Journalists on Mastodon and Fediverse (Responses)

A list of journalists to follow on Mastodon and their area of expertise.

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Journalists on Mastodon and Fediverse (Responses)

A list of journalists to follow on Mastodon and their area of expertise.

journalism, data, contacts, social media, Elon Musk, Mastodon, Twitter

Timestamp What name do you wish to be listed by? What is your Mastodon handle (@[email protected])? Do you have a Twitter handle you would like to share? (This can help people you know on Twitter to find you on Mastodon) What are your main areas of focus for your journalism? Where do you publish your work? Other info for short self-description

NOTE: New Journalists add to this list here: Sheet Maintained by @[email protected]

11/4/2022 20:53:15 Patrick deHahn @[email protected] @patrickdehahn Global politics and US breaking news, as well as public health

11/4/2022 21:07:14 Charles Seife @[email protected] @cgseife Science journalism, investigative, data Scientific American and elsewhere Professor at NYU

11/4/2022 21:47:06 David Delima @[email protected] @DxDavey Gadgets NDTV Gadgets 360

11/4/2022 22:37:24 Sara Gaiser @[email protected] @akrazia Local radio newscast - San Francisco Bay Area, KQED FM 88.5

11/5/2022 0:25:27 Taylor Lorenz @taylorlorenz Technology, internet culture, media, breaking news The Washington Post Former tech reporter at The New York Times and The Atlantic

11/5/2022 1:25:21 Keri Blakinger @[email protected] Keribla Criminal justice, prisons The Marshall Project

11/5/2022 3:03:44 Will Knight @[email protected] @willknight Technology Wired magazine Senior Writer at Wired

11/5/2022 3:15:32 Jack Ryan @[email protected] @dctrjack Science Editor CNET Science Editor @ CNET. Award-losing journalist. Party pooper. Absolutely brain-wormed by Twitter. Writes about science and bad science writing.

11/5/2022 3:26:25 Andrew Couts @[email protected] @AndrewCouts Digital Security Security Editor at WIRED | Twitter: @andrewcouts | he/him | I like to think about journalism, ethics, and truth, but I mostly care about dogs.

11/5/2022 3:31:18 Scott Nover @[email protected] @scottnover Internet Quartz I write about the internet for Quartz. @scottnover on Twitter, the real OG. Please don’t make me use this app.

11/5/2022 3:34:58 Josh Sternberg @[email protected] @joshsternberg @joshsternberg Morning Brew Executive Editor, Morning Brew

11/5/2022 3:39:38 Patrick LaForge @[email protected] @palafo Breaking/Trending News New York Times Editor, breaking/trending news,

11/5/2022 3:43:36 Mike Masnick @[email protected] @mmasnick Technology and Internet founder and CEO, TechDirt

11/5/2022 3:48:15 Shannon Vavra @[email protected] @shanvav National Security Daily Beast National Security Reporter at The Daily Beast based in Washington, D.C. Send me your tips and thoughts: [email protected] [email protected]

Formers at CyberScoop and Axios

11/5/2022 3:52:43 Andrew E. Freedman @[email protected] Technology and Gaming Senior Editor, Tom’s Hardware

11/5/2022 3:56:05 Sara Morrison @[email protected] @SaraMorrison Technology and Privacy Policy Recode/ senior reporter at Recode/Vox

11/5/2022 4:00:29 Dell Cameron @[email protected] @dellcam Privacy and Security Gizmodo Senior Reporter, Gizmodo

11/5/2022 4:06:53 Will Oremus @[email protected] @WillOremus Technology Washington Post writing about tech and its discontents for the @washingtonpost . formerly @ozm (RIP) & @slate

11/5/2022 4:08:46 Jeff Jarvis @[email protected] @jeffjarvis Technology Journalism prof at CUNY's Newmark School. Author of The Gutenberg Parenthesis, upcoming.

11/5/2022 6:02:55 Karlin Lillington @[email protected] @klillington technology, digital rights, privacy and data protection, computing history, human rights etc Irish Times (in past, the Guardian,,, man others) Writing technology-focused journalism for 25 years. Investigative work provided key evidence that led to the invalidation of the EU Data Retention Directive by the European Court of Justice (Digital Rights Ireland case).

11/5/2022 6:07:21 Marcy Wheeler @[email protected] emptywheel civil liberties, national security, US legal cases

11/5/2022 6:33:33 Neil Michael @[email protected] @anewshack News Irish Examiner

11/5/2022 6:35:30 Sadhbh 'Shea [email protected] @SadhbhOS Professional cycling I have worked as a cycling journalist for the last 10 years. I've also spent some time working in local journalism at the BBC.

11/5/2022 6:56:50 Glyn Moody @[email protected] @glynmoody openness, copyright, privacy and digital rights.,, author of Rebel Code, and Walled Culture books

11/5/2022 6:58:02 Melanie Sill @[email protected] @melaniesill Local news, journalism + democracy, North Carolina news Freelance Former top editor/news exec, N&O, KPCC, SacBee

11/5/2022 7:27:37 Chris Horn @[email protected] @chrisjhorn Innovation and Tech Startups The Irish Times

11/5/2022 7:30:02 Michelle R. Smith @[email protected] MRSmithAP Investigations The Associated Press

11/5/2022 7:38:58 Joanne Stocker-Kelly @[email protected] @joanne_stocker Open-source, video verification, visual investigations Storyful

11/5/2022 8:04:45 Jessica Calarco @[email protected] @JessicaCalarco Education; families; inequality and social policy; health; Covid Freelance, including the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Atlantic, and others I'm a Sociology Professor, but I also write about my own research and others' for a range of news outlets

11/5/2022 8:51:12 Sara Luterman @[email protected] @slooterman Caregiving, disability, aging I am currently a staff reporter at The 19th. Disabled reporter reporting on disability and the systems around it.

11/5/2022 9:03:44 Joshua Wood @[email protected] @altjoshwood Photojournalism, politics

11/5/2022 9:27:40 Tina M Casey @[email protected] @TinaMCasey Clean Tech, Politics/Policy, ESG, Civil Rights Covering the politics of clean tech since 2009.

11/5/2022 9:48:09 Sharon Machlis @[email protected] @sharon000 R, Quarto, and other tools for data analysis InfoWorld, Computerworld, CRC Press Director of Editorial Data & Analytics at Foundry (an IDG company). Author of Practical R for Mass Communication & Journalism.

11/5/2022 11:03:17 George Musser @[email protected] @gmusser Science Scientific American, Quanta, and other magazines

11/5/2022 12:12:17 Will Knight [email protected] willknight Technology WIRED Senior editor covering AI and related stuff like chips, defense, geopolitics.

11/5/2022 12:21:01 Sarah Posner @[email protected] @sarahposner Religious right, Christian nationalism, right-wing extremism, US politics TPM, Insider, The Nation, The New Republic, Politico, Type Investigations, many others Author of Unholy: How White Christian Nationalists Powered the Trump Presidency, and the Devastating Legacy They Left Behind

11/5/2022 12:25:17 Zach Everson @[email protected] z_everson Money and politics in the US Staff writer reporting on money and politics at Forbes (subscribe!) • Staked out Trump’s DC hotel for four years at 1100 Pennsylvania • Tip? [email protected], Signal/mobile 202.804.2744

11/5/2022 12:54:30 Dell Cameron [email protected] dellcam Privacy and tech policy Gizmodo

11/5/2022 13:41:56 Charlie Savage NYT @[email protected] @charlie_savage National Security and Law New York Times

11/5/2022 14:28:37 Tom Schaffer @[email protected] @schaffertom Politics, media, football, Editor in chief, journalist, blogger, podcaster from Vienna, Austria.

11/5/2022 14:30:08 Stephen Wentzell @[email protected] @StephenWentzell Federal politics, book reviews CTV News Atlantic,, The Blueprint

11/5/2022 14:31:10 Armin Himmelrath @[email protected] @ahimmelrath Schools, higher education, education politics „Der Spiegel“ and several radiostations

11/5/2022 14:31:11 Olan McGowan @olan @olanmcgowan Arts, culture, current affairs, politics, film, music RTE Radio Ireland

11/5/2022 14:37:10 Hanno Böck @[email protected] hanno IT Security, Climate and Energy, freelancer

11/5/2022 14:41:22 Irène Unholz @[email protected] @cestpasirene Art, Culture, Media Freelance, mainly, WOZ (Die Wochenzeitung)

11/5/2022 14:42:31 Rob Arthur @[email protected] @No_Little_Plans technology, criminal justice, baseball VICE News, the Ringer, the Atlantic, etc. freelance data journalist formerly of FiveThirtyEight

11/5/2022 14:48:21 Wendy M. Grossman @[email protected] wendyg computers, freedom, and privacy

11/5/2022 14:52:01 reporterdesk @[email protected] Report

11/5/2022 15:00:31 K`Tetch @[email protected] @ktetch copyright/piracy/p2p some robotics/tech digital rights TorrentFreak, techdirt (on occasion)

11/5/2022 15:03:33 Russell Merryman @merryarty @merryarty Digital, solutions journalism, science journalism Various outlets Journalist, editor (ex-BBC/Al Jazeera), academic, future media geek, Yorkshireman, hardline realist, academic, PhD cendidate.

11/5/2022 15:27:53 Ingrid Brodnig @[email protected] @brodnig Disinformation, hate speech online Austrian news magazine Profil and books I am a journalist and book author from Austria, my work focuses on disinformation and hate speech online

11/5/2022 15:40:32 Thorin Klosowski @[email protected] @kingthor Privacy and security / consumer tech Wirecutter

11/5/2022 15:43:33 Ernie Smith @[email protected] @ShortFormErnie Technology, History, Offbeat Editor of

Journalists on Mastodon and Fediverse (Responses)
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