A.C.E AU/Fanfic List

Looking for something to read? A spreadsheet with over 100 A.C.E related au (alternate universe) and fanfic (fan fiction) stories written by Choices for Choices!

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A.C.E AU/Fanfic List

Looking for something to read? A spreadsheet with over 100 A.C.E related au (alternate universe) and fanfic (fan fiction) stories written by Choices for Choices!

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A.C.E AU/FANFICS A list of A.C.E AU's (Alternate Universe) and/or Fanfic (Fan Fiction) stories written by Choices.

Last Updated 12/30/2019 by @CHOICE_NAtion7

Creation Date Members Involved Type Description Author Link Status/Notes

07/02/2017 All Fanfic Donghun, for lack of a better word, is very excited about leaving the university dorms and moving into the on campus apartments. That's the nice thing about going to a rich private school - they can pull off anything. Soikia X In Progress

07/03/2017 All Fanfic As leader, it's Junhee's job to take care of his members. Junhee likes to think that as leader, it's also his job to notice things that others wouldn't notice unless they were looking for it. sjnsdipity X Complete, PG13

07/12/2017 All Fanfic In which Donghun has to pretend to be married to Junhee to investigate a corrupt business, and Byeongkwan is far too amused. @choiceism X Complete

10/31/2017 All Fanfic It's not that their lives are uneventful. They're plenty eventful. Just three weeks ago they went out on a random vacation to some resort six hundred miles away because they could. That's what it's like, being near immortal. Soikia X Complete

12/26/2017 Sehyoon, Byeongkwan Fanfic If it weren’t for Eunsuh, Sehyoon would probably have never realized how important Byeongkwan is. @charmikarma X Complete

01/31/2018 Sehyoon, Byeongkwan Fanfic Sehyoon lived his whole life studying and later working, to please his parents and get a good job. So, when he dies at the quite young age of 25, he feels like he has missed out on everything. (Part 1 of a series) @Babbl1ng X Complete

02/03/2018 All Fanfic The boys start out as superheroes, but quickly realize that playing nice won't pay the rent. The obvious solution? Join the dark side with all its added bonuses. Now if only they could figure out how to be villains without actually hurting anyone. Blizzard96 X In Progress

03/18/2018 Sehyoon, Byeongkwan AU Wowson College!au @DON9HUN X Complete

03/22/2018 Donghun, Sehyoon, Byeongkwan AU Where bad boy and dancer sehyoon is having trouble in his relationship with model donghun, and when he later finds byeongkwan shit gets crazy. @SEXHYOON X Complete, PG13

03/23/2018 All Fanfic Sehyoon had always been a member of the family. He was a member before the others had even met him. But he already belonged to a family—one that wasn’t so keen on letting go. @charmikarma X Discontinued, PG13

03/24/2018 Sehyoon, Byeongkwan Fanfic Sehyoon is allergic to pollen and Byeongkwan likes to communicate through flowers @choiceism X Complete

03/25/2018 Sehyoon, Byeongkwan AU In which famous actor Jason loses a bet and has to tweet about his current crush. @cartierkaii X Complete, Acct Suspended

03/26/2018 Sehyoon, Byeongkwan AU Where Jason has always had a little soft spot for Sehyoon, but only Donghun knows. Until one tweet changes that...⠀ @softsehyoonie X In Progress, Acct Deleted

03/28/2018 Donghun, Yuchan AU Where Dongchan meet each other in a party and this get wild from there on @hunsoftie X Complete, Deleted

03/29/2018 Sehyoon, Byeongkwan AU Where sehyoon never got to finish his bucket list and byeongkwan never understood the meaning of letting go. @idyllkim X Deleted

04/04/2018 Sehyoon, Byeongkwan AU In which sehyoon is the son of a world renowned chef has to get married to a commoner; Kim Byeongkwan. @cartierkaii X Complete, Acct Suspended

04/06/2018 All Fanfic What does it mean to be human? Apparently it means going to cat cafes and possibly ignoring all the mission objectives. Blizzard96 X Complete

04/08/2018 All Fanfic If someone had told Donghun a year ago that he would willingly babysit four wannabe superheroes in their quest for fame and vigilantism, he’d have laughed. And maybe cried a little. But here he is, their only impulse control, frantically asking himself what on earth he has started. (Part 1 of a series) gloxinie, xelin X In Progress, PG13

04/08/2018 Junhee, Yuchan Fanfic (Spin off to My Imaginary Friend) *Description contains spoiler - Chan’s life is wild…well, actually not, but moving from America to Korea, just because your best friend tries to find his disappeared imaginary friend, and also first love, is wild enough for a whole life, in Chan’s opinion. @Babbl1ng X Complete

04/10/2018 Sehyoon, Byeongkwan AU Where model sehyoon meets vlogger byeongkwan through a mutal friend. @SEXHYOON X Complete, PG13

04/10/2018 Sehyoon, Yuchan AU Sehyoon is a politician of a liberal movement, and yuchan is his assistant. what sehyoon doesn’t know is that yuchan is in love with him uwu @dulcethae X Discontinued, Twitter Acct Deleted

04/14/2018 Donghun, Junhee AU In which Junhee gets unwanted help from his friends in order to confess to his crush. @junheespink X Complete

04/16/2018 Junhee, Yuchan Fanfic Jun loves to become part of other people's lives and even if it is only for a second. Moreover, he is the living proof that love at first sight exits, making him fall for people way to quickly and breaking his heart regularly. @Babbl1ng X Complete

04/17/2018 Donghun, Sehyoon, Junhee, Byeongkwan Fanfic As the heir to his father’s humble bike shop, Sehyoon’s entire future lay in repairing bicycles. But after a once-beautiful bike came in, wrecked, Sehyoon became completely attached to its owner (or maybe it was just the industrial fumes messing with his head). @melecslol X Complete

04/18/2018 Donghun, Sehyoon, Junhee, Byeongkwan AU Byeongkwan has a crush on his really hot dance ta - junhee's infatuated with a cute barista who gives him different fancy drinks every week - yuchan's just trying to get his friends to calm down @kycluvbot X Complete

04/19/2018 Sehyoon, Byeongkwan AU Where sehyoon is a famous model who needs to rebuild his career after a dating scandal and byeongkwan is a no-name choreographer who lives a floor below him. @boxyoon X Complete

04/20/2018 Sehyoon, Byeongkwan AU Sehyoon is a model and dancer who's friends with Jun - another model and radio host, and Chan who is an idol. Byeongkwan is an exchange student in Canada and is a friend of Donghun who is living in Korea. @seokjinspuns X In Progress

05/02/2018 Junyoung (UKISS) , Yuchan AU Personal assistant!chan obediently follows all of prince!jun's requests—no matter how impractical—but once he hears the last request, he,,, suddenly shies out of it? @FEELJlNS X In Progress, Twitter Acct Deleted

05/03/2018 Donghun, Junhee AU In which junhee works in a flower shop and isn’t too happy with the skateboarder who just crashed into his displays @choiceism X Complete

05/05/2018 Sehyoon, Junhee Fanfic Jun gets quiet sometimes. The rest of the world always sees him talking, words always in order, always so inspiring. But after the camera stops rolling, when the stage lights are off, and when there’s no one else to see, he does get quiet. @mysehjunheart X Complete

05/07/2018 All AU The story of how five seemingly ordinary people were brought together to follow their destiny and save the world... but it wasn’t easy becoming the most powerful humans on earth. @kyuchans X Complete

05/09/2018 Junhee AU Where Junhee and Rayoon kind of like each other and meet through their friend Sehyoon but Junhee fucks up and things get awkward. @hunsoftie X Complete. Deleted

05/12/2018 Junhee, Yuchan AU In which Yuchan spots a cute guy walking on the school grounds one day and took a picture of him. @introvertedriri X Discontinued

05/13/2018 Sehyoon, Byeongkwan AU When a one-night stand takes an unexpected turn, Sehyoon can't help but feel like he needs to see that nameless boy who shared a bed with him again. @junheespink X Complete

05/13/2018 Sehyoon, Byeongkwan AU solo artist Jason abruptly decides to leave the music industry but still has to go to one last music award show. What happens when he catches the eye of Kim Sehyoon a producer under the name WOW who happens to be married and also has a child? @cartierkaii X Complete, Twitter Acct Suspended

05/13/2018 Sehyoon AU Sehyoon wants to fight whoever runs the burger king twt acc and maybe a burger @eiseuaus X Complete

05/13/2018 Sehyoon, Byeongkwan AU in which solo artist Jason abruptly decides to leave the music industry but still has to go to one last music award show. What happens when he catches the eye of Kim Sehyoon a producer under the name WOW who happens to be married and also has a child? @cartierkaii X Complete, Twitter Acct Suspended

05/13/2018 Sehyoon, Byeongkwan Fanfic What would have happened if his plan to save Sehyoon would have worked back then? (Part 2 of a series) @Babbl1ng X In Progress

05/16/2018 Donghun, Junhee Fanfic Donghun hates everything about Junhee. His arrogance, his handsomeness, how popular he is and the way, he has to show off his girlfriend... but the thing Donghun hates the most is how much he still misses him. @Babbl1ng X In Progress

05/17/2018 Donghun, Sehyoon AU In which sehyoon listens to the same late night radio show on his way back from work each day. @choiceism X Complete

05/19/2018 Donghun, Junhee AU In which sheltered college freshman "no fun" junhee is dragged to a rock concert and manages to catch lead guitarist donghun's eye. @junheehe X In Progress

05/22/2018 Donghun, Junhee AU In which a non-date turns into a real fake relationship that turns into...? aka celebrity junhee and bio student donghun gets Caught Up. @idol_outlet X In Progress

05/30/2018 All Fanfic Adventure in Wonderland - When you visit your fiancé, you suddenly end up in a weird wonderland. Each member go by another name in Wonderland. What does this world have to offer? @yuchansleftear X Complete

05/31/2018 Donghun, Junhee AU Where junhee is a demon who enjoys earth a bit too much. while donghun is a low self esteem model who thinks the opposite. while on a sleepover, yuchan and donghun accidenta

A.C.E AU/Fanfic List
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