Covering letter - ecology

Sample cover letter format when applying for a new job

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Covering letter - ecology

Sample cover letter format when applying for a new job

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Dear sir/madam (or named person),

I am applying for the post of XX which I saw advertised on Twitter. Having recently completed my degree in Ecology, I am very keen to pursue a career as an ecologist. I enclose my CV which provides evidence of my suitability for this post.

During my degree, I have undertaken a variety of ecology work including fieldwork as part of my course, and voluntary work with local conservation groups. These have involved working with the local Bat group, conducting surveys and monitoring the population. In addition, I have taken specialist courses to improve my knowledge. I also spend many of my weekends volunteering with the British Trust for Conservation Volunteers, which I have very much enjoyed, particularly the practical and team working aspects.

I am very interested in this post as I have a passion for XX and have been gaining experience which I hope will enable me to contribute productively right from the start. The job requires XX expertise, some of which I have been acquiring during my degree and I feel confident I can quickly learn new skills and technical abilities to succeed in the role.

Your organisation is highly respected for its advisory and research-associated work and I would appreciate the opportunity of working with you in this exciting role. I hope you will consider me seriously as a candidate for interview and look forward to hearing from you.

Yours faithfully, (if sir/madam)

Yours sincerely, (if named person)

Your name

Covering letter - ecology
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