Babylon Bee's List of Fulfilled Prophecies

Please enjoy this collection of Babylon Bee jokes that came true.

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Babylon Bee's List of Fulfilled Prophecies

Please enjoy this collection of Babylon Bee jokes that came true.

politics, social media, USA, satire, comedy

Prophecy: Date Written: Fulfillment: Date Fulfilled:

Captain America Rebooted As Feminist, Atheist, Transgender Hydra Agent 10-07-2016 Marvel's newest Captain America is an LGBTQ+ activist 03-15-2021

Merriam-Webster Updates Definition Of 'Fascism' To 'Anything One Disagrees With'' 04-21-2017 Merriam-Webster has a new definition of “racism” 06-10-2020

‘2 + 2 = 4,’ Insists Closed-Minded Bigot 05-09-2017 USA Today: Is Math Racist? 12-07-2021

Inclusivity Win: State Of California To Make All Prisons Gender-Neutral 09-20-2017 California Gov. Newsom signs law requiring transgender prison inmates to be housed based on gender identity 09-27-2020

First Baptist Dallas Members Melt Golden Jewelry Down Into Towering Donald Trump Statue 01-02-2018 Gold statue of Trump appears at CPAC conference 02-26-2021

President Trump Declares The Babylon Bee His Most-Trusted News Source 01-19-2018 Donald Trump Tweets Satirical 'Babylon Bee' Article Saying Twitter Was Down to Protect Bidenn 10-16-2020

Striking Blow Against Toxic Masculinity, Man Graciously Allows Wife To Shovel Driveway 01-21-2019 Jon Reyes Tweet 01-08-2022

Biden Vows To Return Nation To Era When Press Didn't Bother Reporting On President's Scandals 04-26-2019 ABC, CNN avoid explosive Hunter Biden report; other networks give it fewer than five minutes, study finds 10-16-2020

Man's Baptism Overturned After Instant Replay Reveals He Was Not Fully Submerged 05-01-2019 A pastor baptized people for decades using one wrong word. Now those are all considered invalid 02-15-2022

Sheltered Atheist Kid Not Allowed To Watch 'VeggieTales'' 05-20-2019 Atheist parents coping because their kids believe in God thanks to VeggieTales 05-09-2021

Covert Navy SEAL Team Really Starting To Regret Wearing These Pride Month Uniforms 06-13-2019 U.S. Marines Pride Month 06-01-2022

California School System To Feature Mandatory 2nd Grade Field Trips To Gay Bars 06-28-2019 School in Broward took elementary aged kids to a gay bar on a field trip 10-27-2021

New York Times Praises Soviet Union For Unprecedented Gender Equality In Labor Camps 07-22-2019 Biden's Pick for Banking Regulator Once Praised Soviet Union for Having 'No Gender Pay Gap' 09-26-2021

Democrats Propose Creation Of National Trump Voter Registry 08-07-2019 Antifa Leader to launch new website 11-04-2020

Trump: 'I Have Done More For Christianity Than Jesus' 12-23-2019 Donald Trump told a Christian TV network that nobody had done more for 'Christianity or for evangelicals or for religion itself' than him 10-03-2021

California Bill Prohibits Stores From Selling Toys That Don’t Actively Confuse Children’s Sexuality 02-28-2020 Toys R They? CA Law Requires Stores To Have Gender-Neutral Area For Kids’ Products 10-11-2021

Trump Cancels 2020 Election Over Coronavirus Concerns 03-10-2020 The President’s Trumped-Up Claims of Voter Fraud 07-30-2020

SAT To Be Replaced With DNA Test To Determine How Oppressed You Are 04-10-2020 College Admissions in a Covid Year: SATs Are Out, Personal Stories Are In 09-17-2020

Several States Issue Orders Requiring People To Run Around In Giant Hamster Balls 05-11-2020 THE FLAMING LIPSPLAY FOR CROWD ENCASED IN BUBBLES 10-15-2020

Clever Churchgoers Avoid Arrest By Disguising Themselves As Rioters 06-01-2020 “Good morning, everyone. I’m happy to welcome you to the Grace Community Church peaceful protest.” 08-09-2020

Democrats Propose Replacing All Police With Traveling Bands Of Hippies Singing 'Imagine'' 06-09-2020 Police pin hopes on ‘rainbow cars’ to drive out hate crime 08-22-2021

New, Less Problematic History Books Will Only Include What Happened In The Current Year 06-24-2020 Illinois community leaders want to abolish history lessons in schools 08-03-2020

Nevada Church Avoids Coronavirus Restrictions By Installing Slot Machines 07-26-2020 Calvary Chapel to Hold Prayer Service (for Trump) at Las Vegas Casino. 08-06-2020

Dave Ramsey Proposes New Stimulus Package Where Every American Is Just Sent A Stack Of Empty Budgeting Envelopes 07-31-2020 Dave Ramsey on stimulus checks: 'If $600 or $1,400 changes your life, you were pretty much screwed already' 02-11-2021

Men’s Health Magazine Celebrates Body Positivity With First Obese Cover Model 08-12-2020 Cosmo: This is Healthy Cover 01-01-2021

BLM Rioters Awarded Nobel Peace Prize 08-13-2020 Black Lives Matter nominated for Nobel peace prizee 02-01-2021

Oops! Public School Teacher Forgets To Remove Antifa Mask Before Logging On For Class 08-15-2020 California High School AP Gov Teacher Admits Communist Indoctrination of Students. 08-31-2021

Biden: 'My Doc Says I Don't Have Alzheimer's, Dementia, Or Alzheimer's'' 08-19-2020 We Need an Operation Warp Speed for Alzheimer's and Dementiaa 02-24-2021

Journalists Admit They're Supporting Biden Just So They Can Take Another 4-to-8-Year-Long Vacation 08-26-2020 Did Washington Just Have an Actual Weekend? 02-22-2021

Anonymous White House Source Claims Trump Punched A Baby 09-04-2020 WATCH: 98 Times Trump Disparaged Babies By Using Them as an Insult 09-08-2020

Trump Announces He Will Only Leave Office If A Challenger Beats Him In Ritual Combat 09-24-2020 Rudy Giuliani says "I'm willing to stake my reputation” on the fact that there is election fraud: “Let’s have trial by combat.” 01-06-2021

Biden: 'You Have To Elect Me To Find Out What My Policy Positions Are'' 09-30-2020 Biden: "You’ll know my position on court packing when the election is over" 10-08-2020

Biden Calls A Lid Until Election Day 10-23-2020 Joe Biden says he won't do any more in person campagining for the remaining 9 days 10-25-2020

New York Governor Demands Accountability For Whoever Is Mismanaging New York 10-27-2020 Cuomo: Incompetent government kills people 01-26-2021

Pollsters Claim Their Polls Were 100% Correct, But Everyone Voted Wrong 11-04-2020 Nate Silver to FiveThirtyEight Critics: ‘Fuck You, We Did a Good Job’’ 11-04-2020

Study Finds Connection Between Believing Russia Rigged 2016 Election And Believing 2020 Election Was Foolproof 11-07-2020 This is astonishing, from @zeynep’s newsletter: 91% of Democrats think that the 2020 election was free and fair, up from 43% in 2016 11-24-2020

Democrats Warn That Excess Thankfulness May Lead To Conservatism 11-25-2020 Unthanksgiving. 11-26-2020

AOC Now Selling 'Tax The Rich' Caviar For Just $10,000 A Can 12-03-2020 AOC wears ‘Tax the Rich’ dress to Met Gala 09-13-2021

Triple-Masker Looks Down On People Who Only Double Mask 01-25-2021 NBC News Segment- Effeciency of Triple Masking 01-26-2021

After Just Two Weeks Off Twitter, Trump Becomes Monk, Achieves Total Enlightenmentt 2-3-2021 Donald Trump 'Feels Happier' out of White House and off Twitter, Senior Adviser Says 2-8-2021

Democrats Vow To Follow The Science Of Whichever Union Donates The Most Money 2-16-2021 Powerful teachers union influenced CDC on school reopenings, emails show 5-1-2021

Disney Announces New Movie Telling Sympathetic Feminist Origin Story Of Xenomorph Queen 2-17-2021 Noah Hawley Says FX’s ‘Alien’ Series Is “Not A Ripley Story”, Will Explore Consequences Of Inequality 7-1-2021

Biden To Give First Address To Congress After He Wakes Up In The Spring 3-1-2021 White House: Biden will hold presser by end of March 3-5-2021

Progressive Surprised To Learn He Can Still Wear Mask Even Without Government Forcing Him To 3-5-2021 Epidemiologist announces that 'In defiance of the mask mandate removal, I'm double masked and bringing some sass to the airport' 4-21-2022

Neighbors With 'Black Lives Matter', 'Asian Lives Matter', And 'Hispanic Lives Matter' Yard Signs Getting Awfully Close To 'All Lives Matter' 3-23-2021 Getting real close to #AllLivesMatter. 5-28-2022

Service Stations Begin Widening Signs In Preparation For Higher Gas Prices 3-25-2021 Washington gas stations run out of gas, add extra digit in anticipation of $10 dollar prices 5-17-2022

For Convenience, Vaccine Passport Can Now Be Tattooed On Your Hand Or Forehead 3-29-2021 Inked up: Man gets tattoo of COVID-19 vaccine QR code on his armm 8-23-2021

Vaccine Will Now Be Offered In Continuous IV Drip You Carry Around For The Rest Of Your Life 4-12-2021 Fauci warns Americans may face having booster shots indefinitely 8-13-2021

Biden Proposes $2 Trillion Bill To Study What's Causing Inflation Rates To Rise 5-10-2021 White House: Multitrillion-Dollar Spending Bill Will Combat Soaring Inflation 11-14-2021

LEGO Unveils New Genderless Bricks With No Male/Female Connectors 5-20-2021 Lego commits to removing ‘gender bias and harmful stereotypes’ from its toys 10-11-2021

Op-Ed: We Need To Make Playground Equipment More Dangerous 6-14-2021 German Insurance Companies Demand Perilous Playgrounds So That Kids Can Learn About Risk 11-1-2021

Progressive Church Announces New Drag Queen Bible Story Hour 6-18-2021 Huge Yikes! Lutheran Church Hosts Drag Queen Prayer Time For Children 12-17-2021

To Improve Public Perception, Kamala Harris Taking Likability Lessons From Hillary Clinton 7-6-2021 WH Asks Hillary Staffers How to Make Kamala More Likable 8-5-2021

Scientists Warn Of New Supersized Double Mega Limited Edition Teenage Mutant Ninja Snyder Cut COVID Variant... 7-30-2021 South Korea’s Disease Control and Prevention Agency said Tuesday that it had recorded at least two cases of the new coronavirus delta.. 8-3-2021

Biden Administration Deploys Elite Squad Of TikTok Influencers To Stop Taliban 8-16-2021 The White House is briefing TikTok stars about the war in Ukraine 3-11-2022

Congress Passes Law Making Every Day January 6 So They Can Think About It All The Time 8-17-2021 Every Day Is Jan. 6 Now 1-1-2022

Gavin Newsom Named U-Haul Salesperson Of The Year 9-15-2021 Californians fleeing for Texas so fast U-Haul runs out of trucks for them 1-7-2021

Border Patrol Loses Horse Privileges, Must Now Bang Two Empty Halves Of Coconuts Together 9-21-2021 White House says border officials in Del Rio will no longer use horses 9-23-2021

Leftists Deeply Afraid Things Could Go Bac

Babylon Bee's List of Fulfilled Prophecies
Tags Politics, Social media, USA, Satire, Comedy
Type Google Sheet
Published 26/06/2022, 03:29:28


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