How To Play With A Yuumi!

Yuumiguide for temmates

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How To Play With A Yuumi!

Yuumiguide for temmates


Hello and welcome to my presentation on how to play with a Yuumi.

“I am a Challenger Rank 1 Yuumi main- trust me.”

Read this in champ select or in loading

Screen ask questions after I want to win plz. owo

My ADC, please read slides 3-6, Other Laners please read only slide 2.


I can’t roam, if the support roams I can’t contest, I’m Yuumi, I can’t buy boots, and I get gang banged by every single jungler in the game.

On a side note, please choose a frontliner, Top or Jungle, please, just because im on the team doesn’t mean we can lock in 4 adcs.


Heya, I’m really nice and don’t like to flame, but I need you to understand from this Slides presentation how my champ works so please read this and every other slide preceding this, thanks you in advance AYAYA.


Please understand that my E has a long cooldown early, and not only that it takes like 40% of my mana, don’t take fights when I’m low on mana plz, and when I ping to go in it’s because i’m sure that you won’t die <3.


My E does give movespeed, but it’s not worth using it just for that most of the time because of the cd and huge mana cost. So please don’t spam ping it after losing a chase vs Ezreal or something :(


I put this after my E on purpose, as it is another ability ADCs can't seem to understand, and single handedly splits bad Yuumi players from good ones

My passive works by me hopping off and autoing the enemy giving me a shield and MANA (EMPHASIS ON MANA) back, I NEED this mana or else I die after two heals in lane, so I can’t afk on you, im sorry :(. In fights I will have to hop off to proc it not only for mana but to get you a shield, I hope you understand.

Other smaller things...

My Q has a small slow and it’s pretty kawaii. But aside from that doesn't do much, and does less damage the less health an enemy has (and more the more health an enemy currently has.) So it’s essentially a poke tool.

My W has a CD (when attaching) so I might snuggle you a bit ( ) when low on health because I might not have my W cd ready for when i jump off. W also goes on cooldown when CC’d, please, remember that!

My R has a long cd, please press tab to see if it’s up when you engage <3.

Thank you for reading let’s get this win!


How To Play With A Yuumi!
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Published 13/05/2022, 20:00:20