Kanye Unreleased Tracker

A list of all the unreleased and leaked songs by Kanye West by each era/album.

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Kanye Unreleased Tracker

A list of all the unreleased and leaked songs by Kanye West by each era/album.

If you are looking for Kanye leaks or unreleased, this sheet is for you. Includes Up from the Ashes from Jesus is King album and many other.

Sourced from Reddit.

Kanye West, music, rap

Era Name (Check out the Tracker website!) Notes (Join the Discord for updates and suggestions) Track Length Leak Date Type Available Quality Link(s)

11 Leaks 2 LQ 1 Snippet 5 Unavailable Before The College Dropout (Get Well Soon, Kon The Louis Vuitton Don, I'm Good...) (06/08/1977) (Kanye West is born in Atlanta) (08/18/2002) (Kanye announces he signed to Roc-A-Fella) Before Kanye released his first album to critical acclaim in 2003, he pursued a plethora of other projects including a rap trio group named "The Go Getters" and production for other rappers including but not limited to Jay-Z, Common, Talib Kweli and Scarface. Two years before the release of The College Dropout, Kanye begun releasing a series of mixtapes with the goal of generating hype and publicity for the eventual release of his first album. Kanye eventually signed to Roc-A-Fella records in August 2002.

Before The College Dropout KanYe West Demo Beat Tape [c. Sept. 97'] Leaked in May 2016; found on a cassette tape. Includes a few beats that ended up on official songs: "Beat 2" on the tape became Grav’s "City to City" off Down To Earth and "Beat 6" was later used on Infamous Syndicate’s 1999 song, "What You Do To Me". 14:42 May 1, 2016 Production Full CD Quality https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FNRtnwV8dHtyOWM1VX1cEE_vMW9oVKCn

Before The College Dropout 2001 Demo Tape (The Prerequisite) Material from 2001; leaked on April 21st, 2013. Features a lot of The College Dropout and Late Registration OGs. Dubbed "The Prerequisite". 47:52 Apr 21, 2013 Other Full High Quality https://onlyfiles.io/f/0b5dbb875635414c8690bdc5f0343154

Before The College Dropout 187th (with The Chicago Outfit) Song recorded in 1996 for Kanye's rap group The Chicago Outfit (later known as The Go Getters). Song was posted by GLC to his blog in 2009. 2:56 Apr 22, 2009 Throwaway Full Low Quality https://onlyfiles.io/f/2ecd069a90c346059915e097dab2452f

Before The College Dropout A New State of Mind (with State of Mind) Demo made by the first group Kanye was in called State Of Mind. Recorded in the early 1990s. Snippet was played in the Channel 4 documentary "Public Enemies: JAY-Z vs Kanye". Jul 31, 2017 Demo Snippet Recording https://onlyfiles.io/f/dc3fa3b1f8ae4116ac28ff8c4611cc07

Before The College Dropout Baby's Coming (with The Go Getters) Leaked in Oct 2016 by garetare from the Kanye + GG tape. Made around 2000. 3:34 Oct 1, 2016 Throwaway Full CD Quality https://onlyfiles.io/f/fcb1abe10fce45b1af352f6cb85686b6

Before The College Dropout Champions (ref. GLC) GLC confirmed in an interview that he sent Kanye a reference track for his verse on the song "Champions" (the 2002 one, not the 2016 one). He also mentions that he only did the flow and delivery, the lyrics are completely different. Ref Track Confirmed Not Available https://amp.www.complex.com/music/2019/07/kanye-west-go-getters-90s-chicago-rap-group-story

Before The College Dropout Dream Come True (All Falls Down) Early demo of "All Falls Down" with alternate lyrics, hook, and an entirely new beat. Nearly a completly different song. 3:54 OG Full High Quality https://onlyfiles.io/f/fca73c07856f4d31845a7076b6eec04e

Before The College Dropout Green Eggs & Ham (with State of Mind) First song Kanye ever recorded in a studio. Written when he was just 13 years old, he begged his mother, Donda West, to let him go record it, and she could see it made him so happy that she just couldn't say no. Actually a song made with Kanye's rap group from the early 90's, as stated by No I.D. in an interview. Has been described as "quite funny". Throwaway Confirmed Not Available https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-2007-11-13-0711130488-story.html https://beats-rhymes-lists.com/facts/no-id-kanye-west-manager-early-days/

Before The College Dropout Rhymefest - Jesus Walks [V1] (feat. Kanye West) Jesus Walks was originally Rhymefest's song, meant to be on his debut studio album "Blue Collar", however after Kanye was signed to Roc-A-Fella Records, Rhymefest ultimately decided to give the song to Kanye. OG Confirmed Not Available

Before The College Dropout Motherfucker [V1] (D12 World) Throwaway made before The College Dropout and repurposed years later for the D12 song, "D12 World". 3:16 OG Full High Quality https://onlyfiles.io/f/6d00930ea0d6404bbe1d6154de777ae9

Before The College Dropout Smoke & Numbers - Motherfucker [V2] (feat. Kanye West) (D12 World) Second version of "Motherfucker" with Smoke & Numbers. Was lost for awhile before being rediscovered by Batby. 3:32 Dec 17, 2020 Feature Full CD Quality https://onlyfiles.io/f/616a8b7eeecd4c028e258c9cff0f83b0

Before The College Dropout Never Lettin' Go (The Stalker Song) Song featured on the leaked demo tape from 2001. A higher quality version than the one on the demo tape is available, however it has a producer tag at the beginning which is missing from the version on the demo tape. 3:58 Throwaway Full CD Quality https://onlyfiles.io/f/af16ffb0486743239d099e02fa5a63ed

Before The College Dropout Nothing's Gonna Stop Me Regular throwaway track around the time of The Go Getters, samples Marilyn McCoo and Billy Davis, Jr.'s "Nothing Can Stop Me" 2:21 Throwaway Full CD Quality https://onlyfiles.io/f/ebefcf8e0dc64236ae661901cf4c51f5

Before The College Dropout Roommates (feat. Consequence) Made in 1996 and rumoured to be one of his first songs. 3:41 Throwaway Full Low Quality https://onlyfiles.io/f/41c4515cb7b44a5db4231fe8a4bf5fc1

Before The College Dropout Street Love (with The Chicago Outfit) One of the earliest songs from Kanye's early rap group, The Go Getters. At the time, they were called "The Chicago Outfit", but still retained the same members. Throwaway Confirmed Not Available https://amp.www.complex.com/music/2019/07/kanye-west-go-getters-90s-chicago-rap-group-story

Before The College Dropout Weak Azz Producer Very short track without a beat. 1:30 Throwaway Full CD Quality https://onlyfiles.io/f/34b4616a4a0946dfa92db2a720ec38b5

Before The College Dropout Ya Feel (with The Go Getters) Leaked in Nov 2017 by garetare from the Kanye + GG tape. Made around 2000. 3:12 Nov 1, 2017 Throwaway Full CD Quality https://onlyfiles.io/f/636c1d47d8074f5580c39ef2adda79f2

Before The College Dropout You Won't Be Going Home Tonight (feat. Consequence) Confirmed to be the first song Consquence and Kanye did by Consquence on an Instagram live stream. Throwaway Confirmed Not Available

Before The College Dropout You're My Type Found on a fake mixtape, never officially released. 3:26 Throwaway Full High Quality https://onlyfiles.io/f/c1ffadac5298491bae5b4f05b893ccb0

Before The College Dropout JAY-Z - Heart of the City (Ain't No Love) (feat. R. Kelly) (prod. Kanye West) An early version of "Heart of the City (Ain’t No Love)" featured R. Kelly OG Confirmed Not Available https://www.vibe.com/news/entertainment/v-vintage-kanye-west-dishes-gems-his-blueprint-beat-cd-68291/

Before The College Dropout Lupe Fiasco - Birds & The Bees (feat. Kanye West) (prod. Kanye West) (The Birds & The Bees) Early Lupe song produced by Kanye, one of the oldest colaborations between the two if not the first, its possible Kanye and Lupe had already met before the making of this track. Kanye has vocals in the intro. Recorded in 2001. 3:55 Production Full High Quality https://onlyfiles.io/f/b5777ae200f349b29915def90290b903

Before The College Dropout Myleka - Candy (feat. Kanye West & Sharpp) Unreleased Myleka song "Candy" featuring Kanye. 4:23 Feature Full High Quality https://onlyfiles.io/f/18a2bebe781c42f4864744319ba7ec40

Before The College Dropout Ol' Dirty Bastard - Keep The Receipt (feat. Kanye West) Includes an unreleased verse, different intro and new ad-libs. 4:18 OG Full Low Quality https://onlyfiles.io/f/7bf68171ffd8422db734f7bfe4b9a6a1

12 Leaks 1 LQ 3 Snippets 1 Unavailable The College Dropout (08/18/2002) (Kanye announces he signed to Roc-A-Fella) (02/10/2004) (The College Dropout officially releases) Following his signing to Roc-A-Fella Records, Kanye released his debut studio album, The College Dropout. It features string arrangements, choirs and his signature soul sampling, frequently branded as chipmunk-esque for its sped-up and high pitched nature. Contrary to the popular gangster-persona lyrics at the time, his lyrics mostly revolved around themes of family, materialism, religion and racism. The inspiration for finally making his own music came when he was in a near-fatal car crash.

The College Dropout The College Dropout [Album] [V1] A very early version of The College Dropout that is composed of 15 tracks and 2 bonus tracks. Most of the songs were took off the project. Likely early/mid 2003, since only a few songs were worked on further and there are a lot of instrumental tracks. Most of these songs found its way into the fan mixtapes series The Freshmen Adjustment. OG Full CD Quality https://onlyfiles.io/f/2036f694f542495eb4e3ea5827a572be

The College Dropout The College Dropout [Album] [V2] Early copy leaked before the official release, featuring only 15 tracks. 56:03 OG Full CD Quality https://onlyfiles.io/f/b70c6aacb05643139af25a5c038d6b60

The College Dropout The College Dropout [Album] [V3] Entertainment Weekly Review copy. Almost the same as the release version, except "All Falls Down" has Ms. Lauryn Hill on vocals, explicit "School Spirit", extended "I'll Fly Away" and "Last Call" missing JAY-Z with a synth that was removed from final. Tagged. 1:19:09 OG Tagged CD Quality Link Needed

The College Dropout Breathe In Breathe Out Original version with the hook sung by Kanye instead of Ludacris. 4:10 OG Full CD Quality https://onlyfiles.io/f/378061bf828842ddaf665ea6a5d4aec2

The College Dropout Drug Dealin' (feat. GLC & Keyshia Cole) (We Don't Care) Original version of "We Don't Care" which features rougher vocals, additional vocals by Keyshia Cole and a verse from GLC. 3:53 OG Full CD Quality https://onlyfiles.io/f/f93353c07edd4a27b64ff

Kanye Unreleased Tracker
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