Cosmos Droplist

Do you like airdrops? Cosmos airdrops? Yes, you need to see this #Airdrop list!

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Cosmos Droplist

Do you like airdrops? Cosmos airdrops? Yes, you need to see this #Airdrop list!


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Cosmos Airdrop Chat Contact to get on the list

Need help claiming an Airdrop? Feel free to ask here. Tips are appreciated! ATOM: cosmos162ur2hhcnvxzhyteqcc4drrd8nawx786zhhuy2 OSMO: osmo162ur2hhcnvxzhyteqcc4drrd8nawx7862vyvjc HUAHUA: chihuahua162ur2hhcnvxzhyteqcc4drrd8nawx786pz6j9g


OraiChain (ORAIX) AI-powered oracle and ecosystem for blockchains Telegram Snapshot $ATOM - 2022 April 15 Snapshot $LUNA TBA Snapshot $OSMO TBA Claimdate: TBA $ATOM stakers $OSMO stakers $LUNA stakers $ORAI stakers $AIRI holders $KWT holders OraiDEX - LP's providers Details

Howl (HOWL) Microblogging platform which will incentivise user participation with it's own token Snapshot: 2022 May 4 Claimdate stakedrop: TBA Claimdate namedrop: TBA $JUNO stakers (de)NS holders Details

RAW(RAW) x $RAW will be the native asset of the Interchain DEX JunoSwap alongside with $JUNO Telegram Snapshot: 2022 Feb 7 & Apr 15 Claimdate: 2022 May 1st - June 1st $Juno stakers JunoSwap LPs: Juno/Atom; Juno/UST; Juno/Osmo; Juno/NETA Osmosis LPs: Juno/Osmo(pool#497); Atom/Juno (pool#498) Details Claim

Cerberus (CRBRUS) x Three-headed canine meme-coin and NFT Project Telegram Snapshot: $HUAHUA - 2022 Mar 12 $ATOM - 2022 Mar 12 $Osmo - 2022 Mar 12 Claimdate: $HUAHUA - 2022 Mar 15 $Osmo - 2022 May 1 $ATOM stakers $OSMO stakers $HUAHUA stakers News Claim Check allocation

SIGNAL (SGNL) NFT Marketplace Snapshot: 2022 Apr 28th Claimdate: TBA Details on eligibility

GNO Land (GNOT) Smart contract platform built with GO language Snapshot: 2022 Jul 4 2022 May 19-20 Claimdate: TBA $ATOM stakers & holders Details

Fortis Oeconomia (FOT) x Innovative Financial Toolkit. Build on JunoNetwork Telegram Snapshot: 2021 Dec 15 (for Juno) 2021 Dec 14 (for Atom) canceled Claimdate Stakedrop:2022 Mar 28 (for Juno stakers) 2022 May 4 (for Atom stakers) Claimdate Votedrop: Juno gov. prop. # 14 (live) $JUNO - stakers on 2021 Dec 15 $ATOM - stakers on 2021 Dec 14 canceled $JUNO or $ATOM governance voters Details Claim Stakedrop Claim Votedrop

Evmos (EVMOS) x Scalable and interoperable Ethereum, built on Proof-of-Stake with fast-finality Telegram Snapshot: 2021 Nov 25 19 UTC Claimdate: 2022 Apr 29 Details Details Claim

Galaxy (GLX) x NFT Marketplace Snapshot: $ATOM 2021 June 18 $OSMO 2022 Jan 01 Claimdate: 2022 Apr 28 $ATOM stakers - min 9 $OSMO stakers - min 11 Osmosis LP - ATOM-Osmo (pool#1) - min 5 Details Claim

AssetMantle (MNTL) x AssetMantle is a decentralised NFTs Marketplace Telegram Snapshot stakers: Magic transaction was needed until April 8 Snapshot LP's: 2022 Feb 15 Claimdate stakedrop: 2022 Apr 18 Claimdate LP's drop: 2022 Apr 28 $ATOM; $XPRT; $LUNA; $CMDX; $JUNO; $STARS - stakers Osmosis LPs (pairs of above tokens with Osmo + OSMO/UST; OSMO/SOMM; OSMO/SCRT; LUNA/UST) AssetMantle creators Opensea users Details Claim stakedrop Claim Osmo LP

Meme Network (MEME) x Meme is dedicated to explore limitless possibilities in meme culture using various tools in the blockchain world. Snapshot $ATOM - 2022 April 2 $Osmo - 2022 April 1 Claimdate: 2022 April 20 $ATOM stakers - min 5 $OSMO stakers - min 5 Details Claim

Crescent (CRE) x Crescent is a decentralized, mutually governed DeFi Hub that will be owned by CRE holders. Telegram Snapshot: 2022 Jan 01 Claimdate: 2022 Apr 14 - Oct 08 $ATOM stakers Bonuses for GravityDEX users Bonus Claim

Racoon (RAC) x (Auto Distribution) Access to AI generated NFTs Snapshot 1: 2022 Feb 08 16:42 UTC Snapshot 2: 2022 Mar 07 Claimdate 1: 2022 Feb 28 (first drop for first snapshot) Claimdate 2: 2022 Apr 1 (auto-distribution) Airdrop 1: $JUNO min. 10 staked Airdrop 2: LP providers - min 30 UST $RAC holders - min 20$RAC Wallet validation on their website required News Validate wallet

Cheqd (Cheq) x Cheqd - secure network that enables individuals and organizations to fully control their personal data Telegram Snapshot stakers: 2022 Mar 10 ($ATOM; $OSMO; $Juno) & 2022 Mar 18 ($Cheq) Snapshot LP's: 2022 Mar 21 Claimdate: 2022 MAR 25 $ATOM stakers - min 10 $OSMO stakers - min 20 $Juno stakers - min 20 $Cheq stakers - min 100 LP's - min 250 $Cheq and equivalent in $Osmo (pool 602) Min 250 $Cheq and equivalent in $Atom (pool 617) Airdrop eligibility changed. Some wallets that were excluded prior can now claim parts of the airdrop Details Claim

Stargaze (STARS) x (80%) Decentralized and interoperable NFT zone Telegram Snapshot: 2021 Oct 11 Claimdate 60%: 2022 Jan 17 17:00 UTC Claimdate 20%: 2022 Mar 21 Airdrop 60%: $ATOM (min. 5), $OSMO (min. 50) stakers, $OSMO; LP providers; Stargaze validators on Cosmos Hub, Osmosis, Regen Network Airdrop 20%: Mint an NFT (only for those eligible for part 1) Details Claim/Mint

Chihuahua (HUAHUA) x (Auto-Distribution) Meme coin Telegram Snapshot: 2021 Dec 15th Snapshot $DVPN: 2022 Mar 08 Claimdate: Auto-Distribution Claimdate $DVPN Stakers: Auto-Distribution $JUNO stakers with Chihuahua validator before ranking 50 100 $HUAHUA per 1 staked $OSMO 100 $HUAHUA per 1 staked $ATOM (Snapshot Dec 13 21:30) 1 $HUAHUA per 10 staked $DVPN if delegated to Chihuahua Validator 1 $HUAHUA per 50 staked $DVPN if delegated to others Claim/Stake

Gravity Bridge (GRAV) x (Auto Distribution) Gravity Bridge chain will act as neutral ethereum to cosmos bridge Snapshot: Claimdate: $HUAHUA - 2022 Mar 15 $ATOM - 2022 Mar 12 $OSMO - 2022 Mar 12 Details Check allocation

Nomic (NOM) x Cosmos based BTC bridge Telegram Snapshot: 2022 Jan 21 (Block 9,150,000) Claimdate: 2022 Jan 31 $ATOM min. 1.5 (stakers or holders) Claim

Bitsong (BTSG) x (Auto-Distribution) Empower music industry Telegram Snapshot: Juno 2021-12-17 16:32:36 Atom 2021-12-17 16:51:28 Osmo 2021-12-17 16:25:03 Claimdate: no-claim $JUNO stakers min. 10, max. 6250 $ATOM stakers min 5, max. 5000 (excluded validators: Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, HuobiPool, Game, Debo, binance staking) $OSMO stakers min 20, max. 12500 Details Bridge Guide for bridge

Lum (LUM) x The first decentralized protocol for businesses to build authentic trust with their customers. Telegram Snapshot: 2021 Sept 29 Claimdate: Probably Dec 15th $ATOM stakers min. 5, max. 3,000 ATOM $OSMO liquidity providers min. 30, max. 20,000 OSMO Details Check allocation

Likecoin (LIKE) x Content ownership, authenticity, and provenance Telegram Snapshot: 2021 Nov 30 Claimdate: 2022 Feb 21 $ATOM, $Osmo holders, stakers, liquidity providers Civic Likers (2019.01.01 till 2021.11.30) News Check allocation/claim

Persistence (pSTAKE) x Protocol Enabling Exposure To Multiple Asset Classes Snapshot: 2021 Sept 02 Claimdate: - pSTAKE early users, $XPRT, $ATOM holders and stakers, Persistence’s Cosmos Hub Stakedrop Campaign participants, Certain Blue-chip DeFi token holders Details Check allocation/claim

Shade (SHD) x (20%) Shade Protocol is an array of connected privacy-preserving DeFi Telegram Snapshot: 2021 Nov 07 - Dec 13 Claimdate: 2022 Feb 21 $SCRT, $ATOM, $LUNA stakers Details Claim

Sunny (SUNNY) x Solana's composable DeFi yield aggregator Snapshot: 2021 Aug 24 Claimdate: $OSMO holders, stakers, liquidity providers Details Check allocation

Sommelier (SOMM) x (Auto Distribution) Coprocessor for Ethereum Telegram Snapshot: 2021 Oct 31 Claimdate: - Check allocation

Comdex (CMDX) x (Auto Distribution) Democratize finance and bridge DeFi and CeFi Telegram Snapshot: 2021 Oct 08 Claimdate Batch 1: 2021 Dec 08 - 2022 Mar 07 (20%) Claimdate Batch 2: 2022 Mar 08 (20%) auto-distributed to those that claimed first batch of the airdrop $XPRT, $ATOM, $LUNA, $OSMO holders &stakers Details - How to claim Check allocation/claim

Digchain (DIG) x Dig is a hub blockchain that coordinates the development of crypto-native real estate using geofenced chains that can comply with various local regulations Telegram Snapshot: unknown Claimdate: 2021 Dec 14 ION holders Website Claim

AgoraMetaverse (AGORAM) Agora aims to build a metaverse on the $JUNO and $BSC block chain Snapshot: 2022 Apr 23 Claimdate: TBA $ATOM stakers - min 30 $JUNO stakers - min 30 $OSMO stakers - min 50 Details

JACKAL (JKL) JKL is used to govern, incentivize miners and builders, and access solutions in the JACKAL ecosystem Snapshot: 2022 Apr 9 Claimdate: TBA $SCRT stakers - min 20 + double airdrop for stacking with their validator $ATOM stakers - min 10 $JUNO stakers - min 10 News

Bitsong (BTSG) Sinfonia FanToken BitSong’s dedicated FanToken protocol Telegram Snapshot: TBA Claimdate: TBA $BTSG stakers - min 400 $OSMO stakers - only certain validators eligible $JUNO stakers - only certain validators eligible LP Osmosis - BTSG/OSMO (pool573); BTSG/ATOM(pool574); BTSG/UST(pool592) LP JunoSwap - JUNO/BTSG Details Bitsong platform Osmosis JunoSwap

Catom Meme token on Juno network with a fantasy fiction storyline which also includes comic based NFTs Telegram Snapshot: 2022 Feb 2 Claimdate: TBA $ATOM stakers - min 22 $JUNO stakers - min 22 Details

BitCanna Buddheads NFT Buddheads is a collection of 8420 unique ‘Buddheads’ NFTs Snapshot: 2022 Apr 2-18 Claimdate: TBA $BCNA stakers & LP providers on Osmosis - min amount TBA $STARS - TBA Details

CoolCat (CCAT) CoolCat is a play-to-earn proof-of-stake blockchain Snapshot: $Juno 2022 Mar 25 20:36:17 UTC $Juno Prop 16 Bonus 2022 Mar 15 15:21:09 UTC $Atom 2022 Mar 24 07:55:55 UTC $Huahua 2022 Mar 14 03:12:10 UTC Claimdate: TBA $HUAHUA stakers min 69,420 HUAHUA $ATOM stakers min 7.77 ATOM $JUNO stakers min 5.55 JUNO Website

Cronus (CRN) Fully permissionless and composable AMM, built on Evmos Snapshot: 2 Snapshots between 2022 Mar 6-28 Claimdate: TBA $EVMOS stakers & LP providers $ATOM stakers - m

Cosmos Droplist
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