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Official up to date tracker for the X Hub discord server, providing full information about all the songs ever made by X, including his lost, released, and unreleased tracks. Enjoy, and join the discord server at Era Name Notes Don't forget to join the Discord ( Date Track Length Type Status Currently Available Download(s) OG Link(s)

Spotify playlist for every XXXTENTACION song on streaming.

0 Released 1 Deleted 5 Lost 0 Privated CD Mixtape (Mona Lisa) (23/01/1998) (Jahseh Onfroy is born) (07/11/2013) (X plans to release the first track off the mixtape) (11/02/2014) (The first song off of XXX UNMASTERED is released) The CD Mixtape is X’s earliest known project, being developed in early 2013 and allegedly being released on X’s Facebook mid 2013, and being uploaded to CD’s. This tape was frequently talked about on X’s Twitter by X and his older friend, J $oul. The tape supposedly featured around 10-12 tracks on it, The tape is boom bap based, featuring X rapping with 90s influence and a hint of Jamaican.

CD MIxtape News (feat. ???) (prod. Mixla) Track02 1.cda Early version of the first part of"News/Flock" that was up for just three days. Was the very first upload to X's SoundCloud account (People still believe "vice city" is). Used the first instrumental heard in the finished "News/Flock" with early, potentially unfinalized lyrics and also contains the same feature that would appear in News/Flock. Jun 14th, 2013 N/A Single Lost Not Available

CD MIxtape ⭐News/Flock (Yard Man Ting) (feat. ???) (prod. Mixla, Homi, TheOriginalBeat & Tyler, The Creator) Features an unknown man singing in Jamaican dialect. Before resurfacing after a groupbuy for $4,500 that began on November 13th, 2019, many fakes were made. The song finally leaked on November 15th, over 10 years after its initial release. Recorded in a “studio” and contains a beat switch, the later being a remix of Odd Future's "Oldie". Lyrics are not the same as his BET freestyle as previously thought. Was at one point planned to be in the documentary released in 2022. Jun 17th, 2013 4:14 Single Deleted High Quality

CD MIxtape Ruff neck (snippet) (prod. Wreckx-N-Effect, Aqil Davidson, Markell Riley & Walter ‘Mucho’ Scott) Used the MC Lyte beat of the same name. Is unknown if a full version was developed. The cover art for the song was lost but allegedly used his profile at the time. Was deleted April 4th, 2014 Oct 20th, 2013 N/A Single Lost Not Available N/A

CD MIxtape 1998 (acapella) An acapella X performed to his friends at the time with an alleged Earl Sweatshirt-like flow. A version with a beat could have been made over "Twinz" by Big Pun & Fat Joe. Oct 20th, 2013 N/A Acapella Lost Not Available N/A

CD MIxtape 21 (acapella) This was another acapella that would appear on his "XXX (UNMASTERED)" mixtape. In X's words, this acapella was about being arrested and his subsequent experience in jail. Oct 20th, 2013 N/A Acapella Lost Not Available N/A

CD MIxtape the end is nigh *dirty* *acapella* Most likely an early acapella version of "THE END IS NIGH" and is the earliest known lost from 2014. Deleted a month after its upload. Jan 5th, 2014 N/A Acapella Lost Not Available N/A

1 Released 6 Deleted 8 Lost 0 Privated XXX (UNMASTERED) (XXX *unfinished*) (11/02/2014) (The first song off of XXX UNMASTERED is released) (06/03/2014) (The final track for XXX UNMASTERED is released) X’s debut mixtape, XXX mainly consisted of his earlier songs from 2013 and 2014 on SoundCloud. “Vice City,” “,” “M011Y,” “DEAD” and “THE END IS NIGH” were supposedly on the project but he ended up putting other songs he made instead. It has since been privated and a lot of songs were lost, but "Vice City”, X’s oldest public song on his SoundCloud to this day, survived. More than half of the mixtape is leaked. The full version can’t be found anywhere on the Internet. The tracklisting itself is also unknown.

XXX (UNMASTERED) SDS *Snippet (feat. Nyora Spouse) (prod. Flying Lotus) Features old-time collaborator Nyora Spouse, who has stated the song is very hard, though leads for the song's location have said otherwise regarding his contributions on the song. A remix of Mac Miller's song of the same name. The song is in fact a freestyle and it's unknown if a full version was ever made. Feb 11th, 2014 0:48 Single Lost Not Available N/A

XXX (UNMASTERED) Nyora Spouse - SDS Snippet [Upload 2] (feat. XXXTENTACION) (prod. Flying Lotus) Upload of "SDS *Snippet" on Nyora's SoundCloud account. This upload was deleted within a day. Unknown if the upload was shorter or longer. Cover art was most likely the exact same but we dont know for certain. Feb 11th, 2014 N/A Reupload Lost Not Available N/A

XXX (UNMASTERED) Whores On The Boards (feat. Nyora Spouse) (prod. Kanye West, Don Cannon & 88-Keys) whores on the boards.mp3 Also features Nyora Spouse and acts as a sister song to "SDS *Snippet", as both were posted on the same day and shared the same explicit cover art. Was planned since 2013 and is a remix of Pusha T's song "Numbers On The Boards". It was privately sold and leaked by Shogani on April 10th, 2020 following a failed buy days before. Feb 11th, 2014 2:44 Single Deleted High Quality

XXX (UNMASTERED) $l0w (feat. Nyora Spouse) (prod. ???) Apart from containing another Nyora feature, not much is known about this song but X mentioning it on his twitter saying it was not his, though it was still uploaded to his SoundCloud. Does not share the same explicit art as X and Nyora's two other collaborations uploaded on this day. Part of the throwaways for the Nyora's first project "Tensaki". Feb 11th, 2014 N/A Single Lost Not Available N/A

XXX (UNMASTERED) Palm Trees (feat. Jajfaru & Nyora Spouse) (prod. ???) Palm Trees.wav Features Jajfaru, would who later go on to be known as "MUUUDY BOOTS", and Nyora. A chill remix of the Flatbush Zombies song of the same name. Bought off of Nyora in 2018 and subsquently leaked by 99. Feb 12th, 2014 4:22 Single Deleted OG File

XXX (UNMASTERED) Nyora Spouse - $LUMPED WHIP (SNIPPET UNMASTERED) (feat. NewAge & XXXTENTACION) (prod. Kidrio) One of X's first features, alongside NewAge (who would later go on to be known as "Sully The Chief God"). A snippet of the full "$LUMPED WHIP" and was planned to appear on Nyora's first project "Tensaki". It's unknown if the upload was of the acapella or with the instrumental, though we have both. The snippet itself is lost. Feb 16th, 2014 N/A Feature Lost Not Available N/A

XXX (UNMASTERED) Nyora Spouse - Breathe Slow (feat. XXXTENTACION & EDOSE) (prod. ???) Another X feature alongside EDose (whose identity is currently unknown). Allegedly uses the instrumental of Lil B's song of the same name (TYBG). Was discovered alongside "$LUMPED WHIP" and features the same cover art of both the unmastered snippet and Nyora Spouse's project "Tensaki". This track is most likely the full version of $l0w that X had posted earlier. Feb 26th, 2014 N/A Feature Lost Not Available N/A

XXX (UNMASTERED) M011Y (prod. DJ PHATAALI) jahsay.mp3 Was originally thought to have been an unuploaded og version of the song until the link to songs upload was found. Uses a DJ PHATALLI beat and acts a an early version of "M011Y *FREESTYLE* *SLOPPED*" with no chops or change in speed. Strangely, this upload uses the same cover art as "vice city" but in much lower quality and before "vice city" would even release. Leaked from a groupbuy for $2,500 on July 14th, 2020. The song samples Fuck You Hoes by Frayser Click and Satasen laina by Nylon Beat. Feb 26th, 2014 3:06 Single Deleted OG File

XXX (UNMASTERED) ⭐GANG CYPHER *FREESTYLE* (feat. Ski Mask The Slump God, E BOOGIE, NewAge & Nyora Spouse) (prod. Spencer Bellamy) cypher.mp3 Features X's friends from the time, including eventual frequent collaborator Ski Mask The Slump God, E BOOGIE (who would later go on to be known as Au Flexgod), NewAge (Sully The Chief God), and Nyora Spouse. Is a remix over the "Shady Cypher 2.0". Purchased through a groupbuy for $1,350 and leaked on April 4th, 2020 at 11:55 PM EST. Is X's longest available song and the first X & Ski Mask The Slump God collaboration, the first of many. Was thought to be a different song as the consensus before was that the freestyle was recorded over Mobb Deep's "Shook Ones, Pt. II", when in actuality was over the "Shady Cypher 2.0". Was recorded in the Piper High School hallway and released the same day. A picture of the recording is public. Feb 26th, 2014 6:11 Single Deleted High Quality


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