Resources to Spark Mathematical Discussions

Fun examples of different topics in maths

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Resources to Spark Mathematical Discussions

Fun examples of different topics in maths

maths, teaching, parenting, teaching strategies, have fun teaching

Resources to Spark Mathematical Discussions

Algebra by Example

Always, Sometimes, Never

B2N: Between Two Numbers

Convince Me That

Cube Conversations

Estimation 180


Fraction Talks

Get Riddles

How We Teach - Math Talks

Graphing Stories

Math Arguments

Math Before Bed

Math by Example

Math for Love Unit Chats

Math is Visual

Math Mistakes

Math Visuals

Number Strings

Number Talk Images

Numberless Word Problems

Play With Your Math

Problem Strings from Pam Harris

Same BUT Different

Same OR Different

Solve Me Mobiles


Visual Patterns

Which One Doesn’t Belong?

Find a reason why each one doesn’t belong.

Would You Rather Math

Print Materials for Professional Learning & Inspiration

Building Powerful Numeracy

by Pam Harris

Developing Numerical Fluency

by Patsy Kanter + Steven Leinwand

Making Number Talks Matter

by Cathy Humphreys & Ruth Parker

Making Sense of Algebra

Paul Goldenberg, et. al.

Minilessons for Operations

by Cathy Fosnot, et. al.

Necessary Conditions

by Geoff Krall

Number Talks

by Sherry Parrish

Number Talks: FDP

by Sherry Parrish

Number S.E.N.S.E. Series

by McIntosh, Reys, and Reys

Sites for Free Teacher Learning

53 Degree Shift (blog)

Anne Agostinelli shares how she introduces math talks to teachers via the student experience. Includes slides and examples.

Inside Mathematics

Peruse a videocollection featuring Silicon Valley teachers engaging students in number talks with various topics in grade levels 1-7.

Jo Boaler on Number Talks

Jo Boaler shares resources with research behind number sense practices that support student thinking and attitudes about math.

Math Talks

Fawn Nguyen shares Number and Pattern Talks that include the prompts and examples of her students’ thinking to help you plan.

Math with Meaning (blog)

This blog has several posts related to number talks, including book club reflections, classroom examples, and detailed planning tips.

Meaningful Math Moments

This blog post is a great introduction to number talks and a how-to guide for using some of the sites on pages 1-2 of this doc.

SFUSD Curriculum Tool Site

This curriculum site shares research, planning tools, resources, videos, and guides for implementing math talks with your classes.

Sherry Parrish Number Talk Intro

This hour-long video features Sherry Parrish introducing how number talks strengthen students’ computational thinking.

Thumbs Up Math

A great collection of resources including flip books for purchase, links to online videos and teacher tutorials, and more!

Compiled by Anne Agostinelli @anneagost, last updated May 2020

Resources to Spark Mathematical Discussions
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Number Talks
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