FA/Bellingcat - Police Brutality and the BLM Protests - Public Dataset

A chronological list of police brutality incidents during BLM protests 2020

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FA/Bellingcat - Police Brutality and the BLM Protests - Public Dataset

A chronological list of police brutality incidents during BLM protests 2020

police, USA, protest, society, journalism, data

Incident ID # Upload Date Incident date Description Victim Category Source URL City Lat. Long. Location Precision Violation type 1 Violation type 2 Violation type 3 Network Reporter LE Agency #1 LE Agency #2

1 26/05/2020 5/26/2020 A reporter is hit in the leg with a "less-lethal" projectile. Journalist https://twitter.com/AndrewMannix/status/1265756101057957890 Minneapolis, MN 44.94792 -93.23615 Estimated "Less-Lethal" Round Star Tribune Andy Mannix Minneapolis PD

2 6/26/2020 5/27/2020 Officers shoot a civilian from a roof with a "less-lethal" round. The civilian is standing in the street unarmed. Civilian https://twitter.com/JaredGoyette/status/1276564826630782979 Minneapolis, MN 44.948389 -93.23486 Confirmed "Less-Lethal" Round Tear Gas Minneapolis PD

3 27/05/2020 5/28/2020 Reporter is hit in the chest with a rubber bullet. Journalist https://twitter.com/maxnesterak/status/1265863514754813952 Minneapolis, MN 44.94852 -93.23458 Estimated "Less-Lethal" Round Minnesota Reformer Max Nesterak Unknown

4 24/05/2020 5/28/2020 Police officers shoot the reporter with pepper balls. Journalist https://twitter.com/N_Waters89/status/1267098540645498881 Denver, CO 39.73928 -104.986199 Generalised "Less-Lethal" Round Denver Post Hyoung Chang Denver PD

5 5/27/2020 5/28/2020 Goyette is hit in the eye with an undisclosed object, and tear-gassed. Journalist https://twitter.com/JaredGoyette/status/1265786797650558976?s=20 Minneapolis, MN 44.949214 -93.233619 Estimated Tear Gas Freelance Jared Goyette Unknown

6 5/30/2020 5/29/2020 A civilian is trampled by an officer's horse. Civilian https://twitter.com/vikthewild/status/1266538354939756544?s=20 Houston, TX 29.755111 -95.367585 Confirmed Physical Assault Houston PD

7 5/30/2020 5/29/2020 An unarmed civilian is shoved to the curb by an officer. Further reports claim the incident prompted a seizure that put the civilian in the emergency room. Civilian https://twitter.com/JasonLemon/status/1266529475757510656 New York City, NY 40.683244 -73.977563 Confirmed Physical Assault New York PD

8 5/30/2020 5/29/2020 Officers in a moving vehicle open their passenger side door into a civilian standing in the bike lane. Civilian https://twitter.com/NickAtNews/status/1266537738364477446 New York City, NY 40.6859999 -73.9594372 Confirmed Physical Assault New York PD

9 5/30/2020 5/29/2020 A number of civilians are beaten by officers with batons. Civilian https://twitter.com/j0ncampbell/status/1266514356071735296 New York City, NY 40.683405 -73.976917 Confirmed Physical Assault New York PD

10 5/30/2020 5/29/2020 Civilians are repeatedly pushed by officers. Two of the civilians are pushed to the floor. Civilian https://twitter.com/bridgetkbennett/status/1266561128185819136 Las Vegas, NV 36.1147818 -115.1727395 Confirmed Physical Assault Las Vegas Metropolitan PD

11 5/30/2020 5/29/2020 A civilian is pepper-sprayed in the face and torso by an officer. Civilian https://twitter.com/_isabel_a/status/1266580681251000321 Fort Wayne, IN 41.0805298 -85.1391359 Confirmed Pepper Spray Fort Wayne PD

12 5/29/2020 5/29/2020 Civilians are indiscriminately sprayed with pepper spray from the window of a police vehicle as it drives by. Civilian https://twitter.com/stribrooks/status/1266186985041022976 Minneapolis, MN 44.979727 -93.272487 Confirmed Pepper Spray Minneapolis PD

13 5/30/2020 5/29/2020 Officers detonate flash-bang grenades from roof into a peaceful crowd of unarmed civilians. Civilian https://www.facebook.com/1462345700/posts/10220863688809651/?d=n Minneapolis, MN 44.9483222 -93.2340913 Confirmed "Less-Lethal" Round

14 5/30/2020 5/29/2020 Officers on a roof-top fire flash-bang grenades into a crowd of civilians before one civilian in the neck with a rubber bullet. Officers then continue detonating more flash-bang grenades from the roof. Civilian https://www.facebook.com/1462345700/posts/10220863812572745/?d=n Minneapolis, MN 44.9483222 -93.2340913 Confirmed "Less-Lethal" Round

15 5/30/2020 5/29/2020 An officer with a bicycle uses the bicycle to push over a civilian. Civilian https://twitter.com/Brittm_tv/status/1266497944796225538 , https://twitter.com/yourfavSW/status/1266797589170708480 Atlanta, GA 33.7572575 -84.3944795 Confirmed Physical Assault Atlanta PD

16 5/30/2020 5/29/2020 An officer charges towards a civilian who is backing away and hits the civilian in the face. Civilian https://twitter.com/joeguillen/status/1266563974658744321 Detroit, MI 42.3312069 -83.0435312 Confirmed Physical Assault Detroit PD

17 5/31/2020 5/29/2020 An officer shouts "shut up, bitch!" at a civilian, before firing a "less-lethal" round into a crowd. The same officer is seen shortly before, bouncing back and forth, smiling, licking their lips. An officer refers to a civilian audibly as a "motherfucker". Civilian https://twitter.com/greg_doucette/status/1266871141269987331 , https://twitter.com/bowiezamudio/status/1266598285206106113 , https://twitter.com/bowiezamudio/status/1266765863111127040 San Jose, CA 37.3389328 -121.8847294 Confirmed Intimidation "Less-Lethal" Round San Jose PD

18 5/30/2020 5/29/2020 A car is stopped at an intersection and the driver is demonstrating with a group of officers stood at the other side of the road. The driver tells the officers his pregnant girlfriend is also in the vehicle - which he claims they have just fired at. The officers then fire a number of "less-lethal" rounds at the vehicle. Civilian https://twitter.com/Mr_Blue_sky_II/status/1266630635956789248 Denver, CO 39.739991 -104.98755 Confirmed "Less-Lethal" Round Denver PD

19 5/30/2020 5/29/2020 An civilian is walking down a sidewalk with their back to the police and an officer pepper-sprays the civilians head from behind. Civilian https://twitter.com/lalaitskelcey2/status/1266821476122058752?s=20 Columbus, OH 39.962149 -83.00013 Confirmed Pepper Spray Columbus PD

20 5/31/2020 5/29/2020 Officers fire rubber bullets into a crowd with minors, without warning or telling anyone to disperse. Civilian https://twitter.com/roebotwriter/status/1266891873710305280 Los Angeles, CA 34.052719 -118.244141 Confirmed "Less-Lethal" Round

21 5/31/2020 5/29/2020 Officers pepper-spray and handcuff NYC Senator Zellnor Y. Myrie and Assemblywoman Diana C. Richardson. Civilian https://www.instagram.com/p/CA1C-46BHxA/?igshid=1cr74ngn0f84k New York City, NY 40.6826465 -73.9776096 Self-Reported Pepper Spray

22 5/29/2020 5/29/2020 Officers indiscriminately use pepper spray against a crowd. Civilian https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1137997739900780&id=100010716946743&_rdr Columbus, OH 39.96259 -83.00066 Confirmed Pepper Spray Physical Assault

23 6/6/2020 5/29/2020 An officer pepper-sprays a civilian's face. Civilian https://twitter.com/greg_doucette/status/1269118992540749831 Columbus, OH 39.962557 -83.00066 Confirmed Pepper Spray

24 5/30/2020 5/29/2020 Officers shove a civilian to the ground and beat them while arresting them. Civilian https://twitter.com/itsadumbwebsite/status/1266641102213222400 Seattle, WA 47.599301 -122.319995 Confirmed Physical Assault Seattle PD

25 5/30/2020 5/29/2020 CBS news crew caught in tear gas, individual presenter reports that they have been threatened with arrest. Civilian https://cbsloc.al/3dlcjkY Dallas, TX 32.777146 -96.803426 Self-Reported Tear Gas Intimidation

26 6/1/2020 5/29/2020 Individual having a conversation with police officer in a car, asking why they are being gassed. Pepper spray goes off behind them. Civilian https://twitter.com/SheriffErinFogg/status/1267279365752184835 Fort Wayne, IN 41.079475 -85.138309 Confirmed Pepper Spray

27 29/05/2020 5/29/2020 Reporter and crew are arrested while reporting live. Journalist https://twitter.com/NickGjerde/status/1266311406649061377 Minneapolis, MN 44.948388 -93.234033 Confirmed Arrest/Detention CNN Omar Jimenez / Leonel Mendez / Bill Kirkos Minnesota State Patrol

28 29/05/2020 5/29/2020 Tear gas is fired during a protest in Minneapolis, catching the journalists in its cloud. Journalist https://twitter.com/N_Waters89/status/1266678561953415169 Minneapolis, MN 44.949602 -93.235055 Confirmed Tear Gas CBS News Unclear (possibly Jeff Peques) National Guard

29 30/05/2020 5/29/2020 A group of officers shove journalists and a civilian they are interviewing into a building. Journalist https://twitter.com/UR_Ninja/status/1266652249650016257 Minneapolis, MN 44.9484 -93.28754 Confirmed Physical Assault Unicorn Riot Nico (?) Unknown

30 28/05/2020 5/29/2020 A police officer pointed a weapon at Baran and Freemark. Baran identifies herself as a journalist but the officer does not lower his weapon, and so Baran and Freemark flee the area. Journalist https://twitter.com/madeleinebaran/status/1266610933071138816 Minneapolis, MN 44.94495 -93.27787 Self-Reported Intimidation APM Reports Madeleine Baran / Samara Freemark Minneapolis PD

31 5/30/2020 5/29/2020 Police throws what appears to be flash-bang grenade towards protesters. Journalist https://vm.tiktok.com/Jj715wK/ Denver, CO 39.738451 -104.984834 Confirmed "Less-Lethal" Round Denver PD

32 6/3/2020 5/29/2020 A reporter is broadcasting live from outside the Jefferson County Courthouse when they and their team are shot at with pepper pellets, despite their press credentials and equipment were clearly in sight. Journalist https://www.wave3.com/2020/05/29/lmpd-officer-fires-pepper-balls-wave-news-reporter-photographer-during-louisville-protest/ Louisville, KY 38.254129 -85.759728 Confirmed "Less-Lethal" Round Pepper Spray Wave 3 Kaitlin Rust Louisville Metropolitan PD

33 8/30/2020 5/29/2020 Officers fire tear gas and spray pepper spray at the civilian recording them. Civilian https://twitter.com/wyattreed13/status/1299914900228235265 Washington, DC 38.900235 -77.035266 Confirmed Tear Gas Intimidation Pepper Spray DC Metropolitan PD

FA/Bellingcat - Police Brutality and the BLM Protests - Public Dataset
Tags Police, USA, Protest, Society, Journalism, Data
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Published 12/02/2024, 00:58:59