Salary and Negotiation Advice by Jean Leggett Career Coach

Some resources on how to prepare for and execute a salary negotiation for a new or an existing job.

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Salary and Negotiation Advice by Jean Leggett Career Coach

Some resources on how to prepare for and execute a salary negotiation for a new or an existing job.

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Salary and Negotiation Advice with Jean Leggett, career coach

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Salaries and Negotiations

90% of candidates take the first offer. You don’t have to!

Salary isn’t the only thing you can negotiate:

* Signing bonus

* Equity

* Early compensation review

* Start date

* Annual bonus

* Benefits and perks

Consider doing this research in tandem with your job search

Key Principles 1

Getting Ready! 1

Salary Comparisons for Tech, Games, Other 2

Game Dev Salaries 2

Negotiating Counter Offers 2

Sample Counter Offer Email 3

How to Resign without Burning Bridges 3

Key Principles

1. Know what you’re willing to work for - budgeting, relocation, compromises

2. Understand salary ranges for your role and other compensation

3. Negotiate!

Getting Ready!

Pre-Offer Tips, Research & Planning - Info

Salary Negotiation Prep Worksheet - Worksheet

* assess your needs - cost of living, relocation, expenses

* identify what you can leverage for more money! Your accomplishments, industry demand, offers

* What compromises are you willing to make?

* Compare your city to a new city Cost of Living

Understanding Compensation

Understanding Stock Options as part of your offer

Articles and videos to review

Know the laws in your country/state

Recruiter: “How much would you like to get paid?”

YOUR ANSWER: “I’m happy to discuss this once I have more details of the role and responsibility. What is the salary range for this role?”

States where they must indicate the salary range on job postings: Colorado, Washington, California. States where you cannot be asked your previous salary: Colorado MA

Salary Comparisons for Tech, Games, Other

Comparably - Transparent Compensation & Culture

Tech salary comparison and negotiations -

Design salaries -

Salary spreadsheet with approx 50K entries for general salaries including games, tech - can search by company name, etc. Anonymous Salary Survey (Responses)

Game Dev Salaries

>>>>Game Dev Salaries - (not mine)

* 2021 anonymized sheet - Sorted by Date Entered. “Save as” then sort by job title

Salaries info from Australia | UK | Sweden | Czech Republic | Brazil | Blizzard

UI/UX in Games salaries - UI/UX in Video Games - Salary Survey (results)

Games companies that work from home

Compare salaries - |

Game User Research Salary Survey

Negotiating Counter Offers

* Negotiate salary, paid time off, relocation, professional development, perks, etc

* YouTube search

* Negotiating a better salary for Tech Jobs

* Sample emails to negotiating below-average offers, offers below expectations, competing offers ********** Client got 27K just for asking! See below for sample

* Companies that specifically help you with negotiations (usually for 80K jobs and up)

>>>>YouTube Videos <<<<

1 hour in total - could result in thousands in lifetime earnings!

I’ve had clients use these tips to negotiate 5K to 40K in additional earnings, depending on their experience. Don’t leave money on the table.

* Salary Negotiation Tips to 40%+ Increase in your Earnings

* Got a job offer, still interviewing elsewhere - What now?!

* Can I Renegotiate Salary? I Low Balled My Salary Negotiation during the interview

Sample Counter Offer Email

Sample letter:


I’m really excited about the offer and this project in particular, not to mention the chance to work for COMPANYNAME.

After interviewing with a few other companies in the area and getting a better sense of my value, my desired base salary is XXXK. If the offer could be updated to match that (with the other benefits intact), I would be able to accept immediately.

I would be more than happy to hop on a phone call to talk it through if that would be helpful; I should be free most of the day today. Thank you again for this opportunity, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

How to Resign without Burning Bridges

How to resign gracefully

Resignation checklist

Sample resignation emails

Salary and Negotiation Advice by Jean Leggett Career Coach
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