Distance Learning Best Practices for Maths

A list of resources for teaching math remotely

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Distance Learning Best Practices for Maths

A list of resources for teaching math remotely

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Tool Does it involve any additional software? Is there a video for us to watch this at work? Is there a write-up for us to read? Comments/Notes If you'd like to share your Twitter handle

activities Desmos Activities teacher.desmos.com learn.desmos.com no I used a Desmos activity every day with check-in and reflection screens. It was wonderful, because the students were familiar with Desmos activities. The activities varied with exploration of math concepts, card sorts, mini-assessments, math stories, etc. I was able to provide feedback, and some of the activities were self-checking. @SMcDonaldRMS

activities Geogebra https://www.geogebra.org/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uioFUckPsWc Hmmm.... there's a lot of searchable info online. A cousin to desmos; lots and lots of visualizations. THe "classroom" shows using it with Zoom and being able to see what students are doing. @geonz

activities Graspable Math Graspable Math https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Woq1JI8N2no&feature=youtu.be Explore algebra online. Move terms fluently to solve equations and explore the power of algebra without the frustration – for free! I just started using this website for online learning and my students love it!

activities Yummy Math varies by activity, but most can be accomplished with GSuite https://www.yummymath.com/sort-through-the-activities/ The resources (videos, etc) and student project templates are free with no signn up. Most can easily be modified into HyperDoc form or similar.

Activities & Sense-making, & multiple connections ClassPad https://classpad.us/ 1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zDh6acO81Mw&feature=youtu.be 2. https://classpad.us/video-tutorials-updated-september-2019/ FREE Dynamic web-based digital scratchpad. It is relatively new and still evolving – from CASIO, It is awesome because you can do/see various mathematical investigations on one screen/workspace (and see connections) unlike Desmos and GeoGebra which only do one thing at a time. All levels of students can access and "see" the Math as well as "Investigate." In this, on the same page you can calculate, graph, do Geometry, have Data, do sequencing, Financial stuff, and text in any combination or combinations. They are all "sticky notes" that can be dynamically done and repositioned. And it’s pretty intuitive.

Annotation FluidMath fluidmath.net https://youtu.be/I_WPNJE0Bic PDF Annotation that is Math specific

Annotation Kami https://www.kamiapp.com/ https://youtu.be/e8ladhWHqD0 Multi functional annotation tools such as embedding math text, audio/video comments, insert screen casting, and more. Great potential to help support EL & SPED students along with all students. @gotmathhelp

assessment Classkick classkick.com Made this for my department https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGJ5-GMZj88&t=2s I've been relying on it as a low stakes formative tool. The interactivity encourages honest responses. I also find it useful for graphing. Instead of getting a photo of the graph, I can watch the student graph and make corrections quickly. For students who miss the live session, I leave a note at the end to text me for a check and score. Students have taken me up on this, which has made me feel a bit more in touch with the "lost sheep" types. @arjuna1969

assessment Classkick - adding on ideas about this edtechtool free ed tech tool for formative and summative assessments and general student work. Paid version offers student portfolios. Free version students get code for the assignment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HvSxM9KpTDE https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nOw8qomPEqM https://blog.classkick.com/using-classkick-in-elementary-school-e44684f73b0f Teacher can see work as students are working ( students can record work and also leave recording explaining). Teacher can give in the moment feeback that is written or leave a recording. Easy to add links to videos, or other sources for students to open from classkick. Very easy to upload assignments or create new ones on classkick like word problems, etc. Can also upload math tools,pictures, or place links directly on assingments for digital tools for students to use. @JanyFinkMinds

assessment Feedback Edulastic.com link https://edulastic.com/blog This website is great for formative assessment and providing students with feedback after they've completed an activity. It allows you to redirect he students to try again. @challemeier You can upload any of your own documents and create an online assessment.

assessment Flipgrid flipgrid.com on site flipgrid is my go to for assessment. Students show their work, explain themselves in their own words with their own voices (no academic dishonesty) and flipgrid just opened a screen capture as well so kids can narrate over their screen work not just make video submissions. @mathdenisnj

assessment Flipgrid con't flipgrid.com on site I want to add to Flipgrid: You can have the students complete their work on paper, create a sticker on Flipgrid so it is displayed at the same time as they are explaining. For my pre-Calc class that was much easier due to the amount of work that sometimes is need to complete a problem. @shhsMath

assessment GoFormative https://goformative.com/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GeOW4NCtc1A https://www.commonsense.org/education/website/formative Close to classkick above. My students appreciated an online place where they could show their work. You can easily adapt worksheets into a formative and also have a place for assessments as well. @treverreeh

assessment Math Mapper 6-8: A formative classroom assessment tool based on learning trajectories https://www.sudds.co/ Yes - Create a Free Account and Access Videos from your Profile button A digital tool that offers compelling student middle grades math problems and provides students with assessment tools and a dynamic learning map. @sudds_group

assessment Peardeck/Google Slides Peardeck has a free/llimited account, otherwise paid subscription peardeck.com/dash lets you see kids work Warning, long video that can be supplemented with experimenting with the app instead. Read comments, then try the app out! Teachers can teach in a synchronous setting by using a pre-developed presentation in Google Slides to present to a student's screen. Throughout a lesson, a teacher can use pear deck to collect immediate responses that can be written, drawn, or selected. Teachers can select student responses to share with the whole class and freeze screens to focus on the subject of conversation. This is great for noticings/wonderings, 3-Reads/real world problems, or for students to share different ways of thinking! FYI, has been used for Noticings/Wonderings, 3 Read/Close reading structure for real world story problems, number talks, and more.. @bkentlbc great tool for asynchronous as well and now allows option for teacher feedback on each slide

assessment Quizizz for guided learning, repetition and practice. Game style Live quiz/Home quiz/Flash cards. quizizz.com https://youtu.be/oDO3j2PjS7s Lots of premade quizzes (often duplicated) which you can save and edit, or start from scratch. Easy to start, instant results that you can download. Opportunities for teachers or students to review their work. @mathmantp "+1"

assessment testbanks into canvas/blackboard/schoology examview to create the questions (most districts have a license for it), but none but an LMS to post and use http://bit.ly/2x0WIGN I have a series of testbanks that I made and I use to assign students regenerating instantly-graded math practice. here's the banks I made so far: https://bit.ly/2R9V1hz @numberpunk

assessment ThatQuiz thatquiz.org https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l464ZhL1q_M http://www.mathycathy.com/blog/2013/01/thatquiz-org-a-great-ipad-friendly-freebie-for-skill-practice-formative-assessment/ Create a free teacher account, create each class (password protected option recommended) and use "Common Tests" to generate practice, or "Browse" or "Design" to find or create more specific assessments. Great for preassessments and practice/homework. I love the ability to set a threshold percent. For example, if I set a "quiz" at a threshold of 80%, if a student earns less than 80% they are prompted to try again. Feedback can be turned on or off - lots of options! I shared two blog posts with screenshots and ideas... there are more if you visit ThatQuiz in the tag cloud on my blog. http://www.mathycathy.com/blog/2014/01/thatquiz-org-pre-testing-and-post-testing/

assessment Using the Ontario Math games site allows Ss to check-in on their own understandings. https://on.mathgames.com/skills/ Used in conjunction with a Meet or Zoom to unpack misunderstandings is most powerful. @dejagerEDU

assessment - video PlayPosit www.playposit.com Insert check for understanding questions into a video. There are many different types of questions available. PlayPosit and EdPuzzle are similar. PlayPosit has more question types but doesn't do batch grading. Include short answer after every question "If you got it wrong or didn't understand, explain or ask a question". Then you can follow up w/ students when grading on an individual basis and address trends.

assessment and teacher feedback FluidMath fluidmath.net Some YouTube Videos: https://youtu.be/YgpGyuFSCiI https://youtu.be/I_WPNJE0Bic You can create self-grading assignments and assessments: On the FluidMath pages, you can place "math answer boxes" which allow the student to write or type a math expression and FluidMath will test for the correctness of the answer. It even tests for algebraically equivalent answers. Since the FluidMath page is like paper, the student can show their work with either handwriting or typing. And, the teacher can give feedback in handwriting or typing.

Assessment/Practice Edulastic No, internet based https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CBfDDlFSs7k Bank of questions or make your own.

Distance Learning Best Practices for Maths
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