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I am uploading this so I can listen to it at school pls

Kanye West
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I am uploading this so I can listen to it at school pls

Kanye West

Era Art Name (πŸ†for Yedits comp/edit award nominees) Notes (Join the Yedits Discord For Any Inquiries) Creator Type Download [untitled] Backup Download

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Good Ass Job Good Ass Job The Pastelle Collectives Good Ass Job aims to create what a "B Sides" or double album to My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy would sound like using both pre and post VMAs GAJ tracks, as well as left overs and a few GOOD Friday tracks from MBDTF. This comp aims to sound as real as possible while still having creative takes on each track. The Pastelle Collective Rework MEGA [untitled]

Good Ass Job Good Ass Job A comp that has the newly leaked Pre-VMAs material being revamped and cleaned up as much as possible, along with other OG MBDTF/Good Fridays songs. Comes with a bonus EP. SimpleJosh Edits MEGA

Thank God For Drugs Thank God For Drugs πŸ† An extensive SimpleJosh Thank God For Drugs compilation with recreations, sample extensions and complete reworks of songs. A true masterpiece, the definitive Thank God For Drugs compilation. One of the greatest comps of all time. Close Salami / SimpleJosh Rework MEGA [untitled]

Thank God For Drugs Thank God For Drugs πŸ† A Thank God For Drugs community comp with reworks of tracks and accurate song recreations. Linked is Akimbo's Cut, which fixes slight issues of the comp, although the original version is linked next to it. Great comp. Akimbo & Co. Rework MEGA

Yeezus 2 Yeezus 2 A great rework of Yeezus 2 tracks adding production, verses, demumbling, instrumentation and more. hc Rework MEGA [untitled]

So Help Me God So Help Me God: Angels πŸ† An extensive compilation of Yeezus 2-SWISH era tracks to compile the best So Help Me God compilation. Made by the team behind the critically acclaimed comp, DONDA: Miracles. The definitive So Help Me God comp. Magik & Co. Rework MEGA [untitled]

808s at Hollywood Bowl 808s & Heartbreak: Live At The Hollywood Bowl A fully mixed version of the 2015 Hollywood bowl performance of 808's & Heartbreak, with small changes and fixes along with it. Akimbo Tour MEGA

Saint Pablo Tour Saint Pablo Tour: Redux A recreation of the 2016 Saint Pablo Tour while also having creative liberties to make it greater. Bases off the main setlist for the tour. Orpheus Tour MEGA Note: Link broken!!

Waves Waves An astounding rework of The Life Of Pablo/Swish with added tracks, instrumentation and much more. More than a year in the making and said by many to be a top 3 comp ever made. Amazing comp. SolidusJack Rework MEGA [untitled]

TurboGrafx16 TURBOGRAFX 16: INDIGO SOUND πŸ† One of the best comps of all time. Complete reworks of TurboGrafx era tracks incorporating synths and video game samples. Stellar. Close Salami / SimpleJosh Rework MEGA

TurboGrafx16 TURBO GRAFX 16 (PooFartPoo Edition) πŸ† A TurboGrafx extensive rework and imagination, with new tracks with concepts, video game samples, throwaways from TLOP/Swish, and amazing edits. Made in around a weeks time. The definitive TurboGrafx compilation. poofartpoo Rework MEGA

Love Everyone Love Everyone: Spirits πŸ† An amazing rework of Love Everyone, with added instruments, transitions and edits. The definitive Love Everyone comp. Default_Miserable Rework MEGA

Wyoming Omari πŸ† An incredible Wyoming era comp that has added features, production, instrumentals and more. Includes stems. With it's outstanding edits and fantastic production, the comp is well regarded as the definitive Wyoming comp. Lionel Scott Rework MEGA [untitled]

Yandhi Yandhi A full rework of songs from the Yandhi era with changes in production, structures, verses, mixing, and more. Defintive Yandhi comp. The NARCISSIST Team Rework MEGA

Jesus Is King Jesus Is King (Akimbo Rework) A rework of songs from the Jesus Is King era to create a more full and release ready album experience while keeping it realistic to what kanye could have made. The definitive Jesus Is King compilation. Akimbo Rework MEGA

Jesus Is King Yedits Presents: Jesus Is King πŸ† Yedits' extensive rework of Jesus Is King with new instruments and complete reworks of tracks, including brand new tracks as well. Amazing comp. Yedits Presents Team Rework MEGA

God's Country God's Country (v2.0) God's Country (2.0) aims to create what a (almost) finished God's Country album would have sounded like if it was released in 2020. Every song has been reworked from their original versions, and is a massive improvement from God's Country v1. Released with stems. The definitive God's Country comp. Lionel Scott Rework MEGA [untitled]

Donda [V1] Donda: WITH CHILD (Rework) A complete rework of DONDA: WITH CHILD made to sound completely release ready with new prod, mixes, structures, verses and more. Akimbo Rework MEGA

Donda [V2] Orphan A heavy rework Spirits Over The Horizon/Donda [V2] compilation from mainly the june Donda V2 era. 0 punch ins, 1% mumble (Genuinely, he did the math), along with new production, structures, and more. Akimbo Rework MEGA [untitled]

Donda [V3] Good Ass Job - Donda A absolute rework of Donda with completely new instrumentals, stems and production, which aims to recreate the album Donda by using instrumentation and production from his well-known College Trilogy albums. endribaku Rework MEGA

Donda [V3] DONDA: Miracles πŸ† The first non-shitpost community compilation aside from Yedits Presents which is successful in being an outstanding rework. Contains edits from many members of the community to overall improve the state of Donda by removing, adding and reworking tracks. A stellar compilation. The definitive DONDA compilation. Magik & Co. Rework MEGA [untitled]

Donda [V3] Donda (uhhjulian edition) A brilliant rework of Donda curated by uhhjulian with new instruments, and overhauls of tracks. uhhjulian Rework MEGA

Donda 2 Donda 2 (Beach House Edition) [Deluxe] A reimagined Donda 2 era comp mixed and mastered by Akimbo, where Beach House-inspired production takes center stage and reworks era tracks, accompanied by warm vintage keyboards like the Yamaha PS 20, guitars, and the iconic Linn drum machine. Enhanced and refined, leaked tracks have also been transformed to achieve a release-ready sound. Ultimately, this compilation merges Beach House's distinct style with the sonic essence of Donda 2. The second version of this comp was released, improving the previous version's edits. louiebag Rework MEGA [untitled] V1 VERSION

Donda 2 Donda 2 (uhhjulian edition) A rework of Donda 2 with vast changes to many songs to make each song the best it can be, curated by uhhjulian. uhhjulian Rework MEGA

Other Travis Scott - Owl Pharoah: XX Revolution "Owl Pharaoh: XX Revolution" is a rework of Travis Scott's 'Owl Pharaoh' Mixtape. Made by Solidus Jack, this 17 track comp was made to provide a more raw and better sounding Owl Pharaoh experience by including material from the original project, and combining it with material from the released mixtape. All songs have been reworked in some way, adding complementary production that enhances the experience. SolidusJack Rework MEGA [untitled]

Other Playboi Carti - NEON! A Whole Lotta Red v1 comp with overhauls of tracks, added production and makes it a completely separate "album" from release Whole Lotta Red. Link comes with stems and a entirely additional 16*29 comp. Lionel Scott Rework MEGA [untitled]

Other Playboi Carti - NARCISSIST An LP3-Music era Playboi Carti comp with complete overhauls of tracks, added production and completely new verses from sessions. Said to be the best non-kanye comp to be made. Akimbo, PooFartPoo & Co. Rework MEGA

Other Child Rebel Soldier - God Unwilling 16 track compilation to make what feels like an actual Child Rebel Soldier album. For those that don't know, Child Rebel Soldier was a supergroup comprised of Kanye, Pharrell Williams, and Lupe Fiasco. This is likely the closest we will ever get. BSB Dante Mashup MEGA

Other 2049 A mashup album made to be sort of an alt universe Kanye project. The songs put together come from all different eras of Kanye's discography. Version linked is the deluxe version. Was updated in 2021 to fix some melodic issues. toasty digital Mashup Google Drive

Shitpost Hi-Tech McDonalds Hi-Tech McDonalds is a shitpost comp where for each individual song, multiple members of the server get on a voice call, and while one of us streams FL Studio, everyone else gives the dumbest ideas. The best (worst) shitpost comp ever made. The Pussy Collective (not to be confused with Pastelle Collective) Shitpost MEGA

Submissions: Yeezy Comp Submission

Reworks: Comps that extensively change either the feel of tracks or the album as a whole. Edits: Comps that change tracklisting, add or remove tracks, add verses, etc. Mashups: Comps that focus on more than one artist. Extended: Comps that primarily focus on increasing the length of an album. Tour: Comps that are based on a tour tracklist, or Live performances. Playlist: Comps that are just unchanged leaks (with a small handful of edits, usually not by the comp maker) put into order. Recreation: Accurate to a leaked tracklist with minimal edits. Shitposts: Comps that are mainly made as a joke, could be made well and also could be not. Usually not too serious.








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