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Directory of publishers and journos on TikTok. Click here to submit a new account!

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Publishers and journalists on TikTok

Directory of publishers and journos on TikTok. Click here to submit a new account!

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Help me build a directory of publishers on TikTok. Click to submit a new account! Last updated

This project is run by Francesco Zaffarano. Get in touch via 👉 Twitter LinkedIn 29/11/2022

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Name Url Type of account Country

1+1 TV channel National TV Ukraine

13WHAM News Local TV USA

20 minuten Daily free newspaper Switzerland

20minutes Daily free newspaper France

5 Media Non-profit Denmark

Aaj Tak National TV India

abc7ny Local TV USA

Ac2ality Español Digital media Spain

Adweek Magazine USA

Agencialupa Factchecking org Brazil

AJ+ Digital media USA

Associated Press Global media USA

Astro AWANI National TV Malaysia

Austin PBS Local TV USA

Autoblog Digital media USA

Bankrate Digital media USA

Bay Nature Local news USA

Baza Digital media Russia

BBC News Global media UK

BBC News Japan Global media UK

BBC News Mundo Global media UK

BBC News Ukrainian Global media UK

BBC Radio 1 Radio UK

BBC Sport Sports media UK

BBC1Xtra Radio UK

BFMTV National TV France

Billboard Magazine USA

Bleacher Report Sports media USA

Blick National news Switzerland

Bloomberg Brasil Global media Brazil

Bloomberg Japan Global media Japan

Bloomberg Law Digital media USA

Bloomberg Opinion Global media USA

Bloomberg Quicktake Digital media USA Local news USA

br24 Radio Germany

Bravo TV channel USA

BreakThrough News Non-profit USA

Bremen Next Radio Germany

BroBible Digital media USA

Brut Digital media France

Brut America Digital media USA

Business Insider Digital media USA

Business Insider Espana Digital media Spain

Business Insider France Digital media France

Business Insider India Digital media India

Business Insider Mexico Digital media Mexico

Bustle Magazine USA

Buzzfeed Digital media USA

Buzzfeed Brasil Digital media Brazil

Buzzfeed Bring Me! Digital media USA

Buzzfeed Canada Digital media Canada

Buzzfeed LATAM Digital media USA

Buzzfeed Mexico Digital media Mexico

Buzzfeed News Digital media USA

Buzzfeed Shopping Digital media USA

Buzzfeed UK Digital media UK

Catalunya Ràdio Radio Spain

Channel 4 TV channel UK

Channel 4 News National TV UK

Chatham News + Record Local News USA

Cheddar News Digital media USA

Chef in camicia Food media Italy

Chequeado Factchecking org Argentina

CHIP Magazine Germany

Clypian Student publication USA

CNET Digital media USA

CNN Global media USA

CNN Brasil National TV Brazil

CNN Indonesia National TV Indonesia

CNN Philippines National TV Philippines

CNN Portugal National TV Portugal

CNN Prima National TV Czechia

CNN Underscored Digital media USA

CNN Viagem & Gastronomia Digital media Brazil

Colombiacheck Factchecking org Colombia

Cookist Food media Italy

Corriere dello Sport Sports media Italy

Cosmopolitan Magazine USA

CP24 National TV Canada

Croanche di spogliatoio Sports media Italy

CT Public Local TV USA

CTV News National TV Canada

Daily Mail Daily newspaper UK

Daily Mirror Daily newspaper UK

Daily Star Daily newspaper UK

Dallas Morning News Daily newspaper USA

Das Ding Radio Germany

DAZN Boxing Sports media USA

DAZN Brasil Sports media Brazil

DAZN Espana Sports media Spain

DAZN Germany Sports media Germany

DAZN Italy Sports media Italy

DAZN Japan Sports media Japan

Delhi Times Local news India

Der Standard Daily newspaper Austria

Digital Diplomacy Blog USA

DW Arabia Global media Germany

DW Berlin Fresh Local news Germany

DW Deutsch Lernen Digital media Germany

DW Indonesia Global media Germany

DW Jaafartalk TV show Germany

DW News Lagos Regional news Germany

DW Planet A Digital media Germany

E! Entertainment TV channel USA

El Destape Digital media Argentina

El Mundo Daily newspaper Spain

El País Daily newspaper Spain

Elite Daily Digital media USA

ENews Digital media USA

ESPN Sports media USA

ESPN Deportes Sports media USA

ESPN FC Sports media USA

ESPN MMA Sports media USA

ESPN Netherlands Sports media Netherlands

ESPN NHL Sports media USA

ESPN UK Sports media UK

ESPNA W Sports media USA

Estadao Daily newspaper Brazil

Euronews ES Global media Europe

Expressen Daily newspaper Sweden

Eye On Tech Digital media USA

Factanza Digital media Italy

Fanpage Digital media Italy

FAO International org Italy

Florida Times-Union Local news USA

Folha de S. Paulo Daily newspaper Brazil

Food Network TV channel USA

Foodist Food media Germany

Forbes Magazine USA

Forbes Austria Magazine Austria

Forbes Brasil Magazine Brazil

Forbes Mexico Magazine Mexico

Franceinfo Radio France

Francetv TV channel France

Freeda Digital media Italy

Freeda (English) Digital media UK

Freeda (Spanish) Digital media Spain

Futurism Digital media USA

Gazzetta Dello Sport Sports media Italy


Geopop Digital media Italy

Glamour Magazin

Publishers and journalists on TikTok
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Published 05/12/2022, 12:10:20


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