Looking for job or gig from Ukraine

A sheet with a list of Ukrainian workers affected by the conflict, looking for new permanent or temporary employment. Engineers, marketers, photographers, PR, etc.

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Looking for job or gig from Ukraine

A sheet with a list of Ukrainian workers affected by the conflict, looking for new permanent or temporary employment. Engineers, marketers, photographers, PR, etc.

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For Security Reasons I had to delete all sensitive info including phone numbers. It will be provided upon request.

To be added contact @Fajela in Telegram. Vacancies are published here.

Eng Name Specialization Details URL Contact

+ Dmitriy Hodyachih SEO Projects or website optimization tasks. I can work with GTM on high level, with html, css on base level. I have experience in SEO about 5 years. Mainly engaged in CIS projects, but have experience with USA, Germany and Poland projects [email protected] - e-mail @Kings_tom - tg

+ Andrii Piatushka SEO, SERM, crowd marketing https://freelancehunt.com/freelancer/Andrey_Pyatyshka.html Upon request https://t.me/AndreyPyatyshka2

+ Oleg Malkov WordPress expert: TOP 125 of the world in 2021 on ThemeForest.net WordPress websites/shops development. Difficult WordPress solutions/scripts, billing and API integration. PBN sites development. Drop domain selection. Own scripts and automation for spam filtering. Upon request https://t.me/clientica [email protected]

+ Chepikova Dasha SEO Collection of the semantic core Conducting a technical audit competitor analysis work link profile analysis text content analysis full project management on a monthly basis. https://freelancehunt.com/freelancer/Ignoore.html @dasha993, [email protected]

+ Alexander Yarovoy Middle SEO Website optimization (both internal and external) Upon request +380669528289 (telegram and viber)

+ Vladislav Tretyak SEO marketer Audit, keywords collection, onpage, content strategizing and structuring, link building, internal optimization, general SEO. 3+ years of experience Example upon request [email protected] Telegram - @vladlen_seo_service

+ Denis Pliakhtur SEO (doesn't speak English) Remote SEO, is best in SEO audits. More than 100 websites overall Resume: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NxdcM_gNCK0FCrZxZdGsRSojX7KedWNakcC0j1S_md4/edit?usp=sharing Reviews: http://joxi.ru/Grqk9WxHRqJzB2 - Отзыв от работодателя в Linkedin. http://joxi.ru/J2bQakYugvxXWm - Рекомендательное письмо. Пример работ, кейсы: http://joxi.ru/gmvN9azCdnpOLm - Интернет магазин. http://bit.ly/2O3k47v - Большой кейс "Нишевый интернет магазин" 21 страница в деталях. http://bit.ly/37vxTCi - Кейс (интернет магазин строительной тематики). http://bit.ly/2ZrE4TA - Кейс (Сайт авто услуг). https://bit.ly/3bGSiFR - Интернет магазин чехлов на мебель. http://joxi.ru/VrwJ9v4c4lZq6A - Инфо сайт. http://joxi.ru/p27y30vhnVY5Jr - Сайт услуг в сфере маркетинга, SEO, CRM услуг. https://t.me/SEO_Gid

+ Boris Mistryakov Google, Bing ADS PPC, SEO, SMM upon request [email protected]

+ Kateryna Vasylenko SMM, content- marketing manager, SEO marketing manager SMM and SEO in USA, Europe, Australia, Asia: audits, recommendations, keywords collection upon request [email protected]

+ Lilya Bernadin SEO, PPC Freelancer Google Ads upon request [email protected]

+ Oleh Krupskyi SEO https://www.linkedin.com/in/olegkrupski/ https://grc.ua/resume/6109fd8eff014170010039ed1f4c6951596a57 You can find me by telegram: asix_ko or by e-mail: [email protected]

+ Rozhenko Taras SEO and PPC https://freelancehunt.com/freelancer/SEO_Men.html https://freelance.ru/tarastarik Telegram - @SeoSiteTop

+ Vadim Revin SEO and PPC Wp opencart joomla Ecommerce Html css js telegram - @revin192 https://www.facebook.com/jhonny.cash.9047

+ Denis Kazakov User acquisition facebook, google ads, apple, tiktok, yandex direct, vk.com, target.my.com User acquisition upon request telegram - @butch1k, [email protected]

+ Kostyantyn Diudiunov SEO, Targetologist I want to find work as an SEO specialist or Targetologist in Europe. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W6-EGJ4b1kAow10Etv-vGwbqUxaZiN7r2mdLaU8Kw80/edit [email protected]

+ Tetiana Poklad SEO, marketing speсialist I need some work in SEO, not for russians. I can work with semantics, technical seo-audit. Also I can optimize GoogleBusiness pages. I work with GA, GC, Ahrefs Upon request About me: I'm from Kharkiv (now near Poltava) Fb, telegram @tpoklad

+ Kateryna Telkova I have been an economist in great construction company but I want to develop myself in SEO. I am searching the work in SEO for beginner without any experience. I am ready for learning and starting from scratch. Before this time, I have counted the prices of different building processes, total price of buildings, controlled expenses, counted profits. This can proof that I have good analytical thinking. I am highly motivated now because I have left everything in Kiev and relocated with mum in Western Ukrainian. Now I understand that I should begin to earn money in the nearest time because our company hasn`t any possibilities to pay off our salaries for February. Now I wanted to tell about myself. I have 2 magister diplomas: the first one is in civil engineering, the second one – in project management. I didn`t have any diploma in economics so when I started to work in construction company as economist six years ago I didn`t know anything about it. But I had just strong desire. As now. For this time, I have become the head of department and had twelve employees. This proof that I am goal-oriented. [email protected] – e-mail

+ Ilya Perevalov SEO Keyword research, on-page SEO, brief, development of meta tags https://dropmefiles.com/FFFef Telegram - @Ilya_Perevalov or email: [email protected]

+ Oleksandr Napaliuk SEM/PPC Looking for job. Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Microsoft (Bing Ads) etc. Full paid channel marketing. 8+ years. World Wide projects. I lost my job due to the war in Ukraine. I will be glad to get any work from you! https://www.linkedin.com/in/aleksandr-napaliuk-04466263/ https://www.upwork.com/freelancers/~019494e98759c7659c?viewMode=1 [email protected] skype: alexuss84

+ Abdurrakhman Ozdoev performance marketing. Facebook, Google ads I have a small team of 2 people and I. examples of work will be sent upon request completed +15 courses from market leaders in targeting and contextual advertising. I can work with budgets of $1,000-$10,000 https://t.me/caselogy Instagram.com/originalmarketer Telegram - @Ozdoagency

+ Yevhen Musatenko SEO SEO https://freelancehunt.com/freelancer/musatenko.html Telegram - @sarus1

+ Alexander Semeniuk Facebook PPC Specialist Creating and maintaining advertising campaigns on Facebook ADS. bringing them to profit. E-commerce priority upon request https://t.me/ol_semeniuk [email protected]

+ Oksana Tymchuk PPC Whitehat market (search, display, video ads set up) Google Ads, YouTube Ads, Facebook Ads. Experience with $50K+ budgets. Geo: Ukraine, USA, Canada, Australia, UAE, Russia, Kazakhstan, etc. SaaS, tourism, online services, recruiting markets, e-commerce. Strong skills in B2B. ppcorder.com [email protected] @guruppc telegram https://www.linkedin.com/in/oksana-tymchuk/

- Maxim Rubtsov Google Ads Specialist Настройка и ведение поисковых, кмс, видео РК. Ищу клиентов с СНГ (с англ.не оч). В контексте 5 лет. При необходимости могу предоставить контакты клиентов, которые ��асскажут о сотрудничестве со мной. Территориальное местонахождение г.Днепр, Украина. upon request ТГ @Maxim_Rubtsov [email protected]

+ Olesia Komkina PPC Preparing, launching and optimization of advertising campaigns in Google Ads, Yandex.Direct, Microsoft Ads; Preparation and analysis of reports; https://fl.mikhalchenko.pro/ppc-specialist/olesya-komkina/ [email protected]

+ Serhii Latynin PPC - 4 people in a team Setting up in google ads, Facebook ads (there were a couple of projects in yandex direct, tiktok ads, LinkedIn). A full cycle of setting up and further maintenance of the r. I have experience working with large companies and budgets (500k UAH+). Drawing up a media plan, working out the goals and strategies of advertising campaigns depending on the niche, budget and other factors. There are cases in many niches (many with ecomers, services, specific for commercial enterprises) https://freelancehunt.com/freelancer/flexom.html [email protected] [email protected] https://t.me/kotobox

+ Kiryl Kamarouski design, web-design, ui/ux Site Design, ux/ui, social media design, banners, animate baners https://www.behance.net/belartdes Telegram - @mroyatm, [email protected]

+ Oleg Omelchenko SEO SEO https://drive.google.com/file/d/1M2paNYzVkFTm5Q4ykreJV-6EAmhq-OSm/view?usp=drivesdk Telegram - @investigatore3

+ Timur Bondarenko Technical audits, website optimization Not English fluent upon request [email protected] Telegram - @heykelman

+ Dmitriy Belotserkovets Middle PPC specialist Сreation of advertising campaigns. Google Ads, Facebook Ads https://sites.google.com/view/przetn/land Telegram - @belocerkovec_dmitriy

+ Ihor Kovsher Digital marketer since 2011 Web store expertise, ecommerce. Knowledgeable in: Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram ads, SEO, email, HTML/CSS. English - intermediate, without good verbal. https://www.linkedin.com/in/ihor-kovsher-157b6653 Telegram - @ihorkovsher [email protected]

+ Oksana Plotnitskaya SMM (middle) Media Buyer Telegram - @plotnytska_o [email protected]

+ Volodimir Ahapov Digital Marketer, Project manager PPC, Google Ads, Meta business. Create strategy and custom reports of local stores in Ukraine Upon request [email protected] https://t.me/agp_v

+ Oleksandra Hudzenko SEO Specialist https://drive.google.com/file/d/19iLx1dom5KTUKHYq4n8T15Y4wiNc9CDY/view?usp=sharing [email protected] https://t.me/Oleksandra256

+ Valeria Khizhnyak SEO I go to any part-time job (both in the field of SEO and in related areas), I can work both freelancing and full time! Upon request [email protected] +380509567100( WhatsApp/Telegram)

+ Maksym Sushkov PPC specialist Google ads(search, shopping, gdn, youtube), Bing Ads, Google Analytics, GA4 https://freelancehunt.com/freelancer/sushmaks.html , www.linkedin.com/in/maksym-sushkov-googleads telegram - @s

Looking for job or gig from Ukraine
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Published 25/04/2024, 09:35:51


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