Services for freelancers

List of companies providing services to freelancers. #WorkerTech

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Services for freelancers

List of companies providing services to freelancers. #WorkerTech

Feel free to add the ones you know and discover new ones. ???

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Hi, I'm Sam, founder of Going Freelance. I'm creating the biggest list of companies providing services to freelancers. #WorkerTech Feel free to add the ones you know and discover new ones. 🏠🤗💻

You want to know more about WorkerTech ? Read this article from Albert Cañigueral

Platform 🤝 Link to website Headquarters Skillset

8Teal Spain General

AccTeam Network France Finance, Bank, Insurance

Adequancy France General

Axiom Law Switzerland Legal

Beelance France &Belgium Tech

Behance US Creative

Belay US Virtual Assistant

Business Talent Group US General

Cherry-Pick France Business, Tech & Innovation

Cloudpeeps US General

Club Freelance France Tech

Codeable Denmark Tech (WordPress)

CodeMentor US Tech France IT

Comatch Germany Consulting

Comet France Tech

Computer Futures UK IT

Contena US Writing

Coroflot US Design

Coworkees France General

Creatives At Work Singapour Creative

Crème de la Crème France Tech& Data - Marketing&Com & Product&Design

CrowdSkills UK General

Deloitte Open Talent US General

Doctor On Demand US Medical

Doz France Marketing

Envato Australia Dev & Creatives

Experfy US Consulting

Expert360 Australia General

Expertaly France Consulting

Field Engineer US Engineer

Fiverr US General

Flexjobs US General

Focus Tribe France Management Consulting

Freeandise France Talent sourcing:Communication Event Marketing Digital

Freeeup US Marketing

Freelance Info France Tech

Freelance Writing Gigs n/a Writing

Freelancer Australia General

Gengo Japan Translation

Get Credo US Marketing

Gig Grabbers US General

Gigster US Tech

GoLance US General

Gun US Dev

Guru US General

Handiss Lebanon Engineer

Huxley UK Finance & IT

Kang France General

Korum Legal Hong Kong Legal

Insitoo France Tech

Lancetalent Spain General

Le Hibou France Tech

Lex Go App Spain Legal

LinCo Italy Tech

LiNUPP France Independent Creators Network : Arts, Design, Film, Tech, Fashion, Music

Littlebig Connection France Tech

LiveTonight France Music

Lorem US Dev

Malt France General

Malt Germany General

Malt Spain General

Mandy UK Cast, Crew & Creatives

Match Mode Spain Fashion

MBO Partners Connect US General

Mediabistro US General (media industry)

Montreal Associates UK Tech

MsDynamicsConsulting US Consulting

Myindep France Consulting

MySherpa France 360°

NC Partners On Demand France Consulting general

Neadz France Tech

Nomad Health US Medical

One Man Support France Consulting in Strategy & Management

OneSpace US General

OOviiz France Show-Event

Open Studio France Product Management, UX/UI Design, Mobile/Web/Desktop Applications development

Outsourcely n/a General

Pangara Sweden Tech

Paro US Finance

Planet Interim Netherlands General

Progressive UK IT & Engineer

PubLoft US Writing France Business Developer

Real Life Sciences UK Life Sciences France Rédaction

Rise US General

Skuadron France IT

Sneakers & Jackets France Digital, Project Management, Transition Management

SolidGigs n/a General

Soy Freelancer El Salvador General

Staff Care UK Medical

Station Spatiale France General

Talent Exchange (PWC) US Consulting

Talent Hub Staff US General Paris Tech

Talenteum Mauritius General

Talento UK Creative and Tech

Text Broker US Writing

Time Etc UK Virtual Assistant

TodUp France Marketplace

Top Coder US Tech

Toptal US General

True Lancer India General

Tu AppBogado Spain Legal

Tunga Netherlands Tech

Twago Germany General

UpCounsel US Legal

Upwork US General

Vettery US Tech Sales Finance

WEEM France Consulting in Strategy & Management

Weereel Spain Audiovisual

Wisar Spain Tech

Witmart Canada General

Work Genius US General

Work Hoppers Canada General

Work Some Denmark General

Workana Argentina General

Working not Working US Creative

Workstable Denmark Marketing

Xxe France Tech

YouLoveWords Paris, France Marketing&Com ・Creative · Rédaction

Yuno Juno UK Creative

Zhubajie China General

Nexoris France Freelance : Expertise IT, Finance, Bank, Insurance, Data Cybersécurité, ERP, CRM EPM, Supplychain, Achat ..

🔽 You know some more ? Add them below 🔽

hireme Belgium, Europe ICT, Finance, RH, Construction, Sales & Marketing, Life Sciences, l’Engineering

Jellow Belgium Web, legal, RH, IT, Marketing, Finances

proUnity Belgium IT & Digital, RH, Marketing & Communication, Finance

TalentIY Belgium IT

Xpert Direct Spain Tech

Field Engineer US IT & Telecom

Services for freelancers
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Published 14/02/2024, 00:06:19


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