Clive's Ordinals Project List

A list of current ordinals projects (originated by clivesmum#2815 and expanded upon). Currently sorted by highest inscription number, ascending.

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Clive's Ordinals Project List

A list of current ordinals projects (originated by clivesmum#2815 and expanded upon). Currently sorted by highest inscription number, ascending.

crypto, Bitcoin, NFT, list

This is a list of current ordinals projects (originated by clivesmum#2815 and expanded upon). Currently sorted by highest inscription number, ascending.

Have a project you'd like to add or details you'd like to clarify? Please provide info in one message to a contact so we can copypaste. Contact DrJay#0001/kb#6531 on Discord, @DrJayDD/@KB on Telegram, or @DrJayDD on Twitter

To be clear: We do not unofficially vet projects that are listed here. Make sure to DYOR and be wary of potential scams/rugs.

This is an informal community spreadsheet. (an official directory) is working on an official filtering/sorting feature like this! Also check out as another project directory

If you would like to know floor prices / recent sales, check out

Project Name Twitter Discord Supply Fully Allocated? Lowest Inscription # Highest Inscription # Original or Derivative Ecosystem/Parent Project (as relevant) Notes/Comments

Bitcoin Rocks 100 No 71 247 Derivative First collection on BTC (Bitcoin Shrooms if sorted by lowest inscription ascending)

Timechain Collectibles 21 No 336 377 Original First original (non-derivative) collection on BTC. Being Auctioned + Giveaways. Presumed AI artwork.

Ordinal Punks 100 Yes 407 624 Derivative OG ETH punks traded for one of these on Feb 19, 2023. Considered the OG BTC Punks collection due to low inscription #

Ordinal Loops Chapter 1 7 Yes 452 641 Derivative Ordinal Loops Derived from open source ASCII donut (reprised in 2021 in JS). Being auctioned + Ordinal #4 will be a subDAO of 21 dedicated holders (TBD who, check server). This is chapter 1 of 3 (total supply 21). The other 14 have not yet been inscribed.

Ordinal Cyber Pepes 10 No 934 943 Original Cards will go to auction. Inscription auctions begin on 2/17 and are spread out over 7 days. Project from OG rare pepes artist, Finest Rares, with a collection of ten 1/1 sub 1000 inscription cyber pepe cards.

The Dan Files 65 No 626 953 Original Auctions ongoing in Discord. is the founder

Bitcoin Shrooms Private/Closed 210 No 19 1075 Original First non-derivative PFP collection (and if sorted by lowest inscription # ascending, the first collection). Not yet distributed but private discord is fully booked and closed. All the sub-100 shrooms are introductory and are known as proto-shrooms. The 210 shrooms the collection is comprised of are all in the 500-1100 range.

Planetary Ordinals 69 Yes 470 1103 Original

The ORDROTHKO Collection. 21 No 1669 1721 Original Being auctioned

Piggies World 200 No 1413 1955 Original Price bonding curve

Inscribed Pepes 69 No 2115 2189 Original Inscribed Pepes

Anti NFT BTC Maxis 100 Yes 1337 2251 Original First 100 total supply original (non-derivative) collection on BTC. Love the Degen Art LFG!!!

Plein Err 42 No 2100 2281 Original Plein Err is the first landscape collection on Ordinals with inscriptions between #2100 - #2300. The collection is inspired by the work of the Plein Air Painters of the 19th century, and the pixel art of the 20th. Each pixel landscape is 128x64, scaled 3x, and consists of the same palette of 64 colors.

Block Munchers 50 No 1975 2405 Original

Taproot Wizards TBD N/A 652 2625 Derivative No sale announced, honoraries/giveaways only so far. Based on Bitcoin Wizards meme (who has inscribed his own collection between #s 140-142k)

XCPinata 111 Yes 1078 2626 Original

Gridwaves None 20 No 2102 2780 Original Direct sales available via DM

TradFi Lines 500 Opensea 1317 3030 Original Being sold on Opensea right now. Not yet distributed. Twitter is the founder (Cryptokitties 2017 / Etheria 2015 OG). ONLY TRADABLE DURING WALL STREET TRADING HOURS (9:30am-4pm ET Mon-Fri)

Ordinal Smokes 69 Yes 2500 3500 Original Approximated numbers

Ordinal Penguins 100 Yes 2700 3700 Original Approximated numbers

Nature on BTC 30 Yes 2501 4230 Original First photography collection inscribed in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin JPGs 1000 No 50 4700 Original Approximated numbers. They own 20% of the first 5k. Auction for 50 for early JPGers on February 14

Ordinal Faces 50 No 2874 4820 Original

Bitcoin Toadz 111 Yes 4830 4929 Derivative

Compressed Monochrome 15 No 4783 4936 Original DM artist on twitter to buy

Ordinal Birds 100 Yes 2000 5000 Derivative Approximated numbers

Ordinal Chains 10 No 5000 5500 Original Approximations. Auctioning 10 pieces of artwork: /imagine/ launchpad

Bitcoin Punks (100 supply collection) 100 Yes 128 5530 Derivative This is NOT the 10k collection or original 100 collection. Founder accidentally sent 67 to Binance/CZ so generally not well regarded.

Diamond Finger 100 Yes 5720 5844 Original

Bitcoin Apes (100 supply collection) 100 No 646 5943 Derivative

Bitcoin Bears 100 Yes 1546 5999 Derivative Approximated numbers, active on twitter

Bitcoin Freedom Series 25 No 1546 5999 Original Approximated Numbers

Ordinal Eggs 100 Yes 5119 6033 Original Early clean art, lore coming, discord active, 4+ btc volume as of Valentines day

BoomerCoins 20 No 5544 6329 Original

S̴q̴u̴i̴g̴g̴s̴ TBA 53 No 6323 6613 Original

Ordinal Apes 100 Yes 6521 7093 Derivative

BTCSkullz 50 Yes 5264 7109 Original

Elders of Crypto 10 Yes 8625 8739 Original About the legendary individuals who kept and keep this world moving.

Bitter Eggs 38 No 7007 9172 Derivative

Ordinal Tulips 100 No 6569 9230 Original

First Flags 104 No 7073 9242 Original

NoPFP 53 No 1246 9283 Original Will be auctioned, currently paused.

Ordinal Pills 496 No 6694 9526 Original

Ordinal Goldbirds 12 Yes 9756 9790 Derivative

Ordinal Artifacts 100 No 6367 9808 Original

Ordinal Flares 134 No 7951 9911 Original Gen Art. Founder is (Cryptokitties OG)

Ordinary People 20 Yes 5960 9943 Original

Antimatter 5 Yes 9980 9995 Original Edge of Oblivion, Distortion, and Celestials artist. 1 sold for 10eth .69 BTC

Inscribed Pepe Pizza 49 No 2200 9999 Original Inscribed Pepes Approximated inscription #s (<10k)

iChromatics 100 No 8000 9999 Original Info TBA, approximation

Kokeshi Nakamotos 98 No 8612 10220 Original

Duelyst 18 No 6008 10406 Original Donating 10% to Turkey/Syria & 5% to ordinal development.

Gold Rush 100 Yes 3319 10554 Original Mint Cost was 0.01 BTC / 0.15 ETH flat rates. Started minting a 100 piece collection on 2023-02-05 03:29:34 UTC #3319, and didn't mint out until Feb 10th at inscription #10554. People papering the ~10k pieces

Immortal Pepes 69 Yes 10590 10720 Original They're pepes, they're immortal.

1337 Ordinals 69 Opensea 8440 10778 Original 1337 Ordinals are a collection of 69 original 1337 skulls, made exclusively as ordinals. A majority of the supply will be given away to 1337 skulls holders or auctioned off on ETH

Clive's Ordinals Project List
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Published 23/04/2024, 21:21:43


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