Top Crypto Capitals' Projects With No Token Issued

This document provides a lot of crypto projects, backed by top VCs. Please do our own research and consider if an airdrop might happen in the future.

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Top Crypto Capitals' Projects With No Token Issued

This document provides a lot of crypto projects, backed by top VCs. Please do our own research and consider if an airdrop might happen in the future.

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This document provides a lot of information about top VCs' portfolios, and updates weekly.

Last Updated: Please do our own research on how to get them.

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Paradigm Amber Group Amber Group, a leading global digital financial technology platform, is dedicated to serving global users with innovative financial technology, applying artificial intelligence, big data, blockchain and other high-tech technologies to the digital financial ecology, providing more digital finance services and infrastructure, helping global institutions and individual users create and accumulate digital wealth and enjoy a new digital life in the future. Amber Group completed $200 million Series B funding in Feb 21,2022, making it a financial technology unicorn company. Currently, Amber Group has raised $328 million in total funding and is valued at over $3 billion. 20.7K -

ArenaX Labs ArenaX Labs is the parent company of AI Arena, an Ethereum native game where players all over the world can purchase, train and battle NFT characters powered by artificial intelligence. 5.3k -

Argent Built for wallets with $50K plus, Argent Vault gives you peace of mind with multisig security and no seed phrase. Argent X is a Chrome browser plugin wallet for StarkNet and is not yet connected with the Argent mobile wallet. 228.4k -

Aztec Aztec is an open source layer 2 network bringing scalability and privacy too Ethereum. Aztec uses zkSNARK proofs to provide privacy and scaling via our zkRollup service. 32k 2k

BetDEX BetDEX's mission is to build the global decentralized sports betting protocol. The team has deep experience in the sports betting industry spanning the past two decades. BetDEX launched the Flutter sports betting exchange, BETDAQ, FanDuel daily fantasy sports and the FanDuel sportsbook. 7k -

BlockFi BlockFi was created to provide credit services to markets with limited access to simple financial products. BlockFi sets itself apart from other crypto service providers by pairing competitive rates with institutional-quality benefits. BlockFi’s vision is to bridge the worlds of traditional finance and blockchain technology to bring financial empowerment to clients on a global scale. 148k 2.5k

Chainanalysis The Chainalysis Reactor Certification (CRC) credential provides practitioners with the knowledge and skills to analyze and trace transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain. This training using Reactor—the tool of choice for investigators, compliance officers, analysts, and regulators—is provided in a small virtual or in-person classroom setting over 2 days. 29k -

CoinSwitch Kuber CoinSwithch Kube believes in financial inclusion - that wealth, investment, and financial knowledge are for everyone. CoinSwitch aims at creating an investment ecosystem that simplifies investment, and they want to combine transparent pricing with an extensive knowledge hub so users can make informed decisions and thrive in a dynamic digital investment world. 91k 66k

Diem The Diem payment system is built on blockchain technology to enable the open, instant, and low-cost movement of money. People will be able to send, receive, and spend their money, enabling universal access to financial services. 70k -

Fractional Fractional ownership of the world’s most sought after NFTs. Fractional reduces entry costs, increases access, and enables new communities. Fractionalization is also a unique way to unlock NFT liquidity and community building around popular NFTs. 39k -

Fireblocks The No1. Crypto and Digital Asset Platform for Institutions. Hundreds of crypto and digital asset businesses use Fireblocks software and APIs to custody, manage treasury operations, access DeFi, mint & burn tokens, and manage their digital asset operations. 12k -

Gauntlet Network Gauntlet is a financial modelling platform that uses battle-tested techniques from the algorithmic trading industry to inform on-chain protocol management. 11k -

Genesis Digital Assets The most experienced Bitcoin miner in the world, and Industrial-Scale Bitcoin Mining Since 2013. Their mission is to build the world’s largest and most profitable Bitcoin mining operation in the world by 2025. - -

Matrixport Matrixport delivers a comprehensive suite of innovative and easy-to-use crypto investment products and financial services tailored for all levels of expertise. We empower people to take control of their personal finances, one satisfied customer at a time. 12k 4.5k

MoonPay MoonPay launched in 2019 with a simple aim: increase cryptocurrency adoption. The company set out to create a simple and secure software solution that would enable people from all over the world to participate in the biggest digital revolution since the internet. 48k -

Optimism Optimism is a Public Benefit Corporation, a for profit corporation that is obligated to balance financial interests of our stockholders with the best interests of our community, and society. 110k -

Parallel Parallel is a Sci-Fi Trading Card Game (TCG) utilizing the power of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) to give players ownership of their cards and other game assets. The cards can be used to build a deck and play in an online client / mobile game which is currently in development. A Parallel is one of the five streams of evolution that humans have undergone simultaneously. They are Augencore, Earthen, Kathari, Marcolian, and The Shroud. 85k -

Sky Mavis Sky Mavis is a Gamified platform where games with real, player-owned economies will become places where we live, work, and play – true digital nations. Sky Mavis builds both the virtual worlds of the future and the infrastructure that makes them possible. 146k -

Skynet Labs Skynet is a hosting platform that makes it easy to join the decentralized internet movement. 147k -

StarkWare STARK is a proof system. It uses cutting-edge cryptography to provide polylogarithmic verification resources and proof size, with minimal and post-quantum-secure assumptions. StarkWare develops STARK-based solutions for the blockchain industry. Our products enable a secure, trustless, and scalable operating for blockchain applications. 102k -

Tendermint Tendermint is software for securely and consistently replicating an application on many machines. By securely, Tendermint works even if up to 1/3 of machines fail in arbitrary ways. By consistently, every non-faulty machine sees the same transaction log and computes the same state. Secure and consistent replication is a fundamental problem in distributed systems; it plays a critical role in the fault tolerance of a broad range of applications, from currencies, to elections, to infrastructure orchestration, and beyond. 32k -

Zora ZORA is a decentralized protocol where anyone can permisionlessly buy and sell NFTs. They've created a series of tools that makes it easy to get started building 59k -

TaxBit Tax and accounting for the tokenized economy. TaxBit is the most trusted platform that unifies digital assets tax and accounting across enterprises, consumers, and governments. 14k -

Bitso Where you can Buy and sell bitcoin or 22 other cryptocurrencies and store them all in one place. 91k 207

Thesis Thesis focus on how to bridge the purchase gap between bitcoin and real world and enable private data on the public blockchain 2.4k -

a16z Celo Celo is a fully EVM compatible proof-of-stake layer-1 protocol, featuring a fast ultralight client and built-in seigniorage stablecoins, collateralized by crypto and natural assets. 136k 7799

Eco Eco is one simple balance that lets you spend, send, save and make money at the same time. 31k

Fei Protocol Fei is a decentralized, scalable, and DeFi-native stablecoin protocol 36k 6828

OpenSea OpenSea is the world's first and largest NFT marketplace, it discovers, collects, and sells extraordinary NFTs 1.277m -

BitClout BitClout is decentralizing social media, which is built on DeSo. DeSo is not a company. but an open-source blockchain like Bitcoin. - -

Element Finance Element is an open source protocol for fixed and variable yield markets. 26k -

Aleo Aleo, the ultimate toolkit for building private applications that are private, modular and complaint, is designed to integrate with the Web. For users, Aleo introduces new experiences that are both truly personal and truly private. And for developers, Aleo introduces a programming model that integrates with existing web applications. 20k

Current Current, headquartered in New York, aims to provide banking services to a younger generation of investment professionals, teens and their parents. Current claimed that the number of registered accounts has surpassed 500,000 and it has expanded partnership with payments giant Visa. Current is committed to meeting the "unmet needs of the modern family" by providing them with financial tools. 554k

Forte Forte is committed to building a community-owned platform for games

Top Crypto Capitals' Projects With No Token Issued
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