recommended lectures/talks (coming soon)

Capitalism and the State - Vivek Chibber

Vivek Chibber: Consent, Coercion and Resignation: The Sources of Stability in Capitalism

Leftist/Educational films/documentaries (coming soon)

* Untold History of the United States by Oliver Stone - 2012 documentary series created, directed, produced, and narrated by Oliver Stone about the reasons behind the Cold War, the decision to drop the atomic bombs, and changes in America's global role since the fall of Communism - first episode available here, find the rest on Vimeo or Netflix

Socialism in the 21st Century (v1.0)
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