African Cinema by Iyuna

A list of films dealing with the topic of African culture and struggle for liberation. All free to watch and with youTube links!

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African Cinema by Iyuna

A list of films dealing with the topic of African culture and struggle for liberation. All free to watch and with youTube links!

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Director/Producer Film Title country Year Link Language/Subtitles Category

Ngozi Onwurah Flight of the Swan UK 1992 English FF

Rupert Roopnaraine The Terror and The Time Guyana 1977 english subtitles FF

Dickie Jobson Countryman Jamaica 1982 English FF/R

John Douglas Grenada: The Future Coming Towards Us Grenada 1983 English D

Niger: The Land Of Fear with David Adams (Trade Route History Documentary) NIGER English D

Ron Hallis Samora Machel Son of Africa 1 mozambique unknown Portuguese/English subtitles D/R

Samora Machel Son of Africa 2 mozambique unknown Portuguese/English subtitles D/R

Cheick Oumar Sissoko GUIMBA THE TYRANT Mali 1996 English Subtitles FF

King Ampaw Kukurantumi Ghana 1983 English FF

Ibrahim Shaddad Human being Sudan 1994 Arabic FF

Oliver Schmitz Mapantsula South Africa 1988 English FF

Godwin Mawuru Neria Tanzania 1991 English subtitles FF

Jean Rouch Cocorico Monsieur Poulet Niger 1974 English subtitles FF

Ousmane Sembene Ceddo Senegal 1977 English subtitles FF

Euzhan Palcy A Dry White Season South Africa 1989 English FF

Chris Austin House of Hunger film + Documentary Zimbabwe 1979 English FF

Silvestre JacobiSilvestre Jacobi Roots time Jamaica 2006 Jamaica patios/ English FF

from Cuba An African Odyssey Mozambican War of Independence Mozambique 2007 English subtitles D/R

Cuba An African Odyssey Amilcar Cabral Guinea Bissua 2007 english subtitles D/R

Gloria Rolando Assata Shakur: Eyes Of The Rainbow Cuba 2007 English D/R

unknown Kenya: White Terror Kenya English D

Robin Shuffield Thomas Sankara the Upright Man Burkina faso 2006 french/ english subtitle D/R

David Koff Blacks' Britannica UK 1978 English D

Keep Britain White UK English D

unknown GRENADA CARIBBEAN SOCIALISM Grenada unknown English d/r

Robert Van Lierop A luta Continua!! Mozambique 1973 English D/R

unknown A Revolta dos Mais Velhos Guinea Bissua 1989 Portuguese D

unknown Freedom Is a Constant Struggle: Angela Davis US 1976 English D/R

unknown 1963 ZANZIBAR REVOLUTION Tanzania 1963 English D/R

Tanzania's Archives Tanzania: The Quiet Revolution pt 1 Tanzania 1964 English D/R

Tanzania's Archives Tanzania: The Quiet Revolution pt 2 Tanzania 1964 English d/r

Real Stories Congo's Women Warriors (War Documentary) Congo 2018 French/ english subtitle D

Amazing Ethiopia Ethiopia 1970 English D

By the colonial british government Nigeria - Giant in the Sun Nigeria 1959 English D

Ancestral productions Yoruba Pilgrimage Documentary Osun Osogbo, Nigeria Yoruba Nigeria 2016 English d

Yoruba Brazilian Iyami Iyaami Aje Oshoronga documentary Brazil unknown Portuguese/english d

Roy Campanella II Passion and Memory 1986 english d

Éngagé, Édouard de Laurot Black Liberation US 1967 english D/R

Chet Huntley MAU MAU Kenya 1955 english D/R

Black Journal A look at Capitalism in Kenya & Ujamaa in Tanzania Kenya/Tanzania 1970 English D/R

Legacy of Julius Nyerere Tanzania english D/R

Med Hondo Sarraounia Burkina Faso; Mauritania; France 1986 english subtitles FF/R

Miki Mistrati The Dark Side Of Chocolate Cote d'ivoire 2010 french/ english subtitle D

Film Board Canada White & Black South Africa South Africa 1957 english D

From Reelbalck The music of Africa US 1964` ENGLISH D

From Reelbalck Africa Come Back /Highlife music(1984) Ghana 1984 English D

Black Journal Africa Liberation Day/Features Walter Rodney US 1972 English D/R

Cynthia Kayan Conversation with a Native Son: Maya Angelou and James Baldwin US English Interview

Miriam Makeba Interview South Africa 1988 English Interview

NET Chinua Achebe Nigeria 1964 English interview

unknown Walter Rodney - Crisis in the Periphery: Africa and the Caribbean US unknown English lecture

Jide Olanrewaju A History of Nigeria nigeria 2013 english D

- In the Sky's Wild Noise: A documentary on Dr.Walter Rodney Guyana 1970 english D/R

An interview with Huey P. Newton US 1968 english Interview

Kwame Ture Speaks US 1992 English lecture

Liberia - Africa's Only Republic Liberia 1949 english D

professor Joe Saltzman Black on Black US 1968 English D

Stokely Carmichael: Biography, Quotes, Career, Education, Facts, History, Speech 2003 english lecture

Jehane Noujaim The Square: Egypt At War Egypt 2013 arabic/english sub FF

CBS News Nigeria vs Biafra Biafra Civil War Documentary Nigeria 1969 english D

The Hate That Hate Produced US 1959 english D

Granada Production A World in Action the struggle of PAIGC for the independence of Guinea Bissau and Cape Verde Guinea & Cape Verde 1960s english D/R

The People and the Police US 1970 english D/R

Black Women, Sexual Politics, and the Revolution US 1991 English D/R

Pepper Bird Studios LIBERIA DURING THE TOLBERT YEARS (1971-1980) Liberia 1981 English D

Death of a Black Panther: The Fred Hampton Story US 1970S English D/R

Kwame Ture in Guinea Guinea 1993 English D/R

Onyeka Onwenu World About Us Documentary Nigeria 1984 English D

Eritrean People's Liberation Front (1978) Eritrea 1978 English D/R

Ethiopian Revolution Ethiopia 1975 English subtitles D/R

AMA ATA Aidoo documentary Ghana/Zimbabwe Twi/english D/R

Family of Ghana Ghana 1958 Twi/english D

Ousmane Sembene Xala Senegal 1975 French/ english subtitle FF

DJIBIRIL DIOP MAMBETY TOUKI BOUKI Senegal 1973 Wollof/French/English subtitle FF

Blaxploitation Documentary US 2002 English D

Maurice Grenada - English D/R

Eritrean Liberation Front Central Command Eritrea - D/R

Ministry of Culture Mozambique Samora Machel vive Mozambique 1986 Portuguese/English sub D/R

Mc Graw Hill Films Tanzania: Progress Through Self-Reliance Tanzania 1969 English D/R

Revolution in the Colonial World US 1958 English

Sarah Maldoror Sambizanga Angola 1972 Portuguese/English subtitle FF/R

Valerio Lopes Cabralista Guinea-Bissau 2011 Portuguese/English subtitle FF/R

Ivan Dixon The Spook Who Sat by the Door US 1973 English FF/R

Moussa Sene Absa Tableau Ferraille Senegal 1997 French/English subtitle FF/R

Moussa Sene Absa And So Angels Die Senegal 2001 French, Wolof/English subtitle FF

Cheick Oumar Sissoko Guimba the Tyrant Mali 1995 Bambara, Peul/English subtitle FF

Flora Gomes Udju Azul Di Yonta (The Blue Eyes of Yonta) Guinea-Bissau 1992 Criolo/english subtitle FF/R

Idrissa Ouedraogo Samba Traoré Burkina Faso 1992 French/english subtitle FF

Ingrid Sinclair Flame Zimbabwe 1996 English FF

Souleymane Cissé Yeleen mali 1987 Bambara/english FF

Djibril Diop Mambety Hyenas Senegal 1992 Wolof/English subtitle FF

Jihan El-Tahri Cuba An African Odyssey pt1 & 2 Cuba 2007 English D/R

Göran Olsson The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975 US 2011 English D/R

MOVE Documentary US unknown English D/R

Tahani Rached Four Women of Egypt Egypt 1997 Arabic/English Subtitle FF/R

Stanley Nelson Black Panthers: Vanguard of The Revolution US 2015 English D/R

Ousmane Sembene Faat Kiné Senegal 2001 French/english subtitle F

African Cinema by Iyuna
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